What if Superiors Have Different Ethics...

Ethics and Responsibility

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HR Consultant, Mauritius

What if Superiors Have Different Ethics...

Hi everyone, managing ethics in business has become a must nowadays... But sometimes whatever is ethical for me might not be ethical for someone else...
What do we do if we come across such a situation where in your work some practices are unethical and your superiors face "moral myopia and muteness''?

  James Townsend
Manager, United States

Organizational Versus Individual Ethics

You have identified what I think is one of the biggest issues leaders face. I have experienced a dissonance between organizational ethics and personal - I have voiced my opinion and made my concerns clear. If the organization has a pattern of ethical violations then I would continue to document them and be prepared to change companies (presuming that I am not able to influence a change).

  Charlie Briggs, UK

Responsibility to Understand the Foundation of the Ethics of your Organization

I quite agree with you James. That's why the change you desire must start with you. Though organizational ethic varies from company to company, but you have a responsibility to understand the foundation of such organizational ethics before you can think of what step to take in terms of corrective measures on your part if its not favorable to your personality.

  Samir Desai, India

How to Deal with Unprofessional Ethics

I agree with James that keeping a track / record of the things that need to be changed is a first concrete step one can ...

  Waseem A. Nisar
Consultant, United States

Ethics in Business

I believe the greatest challenge current businesses and their leaders face is ethics in a global sense. Meaning, the bus...

  Manjit Chodha MSc, United Kingdom

Ethical Auditing

An ethical audit is an effective technique that can be applied to an organisation where its formation was the consequenc...

  naomi husein-siregar, Indonesia

Different Ethics: How to Proceed

All comments above are very good but note you cannot work alone: you should ally with one of the top management, otherwi...

  Harp Minhas, United Kingdom

Changing Ethics as Managers

It is true that ethics comes from within. However, when one gains responsibility for others and for the good of an organ...


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Ethics and Responsibility

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