Why do People / Organizations Act Ethically?

Ethics and Responsibility

Jean Pauyo, USA

Why do People / Organizations Act Ethically?

There are two main perspectives on why people (or businesses) act ethically:
1. The first one is on deontologic principle: one has to do what is right because that's good in it self.
2. The second reason people what is good is because of the long term benefit they of it (utilitarianism). We expect to be treated well so we treat other people well.
Acting unethically is always a short term view. People who have short term perspective tend to act unethically.

  Mary R Brooks, United Kingdom

To Be or not to Be.. That is the Question!

I travel round the world working and I have to say that ethics vary from business to business and particularly from country to country. Some businesses (oligopolies too!) suffer from cognitive dissonance when operating in another country where they cannot stop things like corruption. It will go against all of their own company ethics and in their own country but they understand that unless the country they are operating in, and the larger demographics, suffer from that set of ethics then they have to "put up and shut up" and it all comes down to cash again!

  Martin Heltai, United States


To address the original question: fundamentally we behave ethically because the fabric of successful community cultures ...

  Henry Egidius
Consultant, Sweden

Ethics Line

When I was writing my book on ethics and profession (unfortunately available only in Swedish: "Etik och profession"), av...

  Jean Pauyo, USA

Why Should People Act Ethically?

The question is why should people behave ethically if they can get away with non ethical behaviors. I think Adam Smith b...

  Bruce Halvax, United States

Why Should People Act Ethically

There is an old proverb: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". To me this says it all. This is similar to...

  Doug Wilsman, USA

Re: Why Should People Act Ethically

It is much easier to act in an ethical manner when there is a benefit to you as well as to the group. Laissez-faire econ...

  Guillermina Galicia Galicia
Analyst, Mexico

Why Does Someone Act Ethically?

It is a way to get credibility in society, however, nobody is obliged to carry it out. To do this, some companies have b...

  Hans-Guenter Lindner, Germany

Adaptation of Ethics is Not Universal

Ethics is not universal. Ethics is dependent on culture and situation. Therefore all arguments about behaving ethically ...

  Kirk C. Heriot
Professor, United States

Why Does Someone Act Ethically?

Some of the comments in this thread suggest the "actor" is thinking ethically a priori (before their action). I think pe...

  Hareesh Ramachandran
Coach, India

Sense of Ethics Comes From Sense of Connctivity

Before I put my perspective about ethics, let me first state a fact that, at least in the business world people strictly...

  Anna hanooman
ICT Consultant, Trinidad and Tobago

Ethics is an Intangible Characteristic

Ethics is very intangible and subjective, because we are all capable of having difference in opinions. True we are all s...

CEO, France

Why Does Someone Act Ethically

I think, ethics gives a kind of vision to see issue in depth, widely and on a long horizon line. So, one can advise, sub...

  Jorge Arrieta S
Manager, Colombia

Ethics Increases the Customer Loyalty

People have to act under ethical principals because it helps to build a better business environment. Companies have to d...

  Bruno Perboni
Consultant, Italy

Ethics Does not Have a Unique Interpretation

I would extend the comment of Hans-Guenter Lindner: different people have different ethics, so that my interpretation of...

  Martin Gonzalez de Prada
Accountant, Argentina

Ethics Are the Way to Success

I think ethics must rule our entire lives, both in business as in personal life. it is the only way of success....

  Helen Ngo, United States

Ethics Crucial for Business Success

Ethical acting in business context is to develop and maintain a course of actions that minimizes risks, both personal ri...

  John Muiruri Makuno, Kenya

Why People Behave Ethically

It is in the best interest for a company to behave ethically at all times. This expands the company's business. Though i...

  George Ayton, Canada

Ethics in Business and Elswhere

It may well be that underlying all the multi-syllabic rhetoric on the subject, that ethics is exhibited by those wanting...

Director, United States

Why People Behave Ethically..

One reason most act ethically: It will benefit them short term or long term. I believe you must have a core belief and...

  Rafael Angel Calvo Arguedas
Consultant, Costa Rica

Why Does Someone Act Ethically?

Most likely, he was raised in a family environment that pursued ethical standards. I believe that we are all the result...

  Richardcavessa, USA

Ethics is an Excuse, Most Everyone Knows Right from Wrong

Not to be moral, or to be more amoral is the purpose of ethics: - (used with a singular or plural verb) a system of mor...

  Guerrero de Luna, Peru

Values of CEO

I think the vision of the business is linked to the CEO and management vision, values and ethics. If they don´t have a ...

  Lynn Hoover, United States

Ethics and Bible

I believe the bible has a lot to say about ethics - behavior. This book has lasted centuries and still has the message t...

  Joe Kolinger
Management Consultant, United States

Ethics - Starting Point?

Ethics starts with the question “Who is God?” If we believe in a creator God who is personal and has a will and purpose...

  Jafeth Quintanilla
Teacher, Peru

Why Does Someone Act Ethically?

Ethics is not a cake from which one cuts the piece that one wants to its convenience. Ethics shape the acting of man as ...

  Michael Del-Colle, United States

A View of Ethics

Ethics is a matter of self interest. It is not always altruistic as some might believe or wish. The self interest may b...

  Jay Lo
Partner, Taiwan

Ethics is What we Truly are

Ethics comes from one's core values. It is what we truly are. If we deviate from our core values, we cannot find true ha...

  Mangue Tang, China

Ethic Makes our Life Easier

Ethic is a method to simplify our social relationship, which can let us know what we should do and what we shouldn't. I...

  Edgar Avila, Peru

Current Ethics is Unethical

Ethics, such as reasoning and moral action, have been gradually abandoned in the formation and construction of subjects ...

  Jackie Yeoh
Manager, Malaysia

The Foundation of Businesses is Ethics

Ethics should be our way of life. It should be the core foundation of all businesses....

  Tajul Asyran, Malaysia

Ethis = Culture + Scenery (Environment)

Ethics is a culture plus scenery. What should I do? Or what could I do? These questions can be answered after we learn t...

  Komal, India

Ethics is the Foundation of Business

I totally agree with Jackie Yeoh, we should live our life with ethics. According to me ethics makes our life better and ...

  Srinivasan, India

Ethics - Why Does Someone Act Ethically

Ethical act is a good attitude for the long term and even the law is designed with the basic principle of ethics and has...

  Upali Gamakumara, Sri Lanka

Ethics in Business

Ethics is an attitude that depends on the way one looks at things, with no absolute frame of reference. People who ridic...

  Bongani L. Nkosi-Dlamini
Student (MBA), South Africa

Ethics is Natural

My late brother used to say "Come back to mother earth". Sometimes we have to let nature take its cause, stand back and ...

  Kazenieli William Msemo, Tanzania

Why Does Someone Act Ethically?

Acting ethically is the most rational thing to do. Ethics demand adherence to; they need to be complied with. Where ethi...

  Aparajita, India

We need Role Models

Much has been said about ethics and its practices. But in today's world when it comes to quoting people who are really i...

  juan salinas
Consultant, Spain

Common and Relative Ethics

Sometimes we talk about ethics as a bundle of concepts fully agreed and understood, but I agree with some opinion regard...

  Abdirisak Ahmed Hassan
Student (University), Somalia

Ethical Dilemmas

Ethics has to do with the standards of behavior that people follow: what is right and what is wrong. People act ethicall...

  Bantwal Prabhu
Teacher, India

Civilization is Based on Ethics

The foundation of civilization is based on ethics and therefore if society has to survive in the future it has to nurtur...

  juan salinas
Consultant, Spain

Ethical Hypocrisy?

How comes that while most of us are agreeing on the convenience of being ethical, it happens that our world is full of i...

  Madan Gopal Agarwal
Business Consultant, India

Why Ethics!

Fundamentally, ethics (or lack of it) emanates from the upbringing one gets from parents / family plus from the internal...

  angel perez
Teacher, Venezuela

Ethics as a Personal Value

Maybe our environments could change some of behavioral individual patters, however each of us come to life with an ethic...

  iurcovich, Italy

Why Ethical Behavior?

It's a way to survive without problems....

  Mario de Obaldia, United States

Fractal Behavior / Thinking

Even with the prospect of a semantic war, it is clear that we no longer have access, universally, to what the term 'ethi...

  Richard S. Dillard, United States

Why People / Organizations Act Ethically

I'd like to suggest that acting ethically is in our own "best" self-interest, and that's why people (and organizations) ...

  Lucio Emilio do Espirito Santo Junior, Brazil

Many Ethics

In fact, there are a lot of ethics. Everybody follows one: a hedonist ethic, leading to egotism, a protestant one, an al...

  James Akortsu
United Kingdom

Ethical Behavior is Rewarded

Ethics depend on the environment in which one finds itself. People / businesses act ethically because they believe in a ...

  Leodegardo M. Pruna
Professor, Philippines

Why Organizations Act Ethically?

People behave they do because they were created in the image and likeness of God. God is all good and people will tend ...

  Bantwal Prabhu
Teacher, India

Driving Force of Business is Money, NOT Ethics

Pruna is absolutely right in an ideal world, but in the real world money is God and God is money, the the driving force ...

  Aparajita, India

Ethics versus God / No God

I agree with Mr. Pruna but the following question arises in my mind... When it comes to ethics, for believers, God seems...

  MPANDE KENNEDY, Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Businesses Require Ethics

In each of us the sense of good and ethics exists. Whatever the faith, ethics is anchored in us and it urges us to act i...


Organizations Require Good Governance and Code of Ethics

There is the compelling need for organizations and individuals to act ethically if they truly want to remain competitive...

  Richard S. Dillard, United States

Ethics Versus God / No God..

Building off of what Pruna, Prabhu, Aparajita, et al. have positioned, a good article on the subject of god, goodness, e...

  vilmar bueno silva, Brazil

Ethical Principle

I believe that acting ethically depends on the stage of development of the society considered. We will see societies act...

  Jafeth Quintanilla
Teacher, Peru

Why Organizations Act Ethically?

In fact many organizations act guided by economic interests rather than by principles and ethical and moral values. But...

  David VanderMeulen, United States

Why People, Individuals or Groups, Should Act Ethically

As Pruna mentions, we are all made in image and likeness of God. As such, we are wise to follow any and all guidelines t...

  Lin Moyo
Consultant, South Africa

Should You Be Ethical?

A woman was once to be stoned by a mob (Editor: ~crowd) who had caught her red handed in a crime that, by right, should ...

  Donald Tang, China

Reason for Acting in an Ethical Way

Ethics is not doing things against your conscience. All people have their own conscience, but it can be in different var...

  Bismark O. Del Villar
Partner, United States

Why Behave Ethical?

Behavior rewarded > behavior repeated! People and organizations act ethically when it's in their clear financial intere...

  Aparajita, India

Reason versus Emotion in Ethics

What is the basis of ethics - reason or emotions? Or is it a confluence of both? Several theorists have expressed their...

  Henry Egidius
Consultant, Sweden

Why People Act Ethically

The point I make in my coming book ethics and professionalism (Etik och Profession) is that ethical behavior is but one ...

  Bongani L. Nkosi-Dlamini
Student (MBA), South Africa

Why People Act Ethically

If you haven't worked in different countries, met people of different cultures, forced to learn, and speak different lan...

  Musiyandaka Donna
Student (University), Zimbabwe

Ethics Cannot Exist Without...

I believe ethics have to do with the rules of order defined by a society - do you conform/align or not? Being unethical ...

  Madan Gopal Agarwal
Business Consultant, India

Why Ethics!

Hi Musiyandaka, to me ethics or any other higher order thinking faculty has more to with one's state of mind which is st...

  Madan Gopal Agarwal
Business Consultant, India

Why Ethics and Why People Act That or Other Way??

Hi Henry Egdius, a happy new year 2011 and my compliments on writing a book on such a fundamental subject which can chan...

  Leodegardo M. Pruna
Professor, Philippines

Ethics and Consequences of Ethics

Hi Musiyandaka, Ethics is what brings about "sense of order". Respecting and doing good to others are the consequences o...

  mursal bashir, Kenya

The Foundation of Ethics

Ethics is closely linked to value, honesty, trust and a host of other virtues which are rooted in the culture in which t...

  Tarek Kazma, Lebanon

Acting Ethically

Acting ethically reflects the personality and behavior of each individual wether performing in a society or in a working...

  Kirk C. Heriot
Professor, United States

Acting Ethically

It would be nice to believe everyone / each organization is ethical. However it is foolish in my opinion to believe that...

  Bantwal Prabhu
Teacher, India

Professional Ethics for Youth

Every nation lives in the future by the actions of the youth and hence their character and behavior decides the quality ...

  Bantwal Prabhu
Teacher, India

Ethical Basis is Faith and Beliefs

People all over the world have different religions and faith and philosophies based on their beliefs. These have not ch...

  Bantwal Prabhu
Teacher, India

Long Term Success is Based on Good Ethics

In the future organizations who survive for more than ten years will have strong long term values based on ethics and no...

  Jafeth Quintanilla
Teacher, Peru

Foundational Values of Organizations

That is right Bantwal, regardless of religion, ethics is based on faith and beliefs. This generates in organizations fou...

  Stig Falster
Management Consultant, Australia

Personal Ethics

I agree with the proponents of the concept of core vales. At the heart of ethical behavior is one's upbringing and resul...

  Mario de Obaldia, United States

Older Organizations

Bantwal - it seems presumptive to assign status of ethical to an organization based on an arbitrary number of years in e...

  Madan Gopal Agarwal
Business Consultant, India

Ethics, a Summary

Mostly people seem to agree that ethics is good for individuals / organisations / societies / nations and so forth. Peo...

  Jackie Yeoh
Manager, Malaysia

Ethical Behaviour from Professionalism

Almost everyone is a "professional" in his/her field. Apply your "professionalism" at all times, you have a an ethical b...

CEO, France

Ethical Behavior from Professionalism

Professional ethics is not a dream. Architecture code is relevant. If professional workers don't reinforce the bricklay...

  Mario de Obaldia, United States


Imagine! That is what we hear during our religious childhood - imagine, then believe, then we die. We are enthralled, ex...

  Bantwal Prabhu
Teacher, India

Professional Ethics of Youth

Today the developing countries are facing the problems of corruption owing to the lack of ethics in profession, business...

  Leodegardo M. Pruna
Professor, Philippines

Ethical Business, to Be or not to Be

@Mary R Brooks: While it is really happening that "CASH" in a materialistic world seems to thrive in business transactio...

  Leodegardo M. Pruna
Professor, Philippines

Faith and Belief

@Bantwal Prabhu: the ethical basis of professionalism is faith and belief. Faith is founded on moral values which emana...

  K R Sethuraman
Professor, Malaysia

4 Universal Principles of Business Ethics

1. Client Autonomy 2. Non-maleficence (not causing harm) 3. Beneficence (doing good), and 4. Justice (Equality) are ...

  Madan Gopal Agarwal
Business Consultant, India

Ethics and Morality Revisited

Ethics and Morality, often used interchangeably, need clear distinctive understanding. Also, it has nothing to do with a...


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Ethics and Responsibility

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