Improving the Decision-making by Managers: Choice Architecture

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Improving the Decision-making by Managers: Choice Architecture
Anneke Zwart, Student (University), Netherlands

A different approach towards improving decision making is 'Choice Architecture'.
In every organization, employees tend to make decisions that will neither benefit their employer nor themselves. According to Beshears (2015), this happens not because those employees are stupid, but rather because of certain patterns in the human brain that lead us to:
- Underestimate the time needed for a certain task;
- Neglect critical information;
- Overestimate our own ability to perform certain jobs;
- Fail to take advantage of company benefits that are in our best interests.

The author argues that its very difficult to rewire such patterns in our brains. Rather than focusing on rewiring the wires, it could be possible to adjust the ENVIRONMENT in which decisions are made. By doing so, the likelihood of employees making better decisions is increased.

The following 5 steps are recommended:

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