Differences of Human Resource Practices in Small and Large Organizations

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Differences of Human Resource Practices in Small and Large Organizations
A.C. JOEFABI, Student (University), Sri Lanka, Member
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  Difference HR in Large and Small Firms
David Guild, Consultant, Australia, Member
  HR basically stays the same in any size organization. But in small firms you do have a chance of being much more up close and personal, whereas in a large firm you do not have that chance, no matter how hard you try, you can not get to know 1,000+ staff.
Therefore being so informed in a small firm you should be able to be more proactive because of your closeness to the front line work place.

  Difference Between HR Practises in Large and Small Organisations
WALTER MAGWENZI, HR Consultant, Zimbabwe, Member
  There are actually no differences between the two as HR practises will be same. You will find the same grievances.
However, there will be differences in volumes and levels.

  HR Practices in Large and Small Firms
Krishna, Director, India, Member
  Although the basics of HR are the same, The difference comes in terms of the magnitude of issues that are faced. The span of control and the level of operations of the company would matter a lot. HR practices will be fine tuned according to this factor.
And not only the size of (operations of) an organization, HR practices also vary greatly with the nature of the industry they apply to.
I take an example, while a small organization in its industry would worry a great deal on employee attrition rate, a larger organization would accept that as part of the game and formulate strategies in the base model itself. On the other hand a large manufacturing organization will have policies that prevent (contract) workers to be working continuously for more than, say, 6 months, keeping law of the land in mind.
In a nutshell: HR practices definitely vary greatly on the size of business and on the nature of the business.
More thoughts are invited.

  Differences in Human Resources Practices in Large and Small Firms
Ashish Verma, HR Consultant, India, Member

  Difference in HR Practices in Large and Small Firms
Alex Odul Ochol, Manager, Uganda, Member

  Difference HR in Small and Large Organization
Dr Azman CheOmar, Professor, Malaysia, Member

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Yeshwant Moodliar, Consultant, India, Member

  Differences of HR Practices in Large and Small Firms
Sakala Abraham, Student (Other), Zambia, Member

  Differences of HR in Large and Small Organisations
Diganta Bora, HR Consultant, India, Member

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Yeshwant Moodliar, Consultant, India, Member

  Not All HR Functions Would Be Used, Others would be Different
Aladdien Mohamed, Manager, Saudi Arabia, Member

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Yeshwant Moodliar, Consultant, India, Member

  Comparision of HR Practices in Small and Large Firms
Shruti Misra, Coach, India, Member

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Kevin M. Adolfo, Management Consultant, Philippines, Member

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qamar hussain, Entrepreneur, Pakistan, Member

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seechurn, HR Consultant, Mauritius, Member

  Large versus Small HR Organizations
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, Premium Member

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