Wisdom Management: Can Wisdom be Managed?

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Wisdom Management: Can Wisdom be Managed?
Sudheendra G. Mudikeri, Management Consultant, India, Member
In the discussion of the DICK and DICKS concept by Anand, the conclusion was reached that the highest level of knowledge is Wisdom.
That then leads to a logical quest of what's next to Knowledge Management (KM) and I believe it's WISDOM MANAGEMENT (WM).
My suggested definition of Wisdom is: "Knowledge put to profitable application". Knowledge has been traditionally classified into TACIT and EXPLICIT forms.
Wisdom also needs classification in terms of nuggets relevant to the area of application. Some ideas:
- Wisdom contributors may be area specific or work specific etc to an organization.
- Then we have generalists and specialists who can cater to essential knowledge.
- The people who pay for such knowledge must be enablers to convert these bits and pieces of knowledge into wisdom nuggets as applicable to their workplace.
- I am also thinking in terms of classification like Perennial Wisdom and Situa...Sign up

What is Wisdom?
sugiarto, Consultant, Indonesia, Member
I just read in Wikipedia and I agree with that. According to Wikipedia, Wisdom is the ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understand...Sign up

How Does a Person Become Wise
SA Di Biase, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
Smart people learn from their experiences. Ignorant people don't. And wise people learn from the experiences of others. Wisdom is fueled by a person's...Sign up

Wisdom is Thinking of Something New
syed, HR Consultant, India, Member
I agree with Sudheendra, there are three kinds of people:
  1. The ones who acquire knowledge and work according to the knowledge gained.
  2. ...Sign up

Wisdom According to Aristotle
shrishti, Student (Other), India, Member
I'd like to add one more aspect to the above: Aristotle said 'The ultimate aim of human life is to attain wisdom'. Also he classified 5 types of knowl...Sign up

Wisdom is Common Sense Used with Common Sense
Abdullah Sultan, HR Consultant, Saudi Arabia, Member
Wisdom is to live and let live. It is the possession of common sense and the fair and skillful usage of it with a feeling of responsibility towards on...Sign up

Is Wisdom 'Common Sense' ?
Steven Hughes, Manager, United Kingdom, Member
Does anyone think that wisdom is mainly "Common Sense" gained with age? I personally think that common sense can be put down to life experience....Sign up

The term KM Itself is Flawed
Rahul Deshpande, Management Consultant, India, Member
The term Knowledge Management as currently used in the industry is flawed. Most KM systems manage only data. Not even information. Let aside informati...Sign up

Wisdom Management versus Crazyness
Paolo Pozzi, Business Consultant, Italy, Member
@Rahul Deshpande: I agree. Thank you! Interesting subject.
Just to counterbalance, which is healthy in every d...Sign up

Wisdom Management not Possible
Makini, Business Consultant, Member
While I take note of the contributions made so far, my position is that one cannot manage wisdom. Knowledge has got dimensions while wisdom does not.<...Sign up

What is Wisdom?
Tom Christensen, Editor, United States, Premium Member
Being intelligent is available to many people. Wisdom resides in the highest level of existential development, the level where highly complex cognitio...Sign up

Lets Focus on Wisdom Management!!
ramesh, Entrepreneur, India, Member
Apologies if I am wrong, we are discussing about wisdom rather than Wisdom Management... “Wisdom management can be described as the applied art of sha...Sign up

Wisdom Management
Sudheendra, Consultant, India, Member
@Tom Christensen: An excellent way to recognize constituents of Wisdom in today's complex world. The most cognitive...Sign up

Ackoff Framework
rajiv gupta, Business Consultant, India, Member
Russel Ackoff, the great system theorist, developed a nice framework on this. If I remember right, he placed 'understanding' between knowledge and wis...Sign up

Can Wisdom Be MANAGED? How?
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
The concept 'wisdom' will probably remain fluffy and very hard to define in exact terms, no matter how many opinions we collect. But we now all have a...Sign up

Directing with Wisdom
Skarly Garcia, Teacher, Member
I spent days trying to choose a topic to share in a motivational chat in my work. Finally I found it on having read this forum!
To direct with wi...Sign up

Wisdom Management
Bantwal Prabhu, Teacher, India, Member
Wisdom is the right application of the right knowledge and today it is at the highest level. I agree with @Skarly Garci...Sign up

Wisdom Management
Sudheendra, Consultant, India, Member
@Jaap de Jonge and @ramesh: Thanks for bringing us back on track. The question "...Sign up

Definition of Wisdom
Prakash Peter, Consultant, India, Member
@Bantwal Prabhu: a small addition to your view of wisdom. Wisdom is about the right application of experienced know...Sign up

Wisdom Management
Kurt Ludikovsky, Consultant, Austria, Member
To be honest, we can't even manage knowledge. As already stated here, all we do is storing data. Semantically arranged messages. Not everybody underst...Sign up

Managing Wisdom and Management
sara, Manager, Ethiopia, Member
Though it is hard for me to put the right demarcation between wisdom and knowledge, my understanding is that we can manage our own knowledge and wisdo...Sign up

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