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Leadership And Ownership
Dr. Hemjith
Our research (my co-researcher R. Chandrashekar and myself) shows that Leadership without Ownership does not exist.
We used to debate as to whether "Leadership is a myth or not". Myth generates false hopes and hope is HOPE, whether false or genuine.
We arrived at the notion of "ownership". When we extend our sense of ownership to our organisation, our reflexes include the organisation's well being - a sense of total belonging. People working with me, their well being becomes my well being. The moment the sense of ownership is infused in a relationship, the reflexes take over. You cease to think and debate. You start to feel and react. Thinking cannot produce spontaneous reaction. There is always latency in thinking. But feeling is spontaneous. It delivers the reaction 100% without transmission loss. But it should originate from a center of purity without selfish motives and there lies the essence of leadership.

Leadership with Ownership
Erik Ottosson
Dr Hemjiths reflection on leadership is truly beautiful. Im grateful for his contribution.
As I understand the essence of "Leadership with Ownership", a leader can make use of the individual energy of the followers, who will react spontaneously as soon as they become "owners".
This view on leadership clearly brings the issue of individual responsibility to the surface. A leader can have good or bad intentions, but as soon as the threshold of ownership is past, people will follow their leader, the logical reflections will come later, in the light of the factual events and with second thought. Often too late. Hitler, Mao and others have proven this.

Leadership and Ownership outside Organisations and Business
Ahmed Altaf
I truly agree with the concept of non-existence of leadership without Ownership only when we talk in terms of Organisation and Business.
But leadership as a whole does exist without Ownership. A good example we have is 'Gandhi' who was not the owner of anything but he took a step further for freedom and succeeded.
Editor: Thanks for your reaction Ahmed, I do believe that Dr. Hemjith means the word 'ownership' in a bigger sense than posessing a property. It's perhaps close to the words 'affiliation' and 'association'. In that sense, the remarks of Dr. Hemjith are also valid outside the world of business and include Gandhi's leadership too.
Gandhi clearly felt a strong need and even obligation to do something for the India and its people.

Al Gates
I think Leadership is 'Emotion in Motion'.

Ownership of Leaders
Patric Hohl
The last sentence of Dr. Hemjith reflection is for me the strongest one. Leader will influence world, companies, but if their behaviour, and use of their powerful skills, are self oriented and not people or company, it will not help the system in a sustainable way. Ownership is adding value to the whole, not the one.

I Believe in Leadership with Ownership
Filbert Manaug, Analyst, Philippines, Member
I completely agree with the clear explanation given by Dr. Hemjith about "leadership with ownership" and his concept of infusing ownership in the relationship between leaders and subordinates producing spontaneous reactions by concerned parties while totally eliminating debate and thinking that causes latency and delays the arrival of timely decisions.
I believe in this and somehow I've been unknowingly practicing this concept all along. Thanks Dr. Hemjith..

Leadership and Commitment and Ownership
Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
I suggest that Dr Hemjith makes a crucial point. Paraphrasing his sentiment, may I endorse his opinion with the following commentary:
"Leadership is not possible without commitment and the act of commitment is a pre-requisite to "ownership"?

Leadership & Ownership
Michael D. Moore, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
It is true that "people support what they help create" and this is at the heart of ownership. To the extent that organizations can foster they "take ownership" and become an integral member of the team, their success increases. I do not see that many organizations can achieve this.

How about the Leadership 'own' Ownership
Tran le Phuong, Teacher, Mongolia, Member
I believe that no Leader can succeed without feeling of belonging to the organization. The sense of "feeling belonging to" gives the sense of "owning" the organisation. Just like the subordinates can not collaborate with leader of organisation without owning the vision of the leader (shares vision). Therefore, Owning reinforces Leading...


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