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Nityananda Chatterjee
I have been directed to set up a HR system in my company. Recently the management of the company has been switched over to a foreign owner. I am facing tremendous problems to change the existing work culture to give a proper shape to the organization. I regret to say most of the staff members do not realize the importance of an HR Department. Therefore, it is difficult day after day to run the organization. Actually most of the staff are nurtured in family businesses. They think that if their boss is pleased that is enough. Under these circumstance I ask for a suitable advice to give a proper shape to the HR department. (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Vivek Joshi

Organization Design

My experience is that in such cases a top-down as well as bottom-up approach is needed. For top-down, communication, setting of measurable objectives and an effective Performance Management System is needed. For bottom-up, external training, communication and reward system to be put in place.
Cultures change slowly, more so in social settings which are 'traditional", so you will need to give time to your people.

  Jack Van Den Heerik, Project Manager, Belgium

HR Involvement

I would like to suggest that there are two element (...)

  Schircks, Arnulf, Dr. , Business Consultant, Switzerland

Introduction of HR System

Two points are relevant using a professional proje (...)

  Nokwazi Shongwe

Introduction of HR Systems: Five Stages of Grief

It is quite challenging to move people from their (...)

  Susan Germein

Introducing an HR System in a Family Business

I agree with @ to an extent. I recently worked wit (...)

  Benjamine VO VINH - MARECHAL, Entrepreneur, France

HR Mission

The key point about HR dpt mission is helping comp (...)

  Md. Shahriar Hussain, Management Consultancy, Bangladesh

Ensure Support of Owner

I realize your problem. Such situations are seen i (...)

  Joseph Philip

Introducing a HR System: Identify the Top Issues

The first step is to identify the top issues (the (...)

  Rafael Acosta, Coach, United States

Introduction of an HR System in Family Business

Nityananda, as I read your request, I am not sure (...)

  Isabelle Virassamy, Mauritius

Introduction of an HR System in Family Business

I am of the view of @, you need to drive your peop (...)

  Victor Aguilan, Professor, Philippines

Start with Discussing the Purpose of the HR System

HR system is often viewed as a tool of management (...)

  Kevin M. Adolfo, Management Consultant, Philippines

HRM as a Strategic Partner and Catalyst of Positive Change

Gone are the days when Human Resource Management w (...)

  David Wilson, Manager, Canada

Keep it Simple and Walk the Talk!

I agree with @Kevin Adolfo that the HR department (...)

  Parakrama Girihagama, Turnaround Manager, Sri Lanka

Introduction of HR System

In this process, my opinion that the process has 2 (...)

  K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India

Shaping the HR.Department in a Family Business

@Nitynanda Chaterjee: if I were to be in your posi (...)

  David Wilson, Manager, Canada

Link the HR Roles to the Business Strategies, Goals and Objectives

Hi Nityananda: You need to ensure the HR Departmen (...)

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