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Philbert Kajeli James, Human Resource Manager, Tanzania
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  Ruben A. Villanueva

Is HRM an Art or a Science?

Human resources management for me is both science and art. Designing strategies to manage organizational behavior demands enormous effort of creativity but it has to be anchored on time-tested management principles already defined by masters and management gurus in our time.

  vanessa sesi, Cote Divoire (Ivory Coast)

HRM as an Art or Science

There are as many approaches to the topic of management as there are writers and to me HRM is an art or science depending on your background. Personally I see HRM as providing the right atmosphere for your employees to give their best in achieving the objectives of the organisation. It becomes a science when you bring in the idea of experiments and its an art when you do something to arrive at a particular destination. So in other words: HRM is what it is from how you see it.

  D P BABU, Strategy Consultant, India

HRM an Art or a Science?

Human resouceses - people - encompass unique featu (...)

  Jagdish B Acharya, Consultant, India

Depends on Number of People Involved

When HRM has to handle a situation involving a gro (...)

  Dapo Akinloye, Student (MBA), Nigeria

HRM an Art or Science?

HRM in practice is an art. It is technical in appr (...)

  saikrishna, Student (MBA), India

HRM is an Art or a Science

As far as I'm concerned HRM is an art of science.. (...)

  Ghulam Muhammad, HR Consultant, Pakistan

Human Resource is Science and also Arts.

For me HR is a science when we formulate strategy (...)

  Madaiah, Management Consultant, India

HRM is an Art or a Science

HRM is a subject of concern with humans and their (...)

  Denba, HR Consultant, Kenya

Is HRM an Art or a Science?

I think, before this question is answered we must (...)

  Binayak Shankar, Student (University), India

Is HRM Science or Art?

HRM is both science and art. As a science it is an (...)

  Jan-Tore Clausen, Management Consultant, Norway

Individual DIfferences

I see results in different areas and HRM is both s (...)

  Brereton Mitambo

Is HRM a Science or Art

I believe that Human Resource Management is a scie (...)

  FASESIN David, Manager, Nigeria

Is HRM Science or Art?

HRM is a science and an art as a discipline. It's (...)

  Tiku Godwin Bissong

Human Relation Management is a Social Science

Human relation management is a science, because it (...)

  Dattatreya, HR Consultant, India

HTM used to be an Art

I was assigned to measure the of HR personnel - a (...)

  D P BABU, Strategy Consultant, India

To Consider HRM as Art One Should Play the Role of Artist, Isn't So?

Systems are created by people who were systematic (...)

  rene sirois, HR Consultant, Canada

Human Resource Science or Art

There is a paradox between science and art. Most c (...)

  rene sirois, HR Consultant, Canada

Human Resource: Art or Science?

HR is based on social sciences and becomes art by (...)

  Farhan Abdul Rehman, Student (MBA), Pakistan

HR is a Combination of Both

Its theory gives an impression of arts but while i (...)

  Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan


HRM is an artistic science, and a scientific art: (...)

  Ulrich Schweiker, Director, Germany

Art and Science - Opposite Poles of One Dimension? Complementary? Or Two Dimensions?

@: well, it is hard to make such a distinction: ju (...)

  Dattatreya, HR Consultant, India

How HR is Both a Science and an Art

- In theory, it is science: What to do with Vision (...)

  Bhide Vishwas, Professor, India

HRM - Art or Science??

ART relates to actual performance; where as SCIENC (...)

  Vinay Gunputh

HRM is BOTH an Art AND a Science

For me HRM is both an ART and a Science: - The ar (...)

  Ulrich Schweiker, Director, Germany

Is HRM a Science or an Art?

Again, this a question typical of our approach to (...)

  Abaane Mohammed Abeo, Student (University), Ghana

Is HRM a Science or an Art?

It is both a science and an art, because it combin (...)

  Fekadu Letike, Student (MBA), Ethiopia


I think similar to Management, HRM is both science (...)

  Sheeba Ghaffar, Student (MBA), Pakistan

HRM both Science and Art

HRM is both Science and Art, because a HR Manager (...)

  D P BABU, Strategy Consultant, India

Is HRM Science or Art?

Human beings engaged in an organization are a stra (...)

  Pedro Danilo Diaz Tueme, HR Consultant, Mexico

HR, Science or Art?

Neither one of them, nor science or art... The ti (...)

  K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India

Is HRM Science or Art?

In HR an "art" component is applied in the form of (...)

  D P BABU, Strategy Consultant, India

Is HRM Art or Science?

HRM requires to respond, interact and direct intel (...)

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