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You can Lead Without the Title
Shankaranand L, Manager, India, Member
Well, the subject title is not exactly mine, but from Robin Sharma, who is a well know leadership person.
What I like about this subject is that to achieve anything in life one has to perform like a leader. The title should not matter to perform any task, no matter what's one's title is, and without a title everyone can be a leader and perform like leaders do.
It's the care you show to your work and profession that makes you the real leader.

Titles in Leadership Matter
Frederick Price, Philippines, Member
I agree, it is not necessary to have a title to lead. But a title, whether educational or positional, definitely makes a difference to outsiders. When Jaap first contacted me, I knew he was with 12manage. But once I discovered he was the CEO, it definitely changed the dynamics of the conversation. I am expecting that my educational titles will grant me much credibility once I start my business.

True Leader
Shankaranand L, Manager, India, Member
I agree with you that the title is important for the outsiders' perspective, but a true leader is one who is true to him/herself and work as a leader no matter which tasks he/she takes up, and delivers the result.

True Leader
Frederick Price, Philippines, Member
I can agree with that one. A true leader must first be true to himself; otherwise, how will he inspire those around him?

Leadership is not Single Title to Be Earned
K.M.Balasubramaniam, HR Consultant, India, Member
If you don't have personal traits, leadership cannot be generated. One needs to have lofty principles and adhere to them in his personal efforts. The title follows.

Leader Without Title
Lydia Yulianti, Student (University), Indonesia, Member
I agree with you and I think it depends on a context. When we talk about an informal group, for example a peer study, there is no title in there. When the peer group should finish a kind of task or achieve some goals, there should be a leader to influence, manage, motivate, and enables the members of group to achieve their goals. In this context, that leader has no title but he/she can lead his/her group to achieve their goals.

Be a Leader...
Vijaya Saradhi Mekala, India, Member
I completely echo with you all...
The great creators, the thinkers, the artists, the scientists, the inventors stood alone against the men of their time.
Every great new thought was opposed.
Every great new invention was denounced.
The first motor was considered foolish.
The airplane was considered impossible.
The power loom was considered vicious.
Anesthesia was considered sinful.
But the men of unborrowed vision went ahead.
They fought, they suffered and they paid. But they won.
Be a fountainhead, be a leader...

You Can Lead Without the Title: Players and Followers
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Premium Member
Absolutely. See also my writing on this theme in another response under "Players and Followers". In the command and influence milieu, where the Leader/Player has displaced the Leader/Follower role, moving in and out of the ROLE of leader within the context of the presenting situation is of the essence.
- The Leader/Follower role is a vestige of 3rd Wave High Performance, the command and control model of, say Jack Welch, while
- The Leader/Player role is the essence of the 5th Wave High Performance model the Army began to adopt in 1947 when it changed its doctrine for organization from the individual to the squad as the basic unit.
Robert Noyce, H. Ross Perot and James V. Kimsey are executives who employed the Leader/Player model. Noyce's cultural vision at Intel anticipated W. Edwards Demings Quality agenda. Bill Gates sort of mimicked Intel's cultural model, but it was essentially to co-op competitors.
The issue being "can you be a leader without being in charge", Kimsey's relationship with Case is a pretty good example.


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