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Manoj G, India
Hello everybody, what is your opinion: is leadership a god-given gift which comes naturally with birth, or can it be gathered and learned after some age? In other words, is leadership development a matter of Nature or Nurture? (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Patrick Patrong

Leaders are NOT Born

To say that Leaders are born, would also say that criminals are also born. Leadership like most attributes are learned behavior. True, some have these learning experiences earlier in life and as a result have more practice. Yet, other have been practicing leadership skills, without a formal definition of leadership.

  Mellacheruvu Adi Saasthry , Director, India

Leaders CAN be made...

Leaders can certainly be made and one should posse (...)

  Jay Watson

Leaders: born or made? The Confidence to Stand Up

A leader is born out of the circumstances surround (...)

  Sandeep Pathak

Leadership is mostly born, but can be refined

I strongly believe that leadership is sure a born (...)

  Daryl Cowie

Anyone can Lead if they have the PASSION

Absolutely anyone can learn to lead... if they rea (...)

  Paul Robbins

Leadership: some are more talented than others...

Like physical skills cognitive skills can be devel (...)

  Sherry Lambrecht

Leaders are made and born

Good leaders normally have to have a leadership qu (...)

  Fakhra Naeem, Professor, India

Leadership is not a Born Gift

Leadership is not a born gift it is more based on (...)

  M.Ganapathy, Manager, Sri Lanka


Leaders are by birth (political), but good leaders (...)

  Gerard Gielkens

True leaders have the best of both worlds

True leadership is a golden combination of natural (...)

  Lem Usita

Define Leadership

I guess it all depends on how you define leadershi (...)

  Hafeez Anwar Qureshi, Business Consultant, Pakistan

Leaders Can Be Created in Suitable Situations

I was a simple person in the society, and didn't k (...)

  Pam Boney

From Transformational Leadership to Transcendent Leadership

My current belief is that there are qualities of l (...)

  Rebecca Roe, United States

Leadership is Developed and Tested through Time

I think leadership qualities are tested through ti (...)

  Bomison Hamidu

Leaders, Born (20) and Made (80)

I believe there is no definite or pinpoint answer. (...)


Leaders are Shaped by Persistence

Leaders are NOT BORN, its the persistence and pers (...)

  Ahmed Ali, Director, Saudi Arabia

Born Leaders are Different from Made Leaders

Born Leaders are different than Made Leaders in th (...)

  Wiegmans, Business Consultant, Netherlands

Leadership based on Dominance

My answer on this question is both biological as p (...)

  Leyla Is, Management Consultant, Sweden

Leadership, Born or Created

Im a student and weve been overwhelmed with lead (...)

  Frederick Price, Philippines

Can Leadership Be Generated or is it a Born Gift

The textbooks say leadership comes from heredity a (...)

  Daniel Mitchell

The Question - are Leaders Born or Made?

I think there are personality and even physical tr (...)

  achintya sarkar

Top Leadership is Inborn

If we talk about leadership quality, some part of (...)

  Frederick Price, Philippines


I completely agree with you. You either have it, o (...)

  Rebecca Roe, United States

Leadership Quality Partly Inborn: Situations make you a Leader

Some people like to lead, others like to follow. S (...)

  Frederick Price, Philippines


I would say that some are born to lead, but most t (...)

  Leyla Is, Management Consultant, Sweden

Fear of Showing Leadership

Finally we all agree about the biological skills w (...)

  Frederick Price, Philippines

Effect Culture on Leadership

I think your people do have the skills. But the cu (...)

  Casimir Vital, Manager, United States

Leadership is Learned

Leadership is learned. Anyone can do it but the is (...)

  Rebecca Roe, United States

Can Leadership Be Born or Generated After Some Age?

Leaders are everywhere within all of us. If the (...)

  Rebecca Roe, United States

Why do Some Want to Lead???

I think there has to be an underlying sense of imp (...)

  Rebecca Roe, United States

Managers versus Leaders

Effective managers will spot the leaders in their (...)

  Germaine Roanne Baquilod, Manager, Philippines

Leadership is a Skill

Leadership is a skill. You may be thrown into a si (...)

  M Y Zainudeen, Management Consultant, Sri Lanka

Leadership Situations

There are a large number of characteristics (as so (...)

  TAPIWA JUMOH, Student (University), Zimbabwe

Leadership by Birth?

Leaders are not born even if we all exist because (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

Leadership Can Be Taught and Learned

Both. However, it is absolute doctrine of the US (...)

  David Wilson, Manager, Canada

Leaders and Learning

@, I agree that leaders can be taught and can lear (...)

  Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa

Can Untalented Leaders Still be Taught Leadership?

I wonder if leaders can be taught ab initio. In ev (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

Leaders and Learning

@: Thank you for your response. My Ranger class s (...)

  Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States

On the Ideology of Leadership

@: This list is what I consider the ideology of Le (...)

  abdulghaniyu salako, Student (MBA), Nigeria

Few are Born, Others are Made

Few individuals are born leaders, but they perform (...)

  haguma brian, Student (University), Uganda

Leaders: Born or Made?

I strongly suggest that leaders are made. Because (...)

  VENKATESH, Manager, India

Leaders can be Made

People are born with some traits of Emotion and In (...)

  Satya Nistala, India

Natural versus Genetically Modified

Made leaders are like genetically modified product (...)

  Vipul Nahar, India

Think Beyond 'Are Leaders Born or Made'

Despite of our failure in deriving consensus on th (...)

  Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa

Beyond 'Born or Made'

@: As Mark Boucher and other South African cricke (...)

  Rebecca Roe, United States

Replying to These Questions is Better Than 'Candy Crush'

@: It may not matter anymore than what came first? (...)

  Vipul Nahar, India

Beyond Born or Made Leaders

@: Agreed and this is what I meant I guess. We nee (...)

  Feraidoon Bakhtiari, CxO / Board, Iran

Great Leaders are like Diamonds

Leaders have diamond quality. They flourish in cir (...)

  Thabo Johnson

Leaders Formal and Informal Training

Learned friends, my view is based on traditional l (...)

  Andrew Blaine, Business Consultant, South Africa

Hereditary Leadership

@: There are simply too many examples that say yo (...)

  Thabo Johnson

Hereditary Leadership

Reality in a South African context cannot overlook (...)

  Gopalakrishna Bhat, Project Manager, India

Leaders-Born or Made or Hereditory Etc

I think, this discussion can go on forever without (...)

  Feraidoon Bakhtiari, CxO / Board, Iran

The Context of the Leadership Matters

I do not know where this kind of discussion take u (...)

  Thomas Solomon, Student (University), Nigeria

How to Assess Suitability of a 'Born' Leader?

@: I agree with you, but what are the things or fe (...)

  Satya Nistala, India

Leaders are Born, Not Made

@: The only use of networking and learning about l (...)

  Deric Crosby, Manager, United States

You Lead Like You are Lead

In my opinion, with most behavioral characteristic (...)

  Kurai Chitima, Business Consultant, South Africa

Are Leaders Born or Made?

I was told the story of a man who visited a far co (...)

  Riek Yak Guandong, Student (University), South Sudan

Leaders are Born; not Made

Born leaders are effective, charismatic and formul (...)

  Michael D. Moore, Entrepreneur, United States

Leaders Born not Made

I have read the many valuable responses here and t (...)

  Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States

Cornucopia of Leadership

There are a number of outstanding responses to the (...)

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