Is the End of the Recession Near?

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Parag Sontakke

Is the End of the Recession Near?

Are we seeing the end of the recession or is the worst yet to be seen? What about credit card crisis?


Recessions Recovery? Nowhere in Sight!

I feel recession is when the economy goes in the Z-axis. If the economists feel that the economy is recovering it still has to come to Zero from the Z-axis.

  Arvind Rathore

End of Recession

I think due to its good economy.... India will overcome this recession crisis..... It will be good for everyone.

  Balachandran Nair
Bank Official, India

Recession Recovery

I think we may have to wait awhile until the checks and balances amongst all international trading partners are put in place. Should come around some time in late 2011.

  Mehdi Zaribaf

Recession End

Where the signs of recession start to show, it will show the end of it too.

  Arnab Paul

Really End of Recession

This is the first step for the end of the recession. Actually economies are rectifing their mistakes, so further problems will not hit any economy as hard.

  Hemant Kumar


Recession is a process where market forces are pre (...)

  Jeswan Singh

Showdown after the Slowdown

When the Economy overheats the natural economic re (...)



I like this Finance and Investing. Methods, Models (...)

  Nitin Joshi

End of the recession

Slow down in the economy is a part of the business (...)

  D Holmes

Does Recession Ever End?

There is always some area of business or society w (...)


End of Recession

I think the end of this recession will be if we tr (...)

  Benard S. Otube

Finance and Investing

I think the recession has nothing to do with inves (...)

  H. S. K. Tangirala

2 More Years

The recession will continue for 2 more years. Onl (...)

  Arthur Emma

Recession is a Lesson

Recession is a common phenomenon. Common sense rev (...)


Hedging Against Uncertainty

The economic and investment sectors should have an (...)

  Rohit kumar

Can we predict the Next Crisis?

for a moment lets forget about finding the solutio (...)


Not a Recession

For India, I think it's a slow down, not a recessi (...)


Who is Paying the Bill?

This recession is based on the difference between (...)

  Adam Sheikh

End of Recession?

It is inappropriate to talk about end of recession (...)

bachelor of seience, Singapore

Overcome the Recession?

The bank should try to reduce the interest rate an (...)

  Majid Abdul Wahab Bawazir
Accountant, United Arab Emirates


Ya surely there are sign's of end of recission, bu (...)

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