Knowledge Management Still Remains a Victim of Technology

Knowledge and Intangibles Management

J.Jeyaseelan, India

Knowledge Management Still Remains a Victim of Technology

I believe current knowledge management concepts still remain a victim of technologies particularly data and document management technologies. The rich reservoir of knowledge that is now accessible over the Internet still remains out of reach, because of the limitations of the html framework that handles only text and the limitations of search engines that somehow manage to find something that is of use. My experience of using the www the last 13 years almost on a daily basis is that one comes across information that is often not related to what you are searching for. This is the reason why some kind of bookmarking that one accumulates over time becomes the main source of knowledge.
In order to effectively manage knowledge, we should be able to uniquely classify, identify and relate almost everything on earth. Only that framework would help us spend our time more productively in the area of knowledge creation, communication, application and regeneration.

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Semantic Web and Knowledge Domains

You are right that generic search engine results are not so good as many people believe. The semantic web is a technica...

  Ennio Martignago
Management Consultant, Italy

Knowledge MANAGEMENT is an Old Idea

Before the document management systems, the main damage was made by ERP systems such as SAP that have forced a return to...


Management & Technology

Dear all, in my opinion technology is an opportunity, it depends on how we use it and we allow it to enter into the orga...

Professor, India

Semantic Web and Knowledge Domains

All language elements including semantics act as mediums of transfer of information in addition to pictures, videos, mus...

  Mike Foy, United Kingdom

Knowledge is Tacit

If we agree with Polanyi's assertion that all knowledge is tacit and therefore needs a knower i.e. a map cannot read its...

  M Schuller

Knowledge Management Still Remains a Victim of Technology

I agree regarding the difference between knowledge and information. Quoting Polanyi "We can know more than we can tell"....


Knowledge Management Still Remains a Victim of Technology

Automation, the replacement of machines of the machines age. Just take the example of an accountant, learning all the ac...

  Robin Stewart, Canada

Knowledge Management and Technology are Complementary

No, I believe that knowledge management and technology are complementary. Within any profession there are specialists an...

  Margret Schuller

Not Just IT, but also Creativity and Innovation

But who developed the software for the accountant? Technology like the accountancy software or other technologies allow ...

Management Consultant, United Arab Emirates

Strategic and Tactical Knowledge Management

Most of the times Knowledge Management initiatives are considered a support function or a supplementary initiative, on t...

  Sudheendra G. Mudikeri
Management Consultant, India

KM Remains a Victim of Technology

The issue here is we tend to pick and pack whatever the search engines spew out. The tacit and explicit are not segregat...

  george amissah
Consultant, Nigeria

Knowledge Management and Technology

There has always been a relationship between knowledge management and technology. Improved technology helps in the area ...

  Sanjay Verma
Business, Kenya

Technology and Knowledge

Any technology is a result of knowledge. So, technology created by using knowledge can only be a tool/means/facilitator ...


Knowledge Management > Technology > Knowledge Management > ...

Knowledge, at whatever level, is intrinsic to any holder of it. Out of knowledge comes, amongst other things, the innova...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Learn from the Neanderthals

Last weekend I visited the Neanderthal Museum (near Dusseldorf, Germany). Very educating! The Homo Sapiens Neanderthalen...

  Jaime Gonzalez
Accountant, Mexico

Knowledge is All Around

Technology is just a tool, management should always use its technical basis and experience to meet the objectives. Syste...

  M. Pradet, Canada

Knowledge of Information Management

Knowledge is how we use the information we have at our disposal for our survival, our growth etc. I believe that all bus...

Professor, India

Ideas, Inventions and Technology

Technology enables shaping the idea into purposeful product or service. Evolution essentially means each generation is p...

  Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

Impact of the Semantic Web

With the advent of semantic web the software agents can compile, compare, negotiate and do all necessary activities that...

  Sokolova Tatiana
Analyst, Russian Federation

Limitation of Information from Networks and Know-how Portals

I think that the problem with limitation of information obtained from networks and know-how portals is getting more seri...

  Sokolova Tatiana
Analyst, Russian Federation

Technological Progress does not Directly Impact Humanity

@Jaap de Jonge (Editor): It is a well-known fact that humanity has not improved much, even today we can see very primiti...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Technology Matters in Evolution

@Sokolova Tatiana: Thanks for your critical reaction. Definitely new technologies have caused sudden and major jumps in ...


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Knowledge and Intangibles Management

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