Line Managers Knowledge in HR

Human Resources Management

Isaac Antwi
Manager, Ghana

Line Managers Knowledge in HR

(Why) Should all line managers have basic knowledge in HR?

  Emmanuel Guobadia
HR Consultant, Nigeria

Line Managers Knowledge in HR

Line managers are supervisors having subordinates, this implies the management of people. It is therefore imperative that line managers have a basic understanding of how to deal with his/her subordinates in terms of target setting, performance management, motivation, putting the right pegs in the right roles, and an element of emotional intelligence in managing these subordinates. Thus, the need for basic knowledge of HR.

Student (MBA), India

Employees are Biggest Resource

HR management is the process which deals with humans and treating them as one of the biggest resource for an organization to function in a smoother way. Hence it is not a bad idea to have the knowledge to understand the use of the major chunk of the available resources.
Moreover, knowledge of HR will enable line managers to analyze the potential of the employee, his/her training needs and eventually help the line manager to extract the best of the employee.

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Fair Treatment of Employees

Line managers should be accountable for how their employees are being treated by the organization. By understanding HR, they can ensure that their employees are being fairly treated. The line manager ...

  Binayak Shankar
Student (University), India

Resolve Industrial Peace

Line managers are the representatives of the organization for workers. They are the person who's behavior is treated as employer's attitude. Thus line manager's must have HR skills to resolve industri...

Manager, India

Essential HR Knowledge for Line Manager

We all know that the work of a line manager is concerned with worker's labor attitude, motivation about work, perception about the firm, working environment, culture, benefits, compensation package, h...

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

What If it Was Considered as Management Knowledge?

Perhaps this will be controversial. But, what if HR knowledge was really management knowledge? In this case, the line manager would be expected to have and use the knowledge. Is this any different tha...

  Maryam Bidmeshgipour
Student (Other), Malaysia

Manager's Knowledge

Do you think a manager needs to have management knowledge or technical knowledge (engineering) to handle projects in the best way?...

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Smart Manager's Knowledge

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things" (Peter Drucker). I believe a manager should be both a manager and a leader. However, the manager/leader needs technical and proj...

  Maryam Bidmeshgipour
Student (Other), Malaysia

Manager's Knowledge

So I think David, you are more toward a manager with MBA degree rather that an engineer manager. Am I right?...

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Manager's Knowledge

It would depend upon the project, the organization, the leader and the people working on the project. There is no right answer and no wrong answer. If I was building a dam I would probably go with an...

HR Consultant, India

Handle Employee Problems

I think all line managers should know the basics of HR; if they don't then they can seek help from colleagues from the HR department to handle employee problems, grievances and issues well and quickly...

Professor, Nepal

Being Strategic Partner and Follower

A line manager is very much responsible to implement the strategies within their departments as the follower of the organizational policy so, identifing the problems of the HR under his command and re...

  Ashish Shenoy
Partner, India

Balance Business Goals with People

A line manager is expected to possess the level of understanding business/organizational goals and pursue his actions in link with the same. At the same time he/she should be balance minded to take co...

Strategy Consultant, India

Lines Managers to Be Conversant with HR Knowledge

Line managers carrying out business-oriented functions need to deal with the human workforce to get resourceful services from them. The human workforce feels and reacts to all types of managerial acti...

HR Consultant, Zimbabwe

HR is Every Manager's Job

I believe that the value of HR managers in a company is measured by the extent to which they make themselves redundant. There are two sides to this; - On one hand we can only be satisfied about how ...

  Saranya, India

Every one should have basic HR knowledge

Every individual who is heading another group of employees should have basic HR knowledge. Not just leaders. Also every individual who works in a team. Todays work is so much interdependent. In order ...

  Barata Pitso
South Africa

Line Managers are Responsible for Managing Human Capital

The line managers are directly involved with the human capital of the organisation and that makes them full time HR managers. The internal HR division provides the necessary platforms and support to ...

  J Jayanthi Prasanna
Student (MBA), India

A Manager's Job

An organization solely depends on human resources for its survival. It is the job of every manager to bring forth the best out of each and every member under his supervision. A team with a positive at...

  Vinay Gunputh, Mauritius

Why Line Managers Should Have a Knowledge of HR

Line managers are very often people having worked in a company for years so we promote them according to their technical skills. But we forget the aspect of people management which is new to him. I th...


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