Female Managers are More Ethical

Ethics and Responsibility

Charlene, UK

Female Managers are More Ethical

I think female managers generally behave more ethical then their male counterparts. On average, they are less egoistic and less power-oriented, which is causing lots of problems for men.


Aditi, India

Are female managers more ethical?

I don't agree...... Managerial roles are not bound by gender criterias....

Lou Stea, Canada

Ethical Behaviours by Gender

I cannot understand how one could suggest such a position. I am assuming your current/past environment may of aided or be at fault in your distored non-measurable view on ethical behaviours by gender. I suggest you provide the global statistical measurements to your claim before sharing non factual statements.

Dialethik, France

Female managers more ethical

The question is not to know who are more ethical or not. But to know what are the different values between the female or male managers.

powditch, UK

Gender Ethics

LOL, definitly wrong. studies show the female gender is less ethical than the male. this i feel is due to enviromental pressures. there is no limit to any individual male or female. But in general, females make less moral choices.
ALL humans should be treated equally irrespective the subject of this question is teleological and not absolute.

This telos is a grave error, which group do U belong in ?

Waseem A. Nisar
Consultant, United States

Male vs Female managers

I don't have any data but I think it does not make a difference - male vs female manager and ethics.... Sign up

Ahmed N. Qeshta, Palestine, State of

Gender-related Ethics

I think that what are you saying is wrong: ethics are not related to gender and I would like to say ... Sign up

Maninder Singh
Partner, India

Female Managers

I strongly agree to it that female managers generally behave more ethical.... Sign up

Liliane Najm, Canada

Female Managers More Ethical

Compassion is not ethics. Women feel more compassion in general; however, some behave strangely unet... Sign up

Benjamin Leste, Mauritius

Gender Ethics Debate

I would never say that until or unless it is proved empirically. As a manager / leader, we need to t... Sign up


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Ethics and Responsibility

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