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From Knowing to Finding and Using Information
J Hogan
I think we will soon see a big shift in learning from a focus on "knowing" information to a focus on "finding and using". This shift will mean that research methods and critical thinking will be most important instead of advanced educational content.

Using Information to Create Knowledge
PRASAD SN, Professor, India, Member
Knowing is similar to maintaining a big inventory of 'thoughts' created by our sensory organs. Relating a thought from that knowledge to the problem at hand or in creating something new, whether abstract or physical depends on the intelligence the person has. Intelligence creates and knowledge accelerates creation.

Reliable Information?
Dr. David Machuga, Consultant, United States, Member
Finding reliable and accurate information will be the wave of our future. Understanding and applying the information is the real challenge.

Creative Usage of Information
Christopher January, Manager, United States, Member
In this information driven age, creation of useful information is becoming harder to abstract from useless information. Applying useful information and reaching the masses is a whole creative process in itself.

From Knowing to Finding...
steve lecaz
Yes you are right! Thanks to the web, a paradigm shift in our manipulation of information. In a sense knowing is a Victorian notion based on empirical data, an arrogance in the modern world when considering it is now widely accepted that possibly 90% of the universe is undetected.
Open-minded researchers and innovators are already marrying information together in unexpected ways, pushing back the boundaries of 'believable' technology.

Knowing, Finding and Doing
Tebboub Abdelamelk, Professor, Algeria, Member
I think that finding information is not a difficult mission anymore, the difficulty is how to understand information, analyse it and make the right decision.
Note that process still needs knowledge, and is complicated especially in organisations and systems.

Knowledge is Much More Than Memory
Jesus Domene, Consultant, Mexico, Member
If we conceive knowledge as an inventory of information located at the brain, there is no need of it anymore (at least in the conventional degree), however knowledge is a lot more than the simple collection of information. The importance of building knowledge -not only the result of "owning the information"- is the way to build a thinking structure.
Let's not confuse knowledge with education nor knowledge with mere memory.

Transfering Knowledge
Brian Smith, Business Consultant, Australia, Member
Knowledge workers of the 21st century will be recognised and rewarded by their ability to transfer knowledge through engagement mechanisms. The latter already include the consultant, consultant groups, think tanks, all of which synthesise data into relevant information for their target audience. The web has just increased the relevance and value of such capabilities.

Knowledge Tranfer
Patricia Gibson, Student (University), Australia, Member
I agree with the various comments that highlight the need to see knowledge as being more than information. We also need to go further than understanding information, analysing it and making a decision.
Action and reflection on that action are also critically important within the knowledge transfer process but even they are not sufficient to ensure knowledge transfer. It's a far more complex process.
I'm not convinced we'll ever fully understand how to do it effectively but in the process of trying to get better at it we'll uncover more of the crucual elements. What's 'knowledge' to you may be no more than 'information' to me.

From Knowing to Finding and USING Information
Lawrence Gqesha, Analyst, South Africa, Member
I agree with everyone, the power is no longer lie with the amount of information you had but it lies on what can you do with the information.
We need to utilise and transfer the information we had by making tremendous changes on our lives as people whether naturally, socially, economically, technologicaly etc.

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