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Attributes of Leaders | Leadership Attributes
Heena khalid
I'd like to give some basic attributes on leadership that run on all fields of corporates. In my view, attributes of high quality leadership are:
A. Forming and inspiring a shared vision
inspiring people to achieve more
B. Open to learning with mental resilience
C. Mental and emotional strengths
energizing the people
D. Guiding as a vital skill.

E. Leaderships for Ethics or Ethics for Leadership
ganesh tiwari
Leaders don't do different things, but they do things differently! It's here that one must demarcate the thin lining of self-actualization & self-realization for leaders.
Whether (s)he is practicing leadership for ethics or ethics for leadership.
In the former case it is self-propelled inner motivation which brings Value Based Development.
While in the later case it may be forced or compulsion from external forces where there is every likelihood for deviation and thus imbalanced or unethical development.
It is up to the leader to decide which way (s)he goes.

F. Creating and mantaining a culture of continuous improviment
William Gomes
Yes! The new age will not bring any possibility of less organizational pressure. To do the right thing, right, at the right time is not sufficient from now on, so the leadership challenger is directing the organization collaborators focused on clients, improving and innovating their activities. We are seeing that every one should get the importance of perfect understanding of business process management to transform the ambient in a process oriented organization.

On B. Learners are leaders
Prakash rao
Learners are leaders. Delearning is also a learning process. Leaders must do "5S" of their mind. It should be kept free for receiving inputs from others. They should constantly change the process.

On C. Motivating the Subordinates
Nwene Anthony
I think to be a good leader, you should also motivate your subordinates adequately for their positive input into the organization. In so doing it's easier for them to key into your vision and help you achieve it and more with little effort.

Trait Leadership Theory page
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
See also our Trait Leadership Theory page for more on traits of leaders.

Personality Attribute of a Leader According to Islam
salem ahmed, Manager, Yemen, Member
I think one of the important attributes of the leader is as said by Caliph Omer (the second Caliph of Islam) when he is asked about the conditions of a leader, he said: "if he is in the people and not their leader as if he was their leader and if as their leader he seems to be one of them".
I think the most important thing the leader should think about is how others see you acting according to your nature of humanity; let the others see you as a regular person.

G. One More Attribute of Leadership: Integrity
Mohamad Nasir Mahmood, Director, Malaysia, Member
If there was just one attribute that a leader needed the most, then it would have been: integrity. Integrity is the basic tenet that a leader should have, regardless they are in politics, social, or corporate world.

Qualities of a Good Leader: the VICTORY acronym
Christian D. Clores, Director, Philippines, Member
A good Leader is someone who has the following qualities:
V - Vision for his people or organization
I - Instructions that are crystal clear
C - Consistency in all his work
T - Trustworthy
O - Others, acknowledge other people and supported by others
R - Respectful and Responsible
Y - You: can inspire You


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