Old Myths about HR?

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Changpyo Hong
HR Consultant, Australia

Old Myths about HR?

Recently, I've known about the old myths of HR. In the six myths such as
1. People go into HR because they like people,
2. Anyone can do HR,
3. HR deals with the soft side of business and is therefore not accountable,
4. HR focuses on costs, which cannot be controlled,
5. HR's job is to be the policy police and the health-and-happiness patrol,
6. HR is full of fads, the sixth old myth that really confuses me. It that seems like HR is some temporary fashion in a organisation, but I do not know what it means exactly. Are there any relevant journal articles, theories, or cases to it? Please, anyone inform me...


HR Consultant, Korea (South)

8 Old Myths of HR

Well, the 6 myths you've mentioned above actually are 8...
1. People go into HR because they like people.
2. Anyone can do HR.
3. HR deals with the soft side of a business and is therefore not accountable.
4. HR focuses on costs, which must be controlled.
5. HR's job is to be policy police and the health-and-happiness patrol.
6. HR is full of fads.
7. HR is staffed by nice people.
8. HR is HR's job.
For more info, they are explained in a book by D. Ulrich: "Human Resource Champions: The next agenda for adding value and delivering results".

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

New HR Realities (Ulrich)

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Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

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Simon Raistrick
Business Consultant, New Zealand

Not Sure About Some of Those ...

@Jaap de Jonge: Depends on the type of business surely.. For example, point 1 is contrary to the psy... Sign up

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Even Newer HR Realities

@Simon Raistrick: Excellent point, thanks. Indeed we should consider that Ulrich wrote his "new HR r... Sign up

Marc De Leeuw
HR Consultant, Belgium

Unlocking the Value

For me HR is no different from Finance, Production, Logistics, etc in that our role is to be subject... Sign up

R.D.T.M. Pape
Project Manager, Netherlands

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Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

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HR Consultant

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Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

HR More Important in Digital Age

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HR Consultant, United States

HR More Important in Digital Age

I too am surprised at the negative perceptions some have expressed towards human resources departmen... Sign up

Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

The Future of HR

It is interesting to think about the future form of HR. If the organization changes in which people ... Sign up

Helen Strong
Business Consultant, South Africa

Allow Relevance of HR

HR is only as useful as it is allowed to be. The Dept. needs to operate at executive (high) level. H... Sign up

R.D.T.M. Pape
Project Manager, Netherlands

HR More Important in Digital Age??

@Jaap de Jonge, @Jones, @Helen Strong. I understand that HR is seen by you in current organisations... Sign up

Borje Vickberg, Sweden

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Sridhar Gopal
Management Consultant, India

Lets Make HR an Indispensable Function!

Wish I could write these off as old 'myth' but unfortunately its still a present day reality in ma... Sign up

David Wilson
Manager, Canada

To Profit Executives Need to Listen to Key HR Advice

I have watched many organizations look to downsizing of frontline resources in times of economic cha... Sign up

Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

The Paradoxes of Realities

@Jaap de Jonge: To many people, HR and HRD are synonymous. For me they are distinct entities, with d... Sign up

Manager, Malaysia

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