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Is the End of the Recession Near?
Parag Sontakke
Are we seeing the end of the recession or is the worst yet to be seen? What about credit card crisis?

Recessions Recovery? Nowhere in Sight!
I feel recession is when the economy goes in the Z-axis. If the economists feel that the economy is recovering it still has to come to Zero from the Z-axis.

End of Recession
Arvind Rathore
I think due to its good economy.... India will overcome this recession crisis..... It will be good for everyone.

Recession Recovery
Balachandran Nair, Bank Official, India, Member
I think we may have to wait awhile until the checks and balances amongst all international trading partners are put in place. Should come around some time in late 2011.

Recession End
Mehdi Zaribaf
Where the signs of recession start to show, it will show the end of it too.

Really End of Recession
Arnab Paul
This is the first step for the end of the recession. Actually economies are rectifing their mistakes, so further problems will not hit any economy as hard.

Hemant Kumar
Recession is a process where market forces are preparing themselves for new challanges. These will soon be overcome because human kind always sorts out problems.

Showdown after the Slowdown
Jeswan Singh
When the Economy overheats the natural economic reaction is a correction commonly referred to as a period of recession. This is unavoidable as what goes up must come down. The challenge is the duration of the slowdown which can be anything between 2 to 3 years.

I like this Finance and Investing. Methods, Models and Theories webpage.

End of the recession
Nitin Joshi
Slow down in the economy is a part of the business lifecycle. The impact has been felt in the country and many sector have been influenced. The employability rate has gone down , but the best part is that we have become more realistic. I think now the offers being made in the industry are based on the merit and not with the objective of fillling the requirement. Every coin has two sides and so is the impact in the economy as well as correction in the markets but bring the things on the track. We are all positive about the growth is a matter of some time and adoptation of right process which will reduce the factor of ASSUMPTION but will build the models on the probabilities.

Does Recession Ever End?
D Holmes
There is always some area of business or society which is in recession, and other areas which are experiencing growth. The real problem when trying to read the signs is that attention is focused on the areas which have caused the recession, rather than those which will (eventually) correct the balance. Providing aid to those industries which have failed their markets, only leads to reliance on aid. Don't be fooled by the appearance of growth which is at the expense of those who could really recover the economies of the world.

End of Recession
I think the end of this recession will be if we try to change our approach in financing real state by studying the islamic mode of financing.

Finance and Investing
Benard S. Otube
I think the recession has nothing to do with investing. Instead it's all about misinvesting. When resources are correctly appropriated, then there will be no time when there will be a recession. As for us in Africa, the recession is just begining to bite. However; we have always made it and I'm sure we'll survive this one too.

2 More Years
H. S. K. Tangirala
The recession will continue for 2 more years. Only fundamentally strong companies will fare well during this period. Others have to face the music.

Recession is a Lesson
Arthur Emma
Recession is a common phenomenon. Common sense reveals that a continuous build up of assets without a corresponding back up (insurance) is actually exposing the asset to danger of loss when there is an incident. It is a great lesson to learn on how to back up whatever we are doing to ensure durability in time of incidence.

Hedging Against Uncertainty
The economic and investment sectors should have anticipated the recession, since it is one of the phases in the economic cycle, therefore there was the need to hedge against it. But since it has happened the move by IMF to offer some funds to the economic sectors might aid to the end of recession. But there is need for hedging against uncertainty when the recession comes to an end.

Can we predict the Next Crisis?
Rohit kumar
for a moment lets forget about finding the solution or its progress .. first lets have the basics resolved.. to start off with can we predict the Crisis prior to its arrival( may be the next time) ......

Not a Recession
For India, I think it's a slow down, not a recession.

Who is Paying the Bill?
This recession is based on the difference between the natural interest rate and the interest rate for money. Economies are not able to gain enough growth and therefore the the prize of the money is simply higher than the prize of the goods (natural interest, see Adam Smith). As we try to overcome the resession by running into more and more debts to pay the stimulus, the rate of growth of our economies has be much higher as we saw the last couple of month to pay for the debts.

End of Recession?
Adam Sheikh
It is inappropriate to talk about end of recession before knowing when actually the central banks around the world will stop bailing out banks or failed business through the so called stimulus cash.

Overcome the Recession?
lily, bachelor of seience, Singapore, Member
The bank should try to reduce the interest rate and increase money supply that will led to increase enterprises investment. This may help overcome economic recession. And US government should cut some taxes and increase government spending.

Majid Abdul Wahab Bawazir, Accountant, United Arab Emirates, Member
Ya surely there are sign's of end of recission, but the process is very slow and may take upto 5 year's for the world to recover. And the firm's/bank's hit badly have to be taken care of or atleast shut them down, as a recovery step

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