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Which Background is Preferable for a Manager?
Maryam Bidmeshgipour, Student (Other), Malaysia, Member
Selecting candidates for a job is never easy. Certainly when we're talking about managers, considering they are going to play an important role in your organization...
What is the optimal manager profile...Which one do you prefer to hire for your projects?
1. A manager with a technical background (with engineering university degree), or
2. A manager with a management background (who has studied management)?
I'm more toward the administrative managers because they can lead better and assign every one to accomplish the job....Sign up

Manager Background Depends on Industry and Company
Elain Lin, HR Consultant, China, Member
It depends on different industries and companies. In my company, the manager with a technical background is preferred. He can lead and manage t...Sign up

Managing Systems or People?
Jeannine Stoute, Accountant, United States, Member
If the concentration is managing people, I am in favor of the management background. The organization can fill the technical gaps with technica...Sign up

Background Discipline for a Manager
D P BABU, Strategy Consultant, India, Member
As practitioner of the management discipline one must be equipped with the basic potential to deal with people, policies and systems. For the above, h...Sign up

Manager Must Have Knowledge of INDUSTRY
IRFAN AHMED, Student (MBA), Pakistan, Member
I think along with the management skills, a manager must also have some basic knowledge about the industry in which he/she is working. Because ...Sign up

Consider the Team as a Whole
Beddoe, Manager, United Kingdom, Member
I would suggest that this is solely down to the structure and skills already in the business.
If the team that the manager has is technically ski...Sign up

Getting the Best our of Employees
Syed Fahad Sami, Project Manager, Pakistan, Member
A management person acquires and learns the skills to deal effectively and efficiently with human resources during his study.
As a result, he wi...Sign up

Lower Managers and Higher Managers
Though most of time we feel comfortable to have certain technical expertise to take a manager role, actually in reality people management a management...Sign up

Background of Manager
Nasir Cader, Student (Other), Member
Usually a manager should be at the top and a technician on the tap....Sign up

Prefered Manager Background Depends on Type of Management
A.J. Heideman, Management Consultant, Netherlands, Member
The first thing a project-manager should have is experience in project management.
A line manager should ha...Sign up

SKILLS, Attitude and Openness More Useful Than Background
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
He should possess a minimum level of both technical and managerial skills.
Besides those 2 things, his communication, ...Sign up

Required Background and Skils for Managers
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
I agree with Jagadish. There is no hard and fast rule. A manager's role and besired background depend upon the nature of project and the compositio...Sign up

Optimal Manager Background is Both, but this comes at a Cost...
Theodore, Production, Hong Kong, Member
I prefer to hire those who have both a technical background and management background. But of course on the practical side, this kind of employee norm...Sign up

Managers are not Required to Be Subject Experts
Bhanwar Singh, Business Consultant, India, Member
People with a technical background are considered to be individualistic, weak in delegation, self obsessed. These things are harmful for a managerial ...Sign up

Preferable Background for a Manager
OSHUN, GRACE OKAIMA , Lecturer, Nigeria, Member
Ideally, a manager should be trained in the art of managing resources - human and non-human. Therefore a degree in management studies or an MBA...Sign up

Preferred Background for a Manager
M.R. Bos, Manager, Netherlands, Member
In my opinion he/she must be an innovator, interested in people, be an inspirator for others, with a multi-discipline MBA education, a steady career l...Sign up

Manager Background Requirements
Pedro Guedes Carvalho, Professor, Portugal, Member
I agree that being interested in humans, assertivity and ethics are the basis to lead efficiently people.
But it depends on the field. Technical ...Sign up

Ideal Profile of Manager Depends on Industry Sector
Abdulrahaman Nashiru, Accountant, Nigeria, Member
@Elain Lin : I agree that the industry determines the preferred type of manager.
In an engineering industry, ...Sign up

Background for Managing Director
Javier Elenes, Business Consultant, Mexico, Member
As a retired managing director, I hired someone as my successor with both a sound technical base in my industry (university studies in my industry) an...Sign up

Manager Preferable Background: LEADERSHIP Skills
Andrew Cole, Manager, United States, Member
The question and most of the responses miss an important aspect. Managers from either backgrounds can learn the tactical skills and tools they need. <...Sign up

A Lot of Virtues...
VENKATESWARAN, Teacher, India, Member
After reading all the comments of the contributors, one wonders whether all the cumulative virtues described above by various people could be possible...Sign up

Situation-based Leaders
Avijit Chobey, Manager, India, Member
In projects the leaders are situation-based and are temporary. After the goal of projects is accomplished, the leaders need turn into managers to sust...Sign up

Most Important for a Manager: LEARNING ATTITUDE
Shailesh, Teacher, India, Member
As rightly pointed out by some of them, it depends on the on the stage of life cycle of the industry and the organization. According to me the most im...Sign up

Preferable Background for a Manager
Kwaku Awuku, Manager, Ghana, Member
Generally, I think you should hire someone for capability, skills, values and behavior.
However the level of the job is an important fact...Sign up

Leadership Qualities
Shruti Misra, Coach, India, Member
@Andrew Cole : I agree it does not really matter which background one is from unless he/she possess the ability ...Sign up

Hiring Professionals for Projects
M V Ananthakrishnan, Consultant, India, Member
Technical qualifications relevant to the project profile is the PRIMARY requirement. Further, I feel from my experience that the person acquires manag...Sign up

Effective Management Skills are Essential
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Though to a limited extent the environment decides whether technical skills supersede or follow management skills, but fundamentally management ski...Sign up

Which Background is Preferable for a Manager
Stephen Haris, Business Consultant, Member
I have seen either work very well and either fail quite spectacularly.
It really depends on what you would like the manager to bring to the orga...Sign up

Management versus Leadership versus Technician
Radcliff A Owen, Manager, Australia, Member
The business operating environment should determine the person required.
In calm and steady tim...Sign up

Background and Skills of a Manager Depends on ORGANIZATION TYPE and LEVEL IN HIERARCHY
Satya Narayan, Strategy Consultant, India, Member
Typically management functions are planning, organizing, directing/influencing (to get work done efficientl...Sign up

No Subject Specialists for Managerial Positions
Wulf-Dieter Krueger, Teacher, Thailand, Member
@Bhanwar Singh: a good manager needs a good broad general educational background that enables him/her to understand...Sign up

Who is the Best Manager
kayode shoyemi, Consultant, Nigeria, Member
In my opinion, depending on the kind of organisation, I believe a manager should have good knowledge of the company's product (which is technical) and...Sign up

Background of Manager in New Era
J A Hegarty, Business School Marketer, Ireland, Member
Management must be based on principles of openness - collaboration, transparency, sharing, and empowerment. It requires integrity, ethics, understandi...Sign up

Background Skill for Manager
Sunita, Manager, India, Member
As an individual grows in his career, he has to only have an overview of technical skills and management skills become more important.
These sk...Sign up

An Understanding of Both is Needed
dolly Nkabinde
I think a manager should have a strong management background and a business degree.
She should be wiling to learn and understand the technical a...Sign up

A Manager with Common Sense is Enough for any Industry
shaikh moheen, Professor, India, Member
Education doesn't matter, what matters is what a manager has experienced.
A manager who has sound knowledge of utilisation of "common sense"Sign up

A Good Manager Must Be a People Manager with Good Leadership Skills
michel wils, Business Consultant, Belgium, Member
@D P Babu: I agree with you that a manager with very good technical and academic background can still not be a good...Sign up

Manager's LEVEL is Important to Determine the Appropriate Background
Hafez Abroomandi, Student (MBA), Iran, Member
@Satya Narayan : I agree it depends upon his/her level.
If we need him/her on practical level, I will select w...Sign up

Skills Managers Should Possess
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines, Member
Management decision skills, founded on good education and training, coupled with strong moral values are what a manager should possess in running an e...Sign up

No Managing Without Knowledge
R.F.E. Peters, Student (Other), Netherlands, Member
A manager needs to know about what he is managing. For example: a manager can successfully do what he is good at for managing things in a bakery, but ...Sign up

Technical or Management Background
Faten Trimech, Accountant, Member
For hiring a manager we should focus our attention on the skills in communication, the capacity to lead pepole, and his ability to manage stress....Sign up

Knowledge of the Industry
Locke, Teacher, New Zealand, Member
@IRFAN AHMED : I agree with your view that a knowledge of the industry or practice is essential in order to manage ...Sign up

There is no Technical Management
Dorota Powtak, Business Consultant, Poland, Member
Technical education disturbs in building macro strategy and managers with technical background concentrate on too much details. They have a great know...Sign up

Background is Irrelevant
Ravi Shankar, Manager, India, Member
I think background does not play a major role. "managing" is a trait which can be developed and polished by anyone irrespective of their background....Sign up

Which Background is Preferable for a Manager?
sirelkhatim ibrahim nugud, Coach, Sudan, Member
The manager should not necessarily be knowledgeable of all functions and technical issues.
Instead he should know how to sometimes delegate, some...Sign up

Background for Manager in New Era
J A Hegarty, Business School Marketer, Ireland, Member
@Shaikh Moheen: of course education matters if only to dismiss the notion of "common sense". This is a very scarce ...Sign up

A Managers Background
ian cockerham
Your past is less important than where you're going! Still, I believe a manager needs more than a little knowledge of what is being managed. But do yo...Sign up

Sometimes a Technical Background is Required...
Cesar Babino, Manager, Argentina, Member
You can't always develop a manager with a training in technical aspects, because some of them belong to the career. This happens for example in the fo...Sign up

Human Resource Management
Przemek Wysocki, Project Manager, Poland, Member
All the same. The point is if someone has a predisposition to Human Resource Management. But project management is 75% communication and people manage...Sign up

Manager Background Requisites
Darryl Lynn Jones
The optimal manager has technical competency with an attitude that is conducive to chameleon-like cognition with productive action. As well, situation...Sign up

Which Background is Better for Manager?
Ehsan Ramezanpour, Student (University), Iran, Member
I think the most important item beyond technical issues which are different from company to company, for a manager is his or her ability to make relat...Sign up

What Background is Preferable for a Manager?
nabeel faraz, Student (MBA), India, Member
I think the job or the domain decides what should be the background of a manager. On the other hand a manger for whichever domain, should be pragmatic...Sign up

Managers Background
Jorge Garrido, Director, Mexico, Member
@Elain lin: Managers backround:
1. Needs experience leading people, a manger needs to be a leader (good leader...Sign up

Leaders - not Managers!
Dennis Falk Jakobsen, Member
Great question! You want leaders - people who have the potential to become great trainers of their people, who can delegate and not micromanage, who h...Sign up

Combine Technical with Managerial Acumen
Richard Ahumibe, Student (University), United Kingdom, Member
When it comes to level of importance between "technical" and "managerial" backgrounds, it is rather a case of "both of" than "either or".
Irresp...Sign up

Management Background
Ravi Chandran, Director, United Arab Emirates, Member
I fully agree, leadership skills are learnt over the years with experience, whereas technical skills can be trained more easily.
So I would go w...Sign up

Correlation Study Needed on Prefered Management Background
Rudy Ric Trabel, HR Consultant, Philippines, Member
A study could be conducted intending to correlate variables such as indicators of success versus factors such as managers with technical background al...Sign up

Management Skills Education Experience
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
This is an interesting discussion with much to consider with respect to the responses. For my communications business plan that I've written (graphic,...Sign up

Manager Qualifications
Clarise Morris, HR Consultant, United Arab Emirates, Member
From where I see it, it is necessary that a manager has a working knowledge of all areas that he oversees however, it is not necessary that a m...Sign up

Managerial Acumen
DR.VIVEK DIWADKAR., Business Consultant, India, Member
Today global business scenario demands managers with good technical qualifications and management skills being studied / by experience... Plus an atti...Sign up

Prerequisites for Managers Depends on What you Manage
Managers can manage people, project or a product.
The required amount of technical knowledge will be bigger if one has to manage a...Sign up

Depends on the Role That the Manager is Supposed to Play
Michael Chin, Business Consultant, Singapore, Member
There are multiple levels of the organisation for a manager. At the highest level, leadership is important. The ability to manage details is important...Sign up

Preferable Selection Measures
Feraidoon Bakhtiari, CxO / Board, Iran, Member
Promotion from within the company should be a basic policy of the company to promote its human resources. Where there are interested qualified ...Sign up

It is All About Team Integration
maen alhusseini, Manager, Syria, Member
Leadership skills are required wherever you go along the hierarchy.
However, the right level of mastery varies according to the project scope of...Sign up

Re: Which Background is Preferable for a Manager
Richard Ahumibe, Student (University), United Kingdom, Member
Prevalence of misleading human resources (HR) management paradigms is the commonest underlying cause of business failures in contemporary times next t...Sign up

Leadership more important than Skills
Dr Vasundhara Padmanabhan, Manager, India, Member
According to me, in educational institutions academic leadership is more important than the managerial skills, which one acquires anyhow with e...Sign up

Preferable Background for a New Manager
adeboye,clement, Manager, Nigeria, Member
A manager should have a minimum relevant experience and a track record of achieved results.
The employer should be able to identif...Sign up

Which Background is Preferable for a Manager?
Vusal Aliyev
When I studied economics at university, my teacher on technology sciences used to say "Technologists may survive with 30% knowledge on economics, but ...Sign up

Even if You Have Both: Technical and Administrative...
Osama Kamal, Management Consultant, Egypt, Member
@Andrew Cole : I agree that although it seems the best situation to have both skills, technical and managerial, it ...Sign up

Need Proper Mix with Positive Vision Towards All Stake Holders
Dr. Vishal Dilip Chavan, Professor, India, Member
As far as my industry experience and teaching experience, I must say any manager needs a proper mix of both. Any house wife knowing good cooking (tech...Sign up

Consider the Level of the Manager
Luis, Manager, China, Member
In an organization hierarchy, normally lower level managers are required to have industry background and knowledge, while senior managers should focus...Sign up

The Best Management Type? The Teamplayer
Gerald Jett, United States, Member
I feel the best managers are those that are willing to help to get the job done, no matter what it takes. Although it is nice to have a manager with t...Sign up

Scoring and Comparing
Juan Perez Eras, Accountant, Mexico, Member
A solution could be to score management and technical skills (from 1 to 5). Then you compare the candidate's scores and the company's expectations. Th...Sign up

Selecting Managers to Be in the Firm
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines, Member
@Ravi Shankar: there is only some truth to your statement but what if you need a very long time to develop one with...Sign up

Good Management Skills are Rare
Olsson, Sweden, Member
Both skills can be taught to a certain level and the level of knowledge and mix depends on the wanted output.
However my experience tells me that...Sign up

Managerial Competence Plus Technical Background for the Industry at Hand
Srikumar Varma, India, Member
The world of business today is undergoing fast changes in all dimensions and it is imperative for managers to be a specialist in the area related to t...Sign up

Complete Background of a Project Manager
Tesfu, Other, Member
I agree that selecting the right person for any senior position is not an easy task.
For a project manager (PM) critical success factors are, amo...Sign up

Systemic Interdisciplinary Background with Relational Profile
Wolf, Project Manager, Germany, Member
In order to facilitate teamwork and empower staff I would prefer a relational leader. These are seldom found in engineering. But also not often in man...Sign up

Effective Manager Includes Fixed and Flexible Traits
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
@Tesfu: this is a very comprehensive listing that could apply to all sectors......Sign up

Why Reduce Complexity?
Ulrich Schweiker, Director, Germany, Member
It is easy to agree on most comments here, since they all try to capture aspects of complexity.
Whatever aspect you mention, there are plenty exa...Sign up

No More Managers, There are Already Leaders in the Organisation
J A Hegarty, Business School Marketer, Ireland, Member
@D P Babu: every employee has the potential to become the manager. If "empowerment" is carried to its logical concl...Sign up

Align Leadership Practices with Management Disciplines
Bill Boynton, Teacher, United States, Member
Wow, this topic sure got a lot of comments.
My experience has been as a general rule that organizations cannot survive by trying to use technical...Sign up

Focusing on the Discussion
Juan Perez Eras, Accountant, Mexico, Member
@Bill Boynton: the issue established by Maryam is to select a manager between two extremes: a fully management-orie...Sign up

Good Resume in Management and Having Knowledge of Industry
HABIB MOSTAFIZI, HR Consultant, Iran, Member
Management is art and science. So, studying management is not enough for being a good manager and leading some people.
On the other hand, having...Sign up

The Selection of Managers
ian cockerham
I am coming round to the view that what an engineer, teacher, bus driver, nurse, etc needs on first promotion into management, is good management trai...Sign up

Which Hand Would you like to Have: Left or Right?
Sudheendra, Consultant, India, Member
It is like asking which hand (or eye) is preferred: left or right? There are no choices here as both are needed for effective functioning. Both techni...Sign up

Which Wheel on the Car is the More Important
J A Hegarty, Business School Marketer, Ireland, Member
@Sudheendra: indeed I often ask my students which wheel on a car is the most important? Each is as necessary as the...Sign up

Technical Knowledge or Managerial Skills
VENKATESWARAN, Teacher, India, Member
@Dr Vasundhara Padmanabhan : why do you exclude and differentiate academic leadership from managerial skills?
...Sign up

One Who Can Learn the Missing Aspects
Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India, Premium Member
Business needs vary from case to case. Both technical as well as administrative knowledge are essential for managers.
What is required is a qu...Sign up

It Depends on the Department
ichsan widyantoro, Student (University), Indonesia, Member
In my opinion, it depends on the department that he leads. I think a manager with a technical background is recommended if we are dealing with an oper...Sign up

Management Leadership and Technical Ability
ian cockerham
@ichsan widyantoro: watching small children, it is clear that some are leaders, some are managers, some are both an...Sign up

Management is in Between Managers and Leaders
FAYEZ, Management Consultant, Saudi Arabia, Member
Managers are preferred when they understand the company/owners vision and mission and have the ability to successfully translate the company objective...Sign up

Which Background is Suitable for a Manager?
Yeshwant Moodliar, Consultant, India, Member
The first consideration should be what is the company's profile and in which industry they are operating?
If this company is predominently engage...Sign up

Experience and Emotional Intelligence
I agree that knowledge of the industry is often important.
But much also depends on the industry and the level the manager is at (low - middle o...Sign up

Vision and Mission Critical to Success of Business Endeavor
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
@Fayez: I believe you "hit the nail on the head" as the saying goes lol... Although everyone's comments, observatio...Sign up

The Optimal Background for a Manager depends on the Management Level
Jesper Jensen, Student (MBA), United States, Member
To choose between a future manager with either a technical or management training background you first have to understand the level of managementSign up

Soft and Hard Management Background
Thabo Motsoasele, Project Manager, South Africa, Member
A balance of soft and hard skills is preferable, taking into account the role the individual is employed for. But both the technical and the manageria...Sign up

Coaching New Managers
Juan Perez Eras, Accountant, Mexico, Member
Another solution to solve Maryam's dichotomy is to use coaching, selecting a person amongst some engineers inside the company that have technical and ...Sign up

Hiring New Managers-main Skills?
Bruno Van Immerseel, Manager, Netherlands, Member
The choice of manager is depending on what you want to achieve. All depends on the position and what you expect from the manager to be accomplished. O...Sign up

Subject: Hiring New Managers Traits & Capabilities
J A Hegarty, Business School Marketer, Ireland, Member
Companies often find integrating social responsibility initiatives like integrity, ethics, responsibility, initiative, into their hiring plans can hel...Sign up

Knowledge is a Key Skill for a Manager!
J A Hegarty, Business School Marketer, Ireland, Member
Most of this discussion is concerned with knowledge. When many companies must innovate or die, their ability to learn, adapt, and change becomes a cor...Sign up

A Manager Must Be Broad
Robert Nyarko, Strategy Consultant, Ghana, Member
To be a good manager, one should acquire skills and know-how from different disciplines during his working career to enable him be on top of issues in...Sign up

Interdisciplinary and Relational Approach to Management
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
@Wolf: Hello - I really applaud your suggestions - relational is key - developing strong relationships are key. Tha...Sign up

Promotions are Rarely Planned and Executed
Feraidoon Bakhtiari, CxO / Board, Iran, Member
You may know where you are standing and heading, but most employees do not not where they are now and what their next positions might be.
Promot...Sign up

Managers with Technical Background Require More People Skills
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines, Member
@Elain Lin: I agree with what you said. Management is about a relationship with people that are working on tasks. P...Sign up

It Depends on the Requirements of a Company
siddheshwar vitthal lingdale, Student (MBA), India, Member
Yes, it's dependent on the requirements of an organization. If it's a manufacturing company it probably requires a person who has a technical backgrou...Sign up

It Depends on the Nature of the Company
Kidist Yami, Accountant, Ethiopia, Member
I share the idea of @Elain Lin and @A.J. Heideman. It depends on the industry or...Sign up

Round Peg in Round Hole
OSHUN, GRACE OKAIMA , Lecturer, Nigeria, Member
Would anyone consider employing a butcher to perform the duties of a surgeon? A person with a management background will definitely perform the job fo...Sign up

A Manager should be both an Artist and a Scientist
Leodegardo M. Pruna, Professor, Philippines, Member
The first thing that a manager should do is to relate with people and doing this is an "ART".
Thereafter, he applies his technical background or ...Sign up

No Doubt Management is a Social Science Having Linkages with Other Sciences
D P BABU, Strategy Consultant, India, Member
Of course, management should be regarded as a social science displine. However one should know that management originates from a purpose embodying fra...Sign up

Knowledge, Combined with Experience
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
I would prefer to select a manager who is knowledgeable about the industry, and who has the good judgement to make solid decisions. They should have e...Sign up

Managers must be Sensible to their Environment
D P BABU, Strategy Consultant, India, Member
Managers must be Sensible to their Environment. This sensibility enables them to learn from experiences which can improve their knowledge level in the...Sign up

Both Backgrounds are Useful. The Best Mix Depends on the Job and Situation
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
As the participants shared, both capabilities are necessary.
Each management position requires some degree of technical knowledge. It does not me...Sign up

Technical versus Managerial Background
Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand, Member
Why just two choices? Surely there is a different answer case by case. Although there must be many cases where both areas of capability are needed. In...Sign up

A Manager Should be Multi-Tasking
OSHUN, GRACE OKAIMA , Lecturer, Nigeria, Member
Every manager should be multi-tasking, so it should not be a matter of this or that. In an engineering firm, a manager with an engineering background ...Sign up

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