The Glass Ceiling: Leadership Barriers for Women

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The Glass Ceiling: Leadership Barriers for Women
According to a study by, gender stereotyping is one of the key barriers to women’s advancement in corporate leadership. It leaves women with limited, conflicting, and often unfavorable options no matter how they choose to lead.
The 2006 Catalyst Census shows that, even though women make up over 50% of the management, professional, and related occupations, only 15.6% of Fortune 500 corporate officers and 14.6% of Fortune 500 board directors are women.
They are either considered too soft or too tough, they face higher standards than male leaders and are rewarded with less, and when women exhibit traditionally valued leadership behaviors such as assertiveness, they tend to be seen as competent but not personable or well-liked.
Those who do adopt a more stereotypically feminine style are liked, but are not seen as having valued leadership skills....Sign up

Leadership barries for Women
Uma Shashikumar
Women in Leadership role is challenging. Especially when she is at the Core level. She has to face the ego problem with the male in the top. ...Sign up

Labyrinth instead of Glass Ceiling for Women
Ellie M.
In a HBR article (Sept07) Alice Eagly and Linda Caril say there is no glass ceiling (one reason that women cannot reach top functions), but rather a l...Sign up

Women reaching the C-Suite
Ellie M.
In another HBR article (June 2008, p.36) , Louann Brizendine adds another reason as to why women don't make it to the C-suite: according to her it's a...Sign up

An Observation
April K
Ellie, #5 (lack of time to invest in networking) struck a chord for me. I think part of the problem resides with women and scarcity. I do not see ...Sign up

Women in Management - Little Progress in Gender Parity
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Nancy Carter and Christine Silva of consulting firm Catalyst have done Sign up

Upward Mobility of Women
Sibongile Nxumalo, Director, South Africa, Member
Is the glass ceiling shattering or has it changed into a brick wall ceiling?...Sign up

Leadership Barriers for Women
OSHUN, GRACE OKAIMA , Lecturer, Nigeria, Member
I agree with Elaine that gender stereotype is one of the barriers to women's advancement in corporate leadership. In fact gender roles are determin...Sign up

Leadership Barriers for Women
Geethalakshmi.J, Manager, India, Member
I too agree with the comments post by different people, women are really not reaching the corporate leadership, because of the multi task, balancing w...Sign up

Top Management Barriers for Women
Georgina Popescu, Manager, Austria, Member
I agree with what is said above, even though I would not call it "leadership barriers", but "top management" barriers. Women are indeed less paid than...Sign up

Leadership Barriers for Women; The Glass Ceiling is Actually a Labyrinth
Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
I embraced the material produced by Alice Eagly & Linda Caril, which accurately states that the glass ceiling is yesterdays rant (Editor: ~old term) w...Sign up

Labyrinth versus Ceiling
Cindy Lanphear
@Greg Johnson: I believe these terms are two very different situations for women. Part of the problem with research...Sign up

Alpha Female Leadership, Beta Male Leadership
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Premium Member
@Cindy Lanphear: I think that the Alpha Male leadership model is inferior to the Alpha Female leadership model, si...Sign up

Women as Leaders: the Invisible Barriers
Anneke Zwart, Student (University), Netherlands, Moderator
In the HBR of September 2013, H. Ibarra, R. Ely and D. Kolb write about women as leaders. They argue that gender biases currently existing in organiza...Sign up

Gender Stereotyping and Homosexual Reproduction
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Premium Member
@Anneke Zwart: Of the three strategies you have outlined, Anchoring in Leadership Purpose strikes me as the most pr...Sign up

Organizational GLASS: Can Females Crack It?
Harlen Williams, Student, United States, Member
Decades of the invisible barriers limiting the advancement of qualified females surfaced in 1986 as a phenomenon known as the “Glass Ceiling”. As the ...Sign up

Glass Ceiling??????
Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
@Harlen Williams: A very good dissertation on the topic of Glass Ceiling. I have been engaged in this topic for a w...Sign up

Organizational Glass - Yes we Can Crack It!!
Kari Egge, CEO, Norway, Member
@Harlen Williams: To add to the misery, almost every leadership book and theory is written by men for men. Such the...Sign up

Lack of Emotional Awareness is a Leadership Barrier for Women
Jemima Riley, Trinidad and Tobago, Member
Leadership by women can be intellectual, visionary and stimulating.
However, many women struggle to maintain objectivity. In human related situat...Sign up

Sexes are not So Different
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Professors Riley and Ely report on meta-analysis (combining the results of many studies) done by various researchers about the question if women are f...Sign up

Hot Button Topic
Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
This is such a "Hot Button Topic", because it crosses so many lines of control and denial based on gender, race, religion and more.
There seems t...Sign up


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