Education and Learning Without a Degree

Knowledge and Intangibles Management

Jagdish B Acharya
Consultant, India

Education and Learning Without a Degree

The education system has converted knowledge to a set of degrees which are put in hierarchy. Quite often it is so strong that we tend to assume that degree is knowledge. But a degree at best can be a way to screen potential contributors. Is there a better substitute of knowing how much knowledge or wisdom one has without using degrees?

Student (MBA), Portugal

Personal Studies

I agree with Jagish' thinking. I believe that in the future, after a level of "degree", anyone can have a personal training in a desired specific interest area.

Strategy Consultant, India

In Education no Need for a Degree

Education should be continuous learning through experience culminating into a knowledge base which is versatility used. Hence there is no comparison between education with a mere degree and education acquired through experiential learning.

  Anthony Belon
Entrepreneur, Malaysia

Assessing Education Without a Degree

How to judge? As I see it - best is by Examples, Degree of impacts, Effects, Influences. Here are some examples:
1. The life & teachings of Lord Jesus Christ is an education without degree. Scholars do degrees to educate themselves on "his education without degree". Impacts...
2. Ferdinand Magellan & Christopher Columbus - sailing around the world did not have degree in sea-navigation. Effects... on exploration
3. Sir Winston Churchill - prime minister - leading UK victoriously during WWII did not have a university degree. Leadership charisma...
4. Bill Gates did not have a degree to become who and what he is now. Microsoft...

  Catherine Piloto
Consultant, Zimbabwe

How to Judge Education Without Degree

In my own and indeed most cultures, one can identify many old people in the villages (and those called uneducated) with ...

  Tebboub Abdelamelk
Professor, Algeria

Mastery Learning is One Solution

Mastery learning is an alternative method of teaching and learning that involves the student reaching a level of predete...

Strategy Consultant, India

Parameters for Judging Education Without a Formal Degree

Education should take care about transfering the perpetual heritage of knowledge from one generation to another. If any ...

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Reliable Learning Platforms/Networks

People should choose their information/learning platform wisely. For example, on 12manage we specialize "only" in manag...


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Knowledge and Intangibles Management

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