Upcoming HR Trend: Retirement of Baby Boomers

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Upcoming HR Trend: Retirement of Baby Boomers
David Wilson, Premium Member
I watched a recent news item by CBC Canada on the upcoming retirement tsunami of the Baby Boomer Generation (1946-1964). May or may not be good news for generations X and Y.
The experts referenced noted that many companies are replacing full-time positions vacated by Boomers with temporary positions or contract jobs. Apparently, many employers are also eliminating these vacated jobs.
We have been discussing this issue for the last 1-2 decades and perhaps this issue is not a real issue. Is the retirement of the Baby Boomers a real issue and are companies or subsequent generations really concerned? If the retirement tsunami actually occurs, what should companies do if and when the recruitment of skilled talent becomes significantly more competitive? And what happens when unskilled people cannot get these jobs.

Retirement of Baby Boomers
Keith Brown, Member
As a baby boomer I think the biggest challenges are around knowledge transfer and the increasing use of robotics. Many jobs will be replaced by automated systems, and jobs will be created in technical fields that we currently cannot conceive.
What will the world of work look like for millennials in 10/20 years time? What skills will be needed?

Millennials - Generation Z
David Wilson, Premium Member
Hi Keith, I agree that companies need to ensure knowledge is transferred from boomers to subsequent generations. The question is how do we ensure knowledge is transferred by boomers to Generation Z.
I remember at their age, I was less than impressed with the older generation, until I met a consultant who showed me that if I learned from my elders, I would be able to provide better services to my clients. The consultant also told that I needed to listen to learn.

Young People Should Listen to Experienced Colleagues
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
To me that consultant seems to be a wise person David 😉
I ask students and fresh graduates: What do you prefer: Spend 5 years to explore this issue yourself from scratch or listen actively to my experiences and advice for 10 minutes and see if perhaps there could be a possibility for you to accelerate your career by 5 years? This works well for both analytical and ambitious youngsters….


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