Old Myths about HR?

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Old Myths about HR?
Changpyo Hong, HR 컨설턴트, Australia

Rencently, I've known about the old myths of HR. In the six myths such as 1.People go into HR because they like people, 2. Anyone can do HR, 3. HR deals with the soft side of business and is therefore not accountable, 4. HR focuses on costs, which cannot be controlled, 5. HR’s job is to be the policy police and the health-and-happiness patrol, 6. HR is full of fads, the sixth old myth that I really confuse me. I just know it that seems like HR is as some temporary fasshion in a organisation, but I do not know what it means exactly. Are there any relevent journal articles, theories, or cases to it? Please, anyone inform me...

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Park, HR 컨설턴트, Korea (South)
Well, the 6 myths you've mentioned above actually are 8. Here's the link to the reference that you might want to see. www.stephanehaefliger.com/campus/biblio/017/17_84.pdf You can look upon D.Ulrich's Human Resource Champions, for more info.



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