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Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Professional Management Code: The MBA Oath
Doctors and lawyers have been taking a professional oath for many years. A similar initiative (on a voluntary basis) is recently started for MBA graduates, by a group of Harvard Business School Students. If you graduated from any business school (whether recently or years ago), you can take the following oath (short summary) on : As a manager, my purpose is to serve the greater good by bringing people and resources together to create value that no single individual can create alone. Therefore I will seek a course that enhances the value my enterprise can create for society over the long term. I recognize my decisions can have far-reaching consequences that affect the well-being of individuals inside and outside my enterprise, today and in the future. As I reconcile the interests of different constituencies, I will face choices that are not easy for me and others. Therefore I promise: - I will act with utmost integrity and pursue my work in an ethical manner. - I will safeguard the (...) Read more? Sign up for free

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  Anthony Belon

MBA Oath - an Added Value

When values are what we believe in, then the value (...)


Continuous Ethics and Altruism

I believe that integrity and practice of ethics an (...)


Ethics Oath is Meaningless Without Consequences

This oath has been around for years. The number o (...)

  Buddhi Sagar Lamichhane

Ethics and Responsibility Depends NOT on Oath

Yes, the progress and development of any society, (...)

  Keith Spicer

Use What is Available

If saying these words gives someone a nice warm fe (...)

  Paul D Giammalvo, Professor and Consultant, Indonesia

Code of Ethics of SCCE

While I think are a good thing, I tend to lean mo (...)


Ethics & Competition in Industries

Each industry found its values. But in 2009 what (...)

  Patrick Crockett

Ethics Movement in South Africa

Corruption is the scourge of South Africa - and, p (...)

  Bulisa Nazo

MBA Oath and Servant Leadership

The Oath is a good thing, only when those who take (...)

  Osano Kute

MBA Oath also for Non-Profit Use

The Oath is perfect for government officers and th (...)

  Benard S. Otube

MBA Oath is not the Main Issue

The main issue is not about not taking the oath. A (...)


MBA Oath should be Mandatory

In present days of total self orientation and glob (...)


Management Has Nothing to Do with Ethics

The simple fact that such a thing emerges from Har (...)

  Salvatore Decarlo

Mba Oath Vs. Today's Financial and Business Realities

As I read the MBA Oath above MBA are held to a sta (...)

  P Kamesh

3 Stages in Ethical Way of Working

The mere thought of an idea like the MBA oath has (...)

  Prince Philip

MBA Oath Brings Long Term Profit

Ethics will bring long term profit. (...)

  Ajaegbu Uzochukwu

MBA Oath Meaningless Without Determination

Many people in government offices or in places of (...)


Take an Ethics Course Besides the MBA Oath

Any oath is meaningless if the person taking it ha (...)

  Patrick Heenan

Treat Ethics as Branding

Ethics I feel, should ultimately be synonymous wit (...)

  Olamilekan Kayode

Oath Taking

Oath taking has no relevancy in the current macro- (...)

  Pam Davou

The Value System Determines Adherence

Oath taking is something anybody can do without ha (...)

  Paul Ojambo

Ensuring Adherence to Professional Ethics

An oath can only be meaningful if there are string (...)

  Zen Benefiel

Ethics, Code of Ethics and Behavior

As I understand ethics, they are the behaviors we (...)

  Mehak Vaswani

Ethics in Business

An oath is a guiding factor for our code of conduc (...)


Ethics Can Not be Taught

Ethics can not be taught, it is an inherent value (...)

  Cesar Alexis Viteri Perez, Ecuador

Ethics Can Be Taught

If human beings cannot learn new things and behavi (...)


Oath and Ethics in Business

I consider that MBA graduates have influence on so (...)

  Mohammad Basharat

Professional Ethics

It is a strong basis for long term trust building, (...)

  Radha Raj, India

MBA Oath is Too Broad and Inconsistent

This MBA oath is too broad and sometimes conflicti (...)

  Isabel Silva Carvalho, Director, Portugal

Ethics Oaths are Sound Bites or Maybe Just Being Naif

Is it truly possible to accomplish, for instance, (...)

  Samir Desai

Ethics and Mankind

@: Human being has progressed, because mankind lea (...)

  Radha Raj, India

Ethics Oath can make a Difference

This ethics oath is good, though far reaching. Eve (...)

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Ethics and Responsibility


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