Leadership Laws Through all Times

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Leadership Laws Through all Times
Ha Trung Thoa, CEO, Viet Nam, Member
Hi everyone, does anybody here know irrefutable laws of leadership? Please share them...

Law of Leadership
Julie Garnett, United Kingdom, Member
Currently studying L5 Prof Mgmt diploma and feel that the best model to follow is Goleman, Emotional Intelligence. There's loads of stuff on Goleman at 12manage.

So Many Options and Combinations
Michael Sweigart, Student (MBA), United States, Member
There are so many "laws" of leadership, management, etc. John Maxwell wrote a book titled 'The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership' and another titled 'The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow'. Both are available at many book retailers.
I find that limiting oneself to one model or methodology excludes options that may lead to better outcomes. For example, merging Maxwell's teaching with Stephen Covey's with Myers-Briggs Temperament Theories with Goleman's EI leaves one much better equipped. None is bad by itself, but using them together can result in amazing outcomes.

More Methods
Julie Garnett, United Kingdom, Member
Yes I agree totally that one method would be very limiting, Goleman is my favourite though and I do like the works or Rosabeth Moss Kanter also, and many more.

Leadership and Integrity
Ian Scott
Act with integrity.
It works every time.

Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
Dan Heany, Business Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
The first irrefutable law of leadership is that there are no irrefutable laws of leadership.
Leadership is about how you get others to commit to and do the right things in any given situation. And people are very varied: what works for one may not work for another.

Irrefutable Leadership Laws
robin umiom, Entrepreneur, Nigeria, Member
Irrefutable leadership laws as in John Maxwell's book may be contentious, but certain imperatives of leadership could be acceptable. Leadership is an attitudinal subject and varies from person to person, but when we're capable of sociological research where both qualitative and quantitative analysis are obvious then certain laws as can be found in chemistry or physics may not be ruled out.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter's Irrefutable Law of Leadership
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Premium Member
Rosabeth Moss Kanter's irrefutable law of leadership is that, if you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds tend to follow. She talks a lot of other touchy-feely, New Age stuff, but that is her personal leadership style. Like Ltc Frank Burns, her model of community developed depends finally on the ability to lock the system down until they do it her way.
When I first discovered the field of Organization Development, I realized I had been doing OD without knowing what it was from reading an article about Frank Burns and his activities in the Army. I met him and got into the AU/NTL OD program and Rosabeth Moss Kanter's The Change Masters was the first book I read on the subject.
I was appalled. She is very clearly embraced of the Leader-Follower leadership model that was state of the art when Cheaper by the Dozen was first published. She reflects the dominant coalition in the OD field: power is of the essence.
In point of fact, @Dan Heany is exactly correct: leadership has no irrefutable laws.


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