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Sarah Daghman
Lecturer, Russian Federation

Green Human Resource Management

Environmental issues and corporate sustainability have become a significant managerial challenge of the 21st century. Companies are taking many small and big steps to start with going green and sustainability. More "green" management practices have to be included also in human resources, just like we also have green marketing, green operations, green investing, etc. The alignment of Human Resource Management with environmental management is being called Green Human Resource Management (Green HRM). Below I collected and summarized information on Green HRM. Please help me make this subject more complete.

What is Green HRM?

Green HRM can be defined as the whole of policies, practices, and systems of an organization that makes the organization and its employees green, for the interest of the individual, society, natural environment, and the business. In Green HRM different human resources practices such as recruitment and selection, training, compensation and rewards, and performance appraisals are adapted to ensure their employees understand and promote green behavior. Green HRM aims to design, implement, improve, and maintain a green vision within every employee of the organization.

Why is Green HRM important? Benefits

Green HRM can have many advantages. Ten of the most mentioned are:
  1. Supports producing environmentally friendly products, services in an environmentally friendly way (operations);
  2. Reduces the firm's carbon footprints;
  3. Creates green awareness among the employees;
  4. Enhances the firm's image, which will help customers and employees become more loyal;
  5. Reduces costs (it may also increase them);
  6. Increases profits (if applied well);
  7. Generates green investors' preference;
  8. Improves participation, commitment, morale, quality of work of the employees, leading also to a higher retention rate of the human capital in the organization.
  9. Conserves resources for future generations, and improve the prevailing conditions of the environment where all citizens live.
  10. Contributes to successful environmental management on a global basis;

What are the Main Components of Green HRM? Elements

A GREEN HR VISION can be implemented in a GREEN HR STRATEGY by establishing:
  1. GREEN COMPETENCIES: the possession of a sufficient amount of knowledge and skills on greening;
  2. A GREEN ATTITUDE: all organization members, at all levels exhibit a positive attitude towards being green;
  3. GREEN BEHAVIORS: the extent to which the employees are engaged in actual positive actions and official duties aimed at helping the organization to achieve greening (this engagement could be voluntary or an official requirement to be met by the employees);
  4. GREEN RESULTS: the extent to which the employees have achieved specific environmental performance targets and green results (for example a reduction of electricity consumption, inputs wastage, etc..).

How to Make Specific HRM Functions Green?

Making individual HRM (sub-) functions green involves modifying them and including policies, procedures, and practices that ensure a green performance of that function. Here are some ideas on each of them:
  1. JOB ANALYSIS: Add the environmental dimension as a duty in the job description. For example add green competencies as a special component in the job specification.
  2. RECRUITMENT: Include environmental criteria to the recruitment messages.
  3. SELECTION: Select applicants who are sufficiently aware of greening to fill job vacancies.
  4. TRAINING: Design a training program to impart the right knowledge and skills about greening for each employee.
  5. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION: Include green-related criteria when evaluating an employee's job performance, and add a component for progress on greening in the performance feedback interview.
  6. REWARDS MANAGEMENT: Give financial and/or non-financial rewards to employees for good green performance of the job.
  7. DISCIPLINE MANAGEMENT: Formulate and publish rules of conduct relating to greening, and develop a progressive disciplinary system to punish employees who violate the rules of green conduct.
⇨ Please help me make this topic more practical. What green HRM ideas and practices are applied in your organization? Let's focus only on the HRM ones. What is the effect they have on the overall performance of it?
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Sabzar Ahmad Peerzadah et al (2018), "Green Human Resource Management: A Review", International Journal of Enhanced Research in Management & Computer Applications, Vol. 7(3), pp.790-795.

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