Sharing Environments in Knowledge Management

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Sharing Environments in Knowledge Management
Dilip Khanal, Member
Knowledge management (KM) is a dynamic process. Information comes from various stakeholders but is often lost before something is done. If an organization offers a 'sharing environment', then some of such knowledge may be captured and could be beneficial for the organization.
Depending upon the size of the organization, there are several knowledge sharing environments possible:
- Regular meetings
- Sharing retreats
- Reporting
- Social net for organizational stakeholders. Such network is technically possible and many companies have benefited from the transmission of knowledge beyond hierarchical boundary.

Choosing Wisdom Domains when Establishing Knowledge Sharing Environments
KK Verma, Member
All information can not be termed as knowledge. So when we're considering establishing knowledge sharing environments, we must be careful not to be willing to capture all the knowledge. What I have seen, in many organization is that quite often all trivial information is being gathered, while real knowledge is left outside.
We need real wise people with a clear understanding of knowledge who can gather information and create a wisdom domain, as part of knowledge management.

Sharing Promotes Wisdom
Dilip Khanal, Member
@KK Verma: knowledge management is just a tool to promote sharing information first. The next phase includes processing of the information where wisdom is helpful.
I feel that we should be free from any bias about wisdom. Actually, it depends upon the person's perception.

Processing of Information is a Work of Expert
KK Verma, Member
I may agree with you when you say that wisdom comes out of processing of information.
I would just like to add that this processing of information is a tricky job. This needs experts. Only a true professional person can take out wisdom from information.

Considering the Wisdom Domain Before Creating a Knowledge Sharing Environment
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
@KK Verma: I agree with your first reaction. In fact, that is precisely what we did before we created the 12manage platform: think about the knowledge domain first ('management'); then create the knowledge sharing environment (this platform).
When there is no choice (specialization) for a domain, what you will get is a very large, generic and not very useful collection of data. By specializing in one domain, you allow for a much higher level of knowledge exchange, and you attract professionals/experts, such as you can witness on 12manage.
I think there is a third interlinked element we need to consider early besides the 1. Knowledge domain and 2. Knowledge sharing environment: the 3. Knowledge contributors and their rewards for contributing.

Creating a Knowledge Sharing Environment: Reward for Contribution
Dilip Khanal, Member
@Jaap de Jonge (Editor): many reasons could exist for sharing knowledge. Accordingly, rewards have to be designed.
In some society, a few words of appreciation will do: for example, a Japanese company selects the best staff on the basis of useful knowledge shared by him/her. The sharing community assigns thank you points for valuable knowledge shared. At the end of the year, the staff member who received the highest number of thank you points is awarded the "best staff of the year"-award.
Initially, this was a voluntary initiative in the company, which the management endorsed later.
My point is: we have to devise relevant awards for sharing which the contributors value.

Rewards and Awards for Contributors in Knowledge Sharing
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
Thanks for bringing that up, Dhilip, I agree with you.
A modern example of the same principle is that here on 12manage, good contributors are awarded by raising their position in the search results, SIGs and communities.


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