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DICK and DICKS concept by Anand

I found out about this easy to remember acronym: the DICK model by Sanjay Anand. It highlights 4 evolutionary steps in knowledge creation and sharing:
1. Data - Collection or compilation of disorganized and possibly unrelated facts and/or figures.
2. Information - Adding context to data and organizing it so that it is usable, yields information.
3. Content - Interpreting and collaborating on information produces content (online or offline).
4. Knowledge - The highest form gained through experience, interpretation and extrapolation. Knowledge acquisition involves complex cognitive processes including learning, perception, communication, association and reasoning, all of which are not mandatory at other levels.
DICKS is a variant in which the S stands for
5. Sustainability, implying the self-perpetuating cycle of D-I-C-K. Also from Sanjay Anand.

  Kenny cheah
Principal, Malaysia

Knowledge may not be the highest form...

Knowledge may not be the highest form. Consider al (...)

  Jagdish B Acharya
Consultant, India

DEPLOYMENT of Wisdom is Important

We must keep in mind difference between approach a (...)

  Anthony Belon
Entrepreneur, Malaysia

Putting wisdom before Knowledge

Both Kenny and Jagdish B Acharya put wisdom before (...)

  Shahzad Ali Khan

Einstein: Imagination is More Important than Knowledge

As very rightly pointed out by Einstein, I still b (...)

  Audrey Veldman

Explicit and Tacit Knowledge

Wisdom aside, what I miss in this discussion is th (...)


Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom

Let me put it this way: - Data is not information (...)

  Sajjad Hussain
Teacher, Pakistan

Knowledge and Imagination are Both Needed

@Shahzad Ali Khan: I think of knowledge as a scien (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Users of Data, Information, Knowledge: Occupations

Its also interesting to consider what PROFESSIONS (...)

  Lloyd Lawrence
Manager, Australia

DIKAP Model and Wisdom

Hi All, just to throw another angle in here, I was (...)

  Lloyd Lawrence
Manager, Australia

Wisdom by Sharing Lessons Learnt

I heard something on the radio just the other day (...)

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Knowledge and Intangibles Management

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