Conditions for Knowledge Management

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Tebboub Abdelamelk
Professor, Algeria

Conditions for Knowledge Management

Everyone speaks about knowledge management, what are the conditions that must be met? Why? Thank you.


consultant, India

Knowledge Management Conditions

1 An open mindedness to share knowledge
2 Proven results
3 Empathy and sympathy to systems and people
4 Good recording and retrieval system
5 Transparency
6 Forums to discuss on topical issues or problems faced across board
7 Good contributors
8 Encourage
9 Record all the tech discussions with experts and consultants
10 Catalougue the knowledge
11 Benchmark the knowledge info

William Weru
Research Consultant, Zimbabwe

Conditions for Knowledge Management

1. Enable free communication
2. Encourage learning at all levels of the organisation
3. Teamwork should be encouraged.

United States

Conditions for Knowledge Management

1. Structural diversity in crossfunctional teams.
2. Reflect collective understanding with respect to differences.
3. Appreciative Inquiry.
4. Exercise learner mode vs. judger mode.

Jaime Fernandez V.
Professor, Chile

Knowledge Management has 2 Areas

KM has 2 areas: individual and organizational. They are both managed differently, run on different t... Sign up

Jeffrey P. Thompson
Consultant, United States

Knowledge Management Conditions

Bottom line: effective knowledge management = achievement of planned profit. Very broad subject hous... Sign up

Melissa Breger
Program Manager, United States

Conditions for Knowledge Management (KM)

Just some thoughts: Conduct a KM Audit with the organization to learn what level of understanding a... Sign up

Teaching, India

Mint Performance

Today when we talk of KM, we, in most of the cases speak of collection, storage and dissemination of... Sign up

Mas Ali
HSE Professional Specialist, Indonesia

Knowledge Management Conditions Differ per Organization

That's right today and tomorrow we talk about KM, but the application and the implementation of KM i... Sign up

Fentress Truxon
Management Consultant, United States

Missing Element in the KM Mix : Diversity

I remember sitting on plane in discussion with a gentleman from Europe about learning from each othe... Sign up

Business Consultant, Sudan

Aligning KM with the Business Corporate Strategy

Now that Knowledge Management is becoming a strategic function, it should strategically be aligned t... Sign up

Gana Cisse
P&CM, Senegal

Knowledge Management Enabler

One of the best way to learn is to encourage coaching and mentoring processes which can help to buil... Sign up

Niraj Kumbhat
Manager, India

Conditions for Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing should be encouraged. This helps organization to reduce unproductive time and un... Sign up

Parvex Francois
Consultant, Switzerland

4 Knowledge Management Conditions

Very interesting list. In one book I read kind of a summary in 4 conditions for effective knowledge ... Sign up

Oshun, Grace Okaima
Lecturer, Nigeria

Knowledge Management Depends on Leadership

The knowledge management approach would be highly dependent on leadership which is expected to creat... Sign up

United States

Transfer the 4 Knowledge Management Conditions into the Work Climate

In agreement with that, continuing to raise the level of and develop competencies in managing differ... Sign up

Teaching, India

Knowledge Sharing

The best way of knowledge conservation is through knowledge sharing.... Sign up

Erik Kamper
Manager, Netherlands

Making Knowledge Management Work: Creating Commitment

In order to make KM work, make sure all the involved persons show proper commitment. Commitment is e... Sign up

Parvex Francois
Consultant, Switzerland

Create the Reflex of Knowledge Sharing by Training...

Training is very important! - the key success factor is to create the reflex of knowledge sharing be... Sign up

Management Consultant, Viet Nam

Factors for Knowledge Management Effectiveness

1. Leadership with strong commitment; 2. Corporate environment to allow for knowledge sharing and g... Sign up

Manager, Netherlands

KM Performance Keys

Recommendations for knowledge management practice: - Introduce master-apprentice-student relations... Sign up

Marit C Synnevag
HR Consultant

Knowledge Sharing and the Importance of Trust

I am especially interested in the sociocultural and psychosocial factors influencing on knowledge sh... Sign up

Jaime Fernandez V.
Professor, Chile

Knowledge Management Conditions

Tebboub Abdelamelk, may I suggest another focus? If you focus on knowledge management tools - rather... Sign up


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Knowledge and Intangibles Management

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