Management versus Leadership


Terry White, South Africa

Management versus Leadership

Warren Bennis, the leadership guru has differentiated leadership from management with two simple acronyms:
1. The management acronym POEM means: ‘Plan, Organise, Execute and Monitor and Measure’. This is quite different from
2. The leadership acronym MAST, which means: ‘Meaning, Attention, Self and Trust’:
  1. MANAGEMENT OF MEANING - what does this mean for us / our company?
  2. MANAGEMENT OF ATTENTION - if this is important, then we’d better focus on the following activities, and importantly STOP these other activities).
  3. MANAGEMENT OF SELF is fairly obvious although I’ve seen many leaders transgress this simple principle by contravening their own espoused principles.
  4. MANAGEMENT OF TRUST is another key leadership element: True leadership will require a special brand of honesty if trust is to be built – this honesty tempers hype with business sense, and filters everything through the organisation’s strategic intent.

  Barbara, USA

Bennis Updated Factors of Leadership

More recently Bennis mentions 4 somewhat different or updated factors that are essential for leaders in an environment o...

  Barbara, USA

Background Bennis

To appreciate the leadership thinking of Bennis well, you should know that he grew up during WWII, at the time when icon...

  Stan Heard, USA

Re-unite Management and Leadership

It seems that Leadership has been successfully removed from the work of Management in most everyone's mind. Management w...

  David Arnold, USA

Natures of Managers and Leaders

Maybe a more fundamental viewpoint of management versus leadership perspectives lies within their fundamental natures (w...

  Sunil Saraf, India

Leadership & Management

Agreeing with others, it is opined that Leadership is the Soul of Management. This maxim is justified since the whole co...

  Nkosinathi Zvimba
CxO / Board, United Kingdom

Leadership-Vision versus Management-Control

Leadership is setting a new direction or vision for a group that follows the leader`s vision. A Leader is the spearhea...

  Ahmed N. Qeshta, Palestine, State of

Difference Between Leader and Manager

The leader can be a manager but the manager can not be a leader. Leadership is created with the human because leadershi...

  John Hannah
Consultant, United States

Leadership vs. Management

I appreciate all that I learned from the various posts regarding this subject matter. However there might be an addition...

  Javier Elenes
Business Consultant, Mexico

Leaders PULL and Managers PUSH

Joan Ginebra in her remarkable book 'Liderazgo y La Acción, Mitos y Realidades (Spanish Edition' (Leadership and Action...

  Abdulrahaman Nashiru
Accountant, Nigeria

Differences Between Leader and Manager

I think one of the differences between leader and manager is the way they are getting things done: - The leader get thi...

  Brown, United States

Leadership is about Vision and Management is about Best Practices

Vision is the essence of leadership (doing the right thing) and best practices are the essence of management (doing thin...

  Erdohegyi Gabor
Management Consultant, Hungary

Leadership versus Management versus Boss - Same or Different Meaning?

Leadership and management are different ideas for their nature. - "Leadership" is a feature based on special personal t...

  Emmanuel Reyme
Director, United States

Differences Between Manager and Leader

@Abdulrahaman Nashiru: Every post during this fascinating debate makes sense. In a simple way, leadership is the ingre...

Manager, India

Can Managers become Leaders...

@Ahmed N. Qeshta : That is right. All managers cannot become leaders. There are very efficient managers who may not be i...

  Schubert Pereira, United States

Leadership and Management

They are different. Leadership is characterized by 1. two-way trust and 2. genuine caring for the people they lead. I ...

  Maureen Bridget Rabotin
Coach, France

Evolving from a Manager to a Leader

Great insights, thanks to all. Good management has the potential to evolve into visionary leadership if the person seeki...

  Radha Raj

A Manager without Leadership Qualities

How can a manager function effectively without leadership qualities? Without this, the manager will end up being just a ...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Management and Leadership

In my simple world, the manager puts the right piece of a puzzle in the right hole, while the leader makes the piece enj...

  Belmiro Isaac, South Africa

Leadership versus Management

Leadership and management are totally different, management without leadership always has a tendency of imposing tasks t...

  E. von Ammon
Business Consultant, Switzerland

Missing Characters in MAST

I agree to Isaac Belmiro, and leadership means Creativity (vision) as well as knowledge of Dramaturgy. There is a C and ...

  Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

A Leader Aligns his Energy towards the Spirit behind the Service

In my view, a person is leading if he is aligning his energy towards the spirit behind the service. If for example the d...

  Francisco Mucanheia
Strategy Consultant, Mozambique

Leadership is about Following; Management is about Obeying

People obey a manager. People follow a leader. That means that a manager is there to command a formal authority, whi...

  Earle Taylor
Turnaround Manager, United States

Leadership, Management and the Essential Difference

Managers need things, tools, techniques, technologies and organizations. Leaders need people, form organizations, enga...

  Robin Pagano
Consultant, Brazil

Leaders and Managers

Perfect! There are leaders and there are managers, but those ones who are both will make the difference. Managers must ...

  Nii Torto
Accountant, Ghana

Leaders and Managers

The leader seeks the questions while the manager seeks the answers. An individual can be a good manager and yet not be a...

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

The Leader versus the Manager

A leader touches the heart and soul, while keeping his gaze beyond the horizon, and though his presence is tangible his ...

  Emmanuel Mwirichia
Manager, Kenya

Both Management & Leadership are Valuable and Needed for Success

We all value leadership as it inspires and motivates the followers to get the job done because they identify/resonate wi...

  Mohamed Mahgoub
Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Management and Leadership

Obviously, there are areas of commonality between both, but there are also unique elements for each. I see leadership as...

  Aditya Sud
Student (MBA), India

Management: Go! Leadership: Let's Go!

I believe the manager says "go"... And a leader says "let's go". This explains most of the major differences in a nuts...

  rio-roshi merit
Student (University), Nigeria

Leadership versus Management

@John Hannah: I so much appreciate your light on this issue. To further contribute to your saying, I will say; - Leader...

  Stephen Okeyo
Professor, Kenya

Leadership versus Management hard to Differentiate and Dependent on Culture

Very good reflections on management and leadership expressing the points of divergence. I wonder if some colleagues get...


Management is about Coaching; Leadership is about Showing Direction

There is a very thin line between management and leadership. Management is about coaching, and constant coaching until e...

  kowe joseph olushola, United Kingdom

Management and Leadership

- Leadership plays essential roles in the management and coordinating organizational elements to achieve the desired gro...

  tan liong choon
Management Consultant, Singapore

Leadership versus Management : AMP Motivators

Very interest theories and concepts on management and leaders. I would like to add the other half of the equation i.e....

  Aldo Bettini
Business Consultant, Panama

Leaders are Unquestionable; Managers must Explain and Prove

- A leader tends to be unquestionable, he creates followers through his charisma to fulfill a vision he transmits. - A ...

  Leodegardo M. Pruna
Professor, Philippines

Management focuses on How; Leadership focuses on Why

- POEM (Bennis' management acronym) is about structure and focuses on the HOW. - MAST (Bennis' leadership acronym) is a...

  Leena Bissoonauth
Student (University), Mauritius

Management and Leadership According to Bennis

Management: POEM-acronym: Systematic approach for the success of management. Plan, organise, execute and measure / monit...

Manager, South Africa

Managers must Learn how to Lead

Management needs the element of leadership, in its known definition. It is understood that not all managers are great le...

  Adedayo Rotimi Muyiwa
Student (University), Nigeria

Management must be Leaders. Especially these Days.

@Nyameka Makitshi : I agree and strongly believe that any successful aspiring manager must imbibe and develop strong lea...

  Ulrich Schweiker
Director, Germany

1. Go! 2. Let's Go! or: 3. I Will Go! Who Joins me?

@Aditya Sud: well, it may be there is another perspective: I will go! Who joins me? Looking at the complex system of le...

Director, Australia

Managers, Leaders and Hierarchy

Both managers and leaders exist in hierarchies: - Managers are appointed to positions in the formal hierarchy of the or...

  Maria Montero
Coach, Venezuela

Managers Deal with Things

I find very logical the approach Stephen Covey gives to this issue. He says managers deal with things, leaders deal with...

  Pedro Viagem
Manager, Angola

Manager and a Leader

Thanks all for your very interesting posts. A leader is born with leadership skills; he does not need a lot of theoretic...

  Mohamed Mahgoub
Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Leadership is Born + Made

@Pedro Viagem : Some world class leaders disagree with this position: - Vince Lombardi states, "leaders aren't born- th...

  Ian Graham
Consultant, United Kingdom

Management and Leadership

Terry White must be a good leader; why else have we all followed him in giving our opinions on this subject? A good lead...

Student (University), Nigeria

Management is about Self, Leadership is about Selflessness

I think leading people is based on selflessness while managing people is aimed on self. A leader works to please his pe...

  Donasian Mbonea
HR Consultant, Tanzania

Summary of Management versus Leadership

- Management is getting things done through other people, while leadership is showing the way. - Managers have subordin...

  Priya Rathore
HR Consultant, India

Manager also Needs to Be a Leader

A leader can become a manager. However to manage, you also need to be a good leader. According to the Five Sources (Base...

  ed tarus
Student (MBA), Kenya

Management Versus Leadership

@Stan Heard : I agree that we should reunite leadership and management. Going by the healthy discussions from this forum...

  Emmanuel Reyme
Director, United States

Differences Between a Leader, Manager, and Boss

@Erdohegyi Gabor : I really appreciate your insight to the issue. Discussing leadership and management, let's take away...

  Juan Perez Eras, Mexico

POEM and MAST Belong Together

@Aditya Sud: I don't find any difference between management and leadership. For POEM you need to apply MAST. Sometimes w...

  Robert Sowell, United States

Management and Leadership

Great variety. I enjoy the diverse perspectives. My favorite definition of a leader is "someone with followers". When ...

  kowe joseph olushola, United Kingdom

Listening is a Key Skill for both Managers and Leaders

Managers should among other things encourage listening skills as a culture in the organizations. Leaders must be very go...

  gordon ullyett
Project Manager, New Zealand

Management versus Leadership seen from the Follower

@Aditya Sud and @Ulrich Schweiker : Yes, and seen from the side of the follower / employee: you follow a manager because...

  Leodegardo M. Pruna
Professor, Philippines

Can Leaders become Managers?

@Priya Rathore: a leader may have a hard time becoming a manager. One thing that a leader possesses is initiative and ri...

  Mohamed Mahgoub
Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Reasons for Leaders to Emerge

@Editor : Thank you for the prompt. I completely agree with your notion of "circumstances" as an additional reason for l...

Student (University), Zimbabwe

What I Think is Leadership

I feel leadership as an art that fosters and stimulates the desire in some non-followers to redress and alter their atte...

  Satya Nistala

Leaders Lead and Managers Merely Manage

- Leaders are born. Leader walks the talk. Leader knows and provides guidance. The freewill is respected. The follower i...

  Emmanuel Duru
Analyst, Nigeria

Management and Leadership

Leadership is implementation of an inherent vision. It precedes management; which is a process of getting it done right,...

  Aspinall, United Kingdom

Leadership & Management

I have researched extensively on theories and definitions of leadership and in truth found the following to be the summa...

  Juan Perez Eras, Mexico

Leadership and Management

@Aspinall: I completely agree: - a manager needs leadership to make people contribute to organization's goals. - a lea...

  ed tarus
Student (MBA), Kenya

What Leaders Do: They Lead and Learn

Going by the words of Jack Welch in his book 'Winning', leaders take risks and learn by setting examples. Leaders will n...

  Mona Al-Abbas
HR Consultant, Bahrain

Balancing Management and Leadership Skills

Individuals in managerial positions need both management skills and leadership skills. Those skills may differ in contex...

  Daniel Mitchell, Singapore

Good Leaders and Bad Leaders

@Mona Al-Abbas: I agree with you, and I think that some of what Henry Mintzberg says about leadership (it is a critical ...

  Mohamed Mahgoub
Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Balancing Management & Leadership

Managers do need leadership in specific situations. Leaders, on the other hand, access their positions by demonstrating ...

  Adam mohammed Baba
Director, Ghana

Leadership and Management: is There Difference?

Herman (2000) states that "people follow managers because they were supposed to, but they follow leaders because they wa...

  Ulrich Schweiker
Director, Germany

Favoring Psychological Systems Dynamics

@Adam Mohammed Baba: leaders and followers obviously have something in common: they move towards the same goals or into ...

  Adam mohammed Baba
Director, Ghana

Management and Leadership

@Ulrich Schweiker : it may seem that cleaver leaders "exploit" emotions of their followers. But what is wrong about that...

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

The Leader - the Follower

@Adam Mohammed Baba: Good leaders 'follow' followers to achieve goals!...

  Adam Mohammed Baba
Director, Ghana

Management and Leadership / the Leader the Follower

@Arif ur Rehman : I think we are saying the same thing in different ways. Followers are very important in every organiza...

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

The Leader as a Follower

@Adam Mohammed Baba: Entirely true. A leader, worth his salt - both instinctively and professionally - recognizes the 'k...

Student (University), Zimbabwe

Leadership or Management the Two Have a Concordial Agreement

The two acts are inseperable or indespensible with each other. You can't be a good leader if you can't manage your influ...

  Mohamad Nasir Mahmood
Director, Malaysia

Leadership versus Management according to Covey

Stephen R. Covey had succinctly summarized, as follows: "management is the efficiency in climbing the ladder of success;...

  Adam Mohammed Baba
Director, Ghana

Management versus Leadership

Differences between managers and leaders Most management scholars have alluded to the fact that managers and leaders re...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Re: Leadership and Management

@Ahmed N. Qeshta: sorry, but to say that a manager cannot be a leader is simply not true. It is not necessary for a mana...

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

The Leader <> Manager Balance

@Andrew Blaine : When the boundaries beyond the horizon are brought into the range of the ‘doables’ and the doables are ...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Leading versus Driving

@Arif ur Rehman: the process considered here can equally be achieved by driving workers as by leading them - the differe...

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

At the Helm - Through Motivation

@Andrew Blaine : A slave is compelled, an associate is motivated – and therein lies the charisma of leadership. And when...

  Karel V
CEO, South Africa

Leadership and Management

A leadership is the person's ability to envision and think strategically in motivating his/her followers into implementi...

  Elijah Peters
Manager, United States

Manage versus Lead

I think the very terms imply the diffence: - When you're asked to MANAGE a process, team, etc., one tends to believe th...

  Priya Rathore
HR Consultant, India

The Role of Managers is more Stable than the Role of Leaders

@Elijah Peters : Well said... But the most important task and characteristic of the leader is not just about sharing the...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Motivation as a Driving Force

@Arif ur Rehman: I agree with your commentary that a slave is driven while an associate is motivated. The nature of mo...

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

Motivation versus Fear

@Andrew Blaine: Motivation is the inner urge – that intrinsically emerges from an ethical, committed and rewarding envir...

  Andrew Blaine
Business Consultant, South Africa

Fear and Motivation

@Arif ur Rehman: Hi Arif, at the risk of labouring a point, I feel it would be pertinent to point out that fear of failu...

  Vipul Nahar

How Does Management and Leadership Differentiate

SOP for both management and leadership might differentiate on various points but for a moment, if we look at the commona...

  Leodegardo M. Pruna
Professor, Philippines

Management and Leadership

Management is transactional while Leadership is transformational. Management deals with less communication, Leadership w...

  Andrew Parker
Director, Australia

What is the Difference Between Management and Leadership and Which is the Most Important

In answer to your question, put simply you need to ask a different question. Your question should be, What is the most i...

  Nico Schuster
Manager, Germany

Difference Between Management and Leadership

Quite some time ago I gave a presentation on the topic "Management V. Leadership" during my Master's studies - it provid...

  Gregory Johnson
Coach, United States

Leading & Managing

Leadership of ANY type requires a cadre of Management applications. This debate has been long standing and I don't see L...

  Ray Chatwin
Lecturer, United Kingdom

Leading and Managing

I suggest that management can be thought of as the 'hard' aspects such as organising, scheduling, setting targets, monit...

  Anthony Tsui
Professor, China

Leader and Manager are Twins

In my view, leadership is about setting a standard (direction) while management is about keeping the standard for an agr...

CEO, United Kingdom

Leadership vs Management

The key difference between the two is to 'show' rather than 'tell' your direct reports what to do to improve the busines...

  Bosede Abiola Adetifa
Manager, Australia

Management versus Leadership

I agree to re-merge leadership with management. The two are interwoven and separating them means a call for crisis. Trus...

  Rangu Suwas
CEO, India

Management versus Leadership

Management is about optimally managing given resources, whereas Leadership is about creating resources, preparing resour...

  Mrs. Sayran Ghafuri
Coach, Iraq

Management versus Leadership

I think that this talk is fictional and far from reality, and that the components of management remain as presented by t...


Leadership versus Management

@Gregory Johnson: Totally agree. A manager can execute following some given guidelines and is not necessarily a leader; ...

  Frederic A Parker
Consultant, United States

Leadership versus Management

@Leodegardo M. Pruna: I really like the comment that Leadership is WHY and Management is HOW. It fits well with my own ...

  India Centre for Global Excellence
Management Consultant, India

Difference Between Leadership and Management

Leadership is a quality of influencing people so that the objectives are attained willingly and enthusiastically. It is ...

  Yochanan Kirschenboim
Director, Israel

Leaders Address People in Their Four Dimensions

@Maria Montero: Your input is nice and important. But the main question is how do do that? Can you be more specific?...

  Sathya Devarakonda
Project Manager, India

What is the Difference Between a Manager and a Leader

You can simply say - A Leader generally sets the direction in which the company should go forward, while the manager is ...

CEO, Ghana

Leader versus Manager

In my opinion, it doesn't matter whether it is in a corporate setting or in another grouping, a Leader does the "right t...

  Victor Aguilan
Professor, Philippines

Management and Leadership

Management is more about running an organisation whether for profit or nonprofit to ensure the delivery of services. It ...


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