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Matthias Bittrich
Business Consultant, Germany
What kinds of obstacles do you know to making (correct) decisions? Here is my collection of common reasons which may or will lead to bad decisions. I am looking forward to hearing your further obstacles and experiences about them. 1. "Gambler's fallacy" (Daniel Chen (ETH Zurich) - a kind of misbelief in compensatory justice) 2. Coincidences 3. Weakness. Jeff Bezos: "At 5 pm I can no longer think about important things. We then try to tackle something like this again the next day at 10 A. M. / Three good decisions a day.. Are quite enough." 4. Constant distraction (mobile phones, emails) 5. Lack of information 6. Multitasking (Book "The Organized Mind:.." by Daniel J. Levitin) 7. Emotions 8. Hectic 9. Analysis-paralysis (there is never an end to the amount of information) 10. Supporters (Not talk to critics to hear other arguments) 11. Source of information (Is this your own analysis or is it from a team with different approaches and interests?!) 12. Forget asking 3x why (t (...) Read more? Sign up for free

  Helen Strong
Business Consultant, South Africa

Identifying the Decisions

For me the biggest obstacles to making decisions l (...)

  Carsten Thies
Manager, Germany

Make Better Decisions with the Right People

@Helen Strong: I completely agree with Helen. Howe (...)

  Mohd Norfaizin Bin Hj. Md Salleh AFA (UK)
Director, Malaysia

Making Decisions, are You the Solution or the Problem

I would agree with Helen Strong to a certain exten (...)


3 Focuses for Good Decision Making

A course I just took called "Decision Mojo" says t (...)

  Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

Cultural Barriers to Decision Making

Each organization has its own unique culture of de (...)

Management Consultant, France

Preparation and Ritualization of Decisions

Hello, I agree with has been said. Good decisions (...)

  Krista Decat
Manager, Belgium

4 Conditions for Decisions in VUCA Circumstances

Decision making is not so simple at all in this VU (...)

  Herman Heyman
Consultant, Belgium

Obstacles to Making Decisions

- Not understanding the context (well enough) - I (...)

  George Kampango

15 Obstacles to Making Decisions: Lonely Decisions

I am thinking about 'Lonely Decisions', which is b (...)

  Manoj Rambajan (MBA)

Intuition, Determination & Commitment in Decision-making

Whatever has been said above is all relevant as al (...)


Missing Spirit of Justice

In my opinion, the biggest problem in decision mak (...)

  Napokoli Henry
Project Manager, Uganda

Different Perspective of the Decision Maker and the Affected Parties

An obstacle can also be the difference in perspect (...)

  evelyn dempsey
Student (Other), United States

Avoid Solo Decision Making

@Mohd Norfaizin Bin Hj. Md Salleh AFA (UK): I agr (...)

Coach, Belgium

Too Much CO2 in the Room Impedes Good Decision-making

In 2012, group of researchers assessed direct eff (...)

Lecturer, India

Obstacles to Decision Making

A clear inner being helps in good decision making. (...)

  Matthias Bittrich
Business Consultant, Germany

Obstacles to Making Decisions Summary

Thanks for all your great ideas and experiences, a (...)

  Omar Bawajeeh
Saudi Arabia

They are Not Obstacles!

@Helen Strong: What I've read are aids for making (...)

  Helen Strong
Business Consultant, South Africa

Sufficient Background

@Omar Bawajeeh: agreed... But my point is if they (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Obstacles to Making Decisions or Not

I'm of a similar mind to @Omar Bawajeeh. Many of (...)


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