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Decision-making and Valuation


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Donato ochan Hakim
CEO, South Sudan

Decision-making According to Peter Drucker

Definition of a Decision
A decision is a choice whereby a person performs a conclusion about a situation. This represents a course of behavior about what must or what must not be done. It is the point at which plans, policies and objectives are translated into concrete actions. Planning leads to decisions guided by company policy and objectives and implies the selection from alternative objectives, policies, procedures and programmes.
Peter Drucker
The purpose of decision-making
With decision-making we try to direct human behavior towards a future goal. If there were no alternatives, there would be no need for a decision.

Types of Decision-making
Drucker distinguishes between:
- Tactical decisions and strategic decisions. Strategy can be defined as the behavior of management in trying to achieve success for company goals in an environment of competition. It is based upon the action, or possible action of others. Strategies are solely calculated to implement plans and objectives, bearing in mind all manner of uncertainties, so that an advantageous position is attained over an opponent.
‘Tactical’ decisions are made by management and involve ‘either finding out what the resources are, or what they should be’. These include decisions upon basic objectives and may affect the productivity, organization or operation of the business.
- Organizational decisions and personal decisions. Organizational decisions are those made in the role on an official of the company and reflect company policy.
Personal decisions refer to those made by a manager as an individual and cannot be delegated.
- Basic decisions and routine decisions. Basic decisions are long-range in scope e.g. the location of a factory in development area, or deciding what product to make. Wrong decisions on these matters can be costly. Routine decisions are those which are made repetitively and need little thought.

The process of decision making.
For a proper decision to be reached the following steps must be followed:
• Define the problem to solved
• Find alternative solutions
• Analyse and compare these alternatives
• Select the plan to be followed noting relevant factors
• Make the decision effective – by taking action to put the decision into effect

Influences on Decision-making
It should be noted that, whatever decision criteria are chosen, decisions are affected by:
• The importance of the decision;
• Characteristics of the organization;
• The personality of the decision maker
• His/her state of mind when making the decision


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Decision Making According to Peter Drucker

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Decision-making According to Peter Drucker

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Fact-based Decision Making Reduces Risk

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Problem Defining Stage in Decision Making

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Selecting the proper Amount of Information in Organizational Decision Making

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Short Term Decisions are More Prone to Errors

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Objective Decision Making is a Product of the Subjective Mind

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HR Consultant, India

Decision Making Must be Rational

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Decision Making According to Peter Drucker

Decision making is a choice of one alternative amongst a set of choices available. The pros and co... Sign up

WALTER Pascal, France

Decision Making According to Peter Drucker

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Decision Making According to Peter Drucker is Useful for African Leaders

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Decision Making Process Redefined

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The Purpose of Decision Making

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Feedback Effects in Decision Making

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Analyst, Sweden

What Influences Decision-making?

I believe the most important influences on decision-making are: • Culture and how we think… • Know... Sign up

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Decision Making is also Determined by a Person's Intelligence

It is the intelligence of a person that allows her/him to make an decision (that fits ) to the situa... Sign up

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Student (University)

Decision-making in the Public Sector

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Lecturer, Mexico

Decision Making Involves us

I agree with most of all the comments presents here... However I believe there is always an opportun... Sign up

Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

Decision Making Process Redefined

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Looping Decision Making Process...

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Influences on Decision-making : Stress and Tunnel Vision

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Definition of a Decision: The Role of Delegation and Empowerment

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Business School Marketer, Barbados

Centralized Decision-making in Organisations

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Student (University), Mauritius

Using Emotions to Improve Decision-making

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Decision Making in Organisations

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Problem-knowledge Coupling for More Appropriate Decisions

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Influences on Decision Making: Biases

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The Role of the Situation in Decision Making

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Components for Effective Decision Making according to Peter Drucker

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Bottom-up Approach in Decision Making

Decision making is a key function in any organization. At every level, decision making authority is ... Sign up

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Director, Ethiopia

Additional Factors That Affect Decision Making

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Information Sources for Making a Decision

Decision making process is key and inevitable at the workplace. But to make an informed decision you... Sign up

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Project Manager, United States

Emotion and Reason - the Siamese Twins of Decision Making

Western dichotomous thinking asks us to decide which is most valuable in good decision-making. Wise ... Sign up

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Manager, Colombia

Comprehensive Coverage but Long Term, Strategic Effects of Decisions are Missing

I think it`s missing to include the long term effects of the decisions, the strategical map to be co... Sign up

Julius Nyangaga
Consultant, Kenya

Research Decisions, but not Forever

@Nick Snowden: yes, this is a typical problem with those with a strong research background. You inve... Sign up

Mrs c usha rani
Professor, India

Decision Making versus Policies

Decisions at different levels may be flexible and fixed on certain issues. As Drucker said, to make ... Sign up

Ashok Panda
Professor, India

Decision-making is the Prime Aspect of All Human Activities

A human being is a lovely outcome of a spiritual imagination. We take help of knowledge by books and... Sign up

Martin Parry
Management Consultant, South Africa

Views by Peter Drucker on Decision-making still Useful

I still think Peter Drucker's views are valid and insightful. Decision-making remains one of the key... Sign up

Management Consultant, South Africa

Decision Making Must be a Group Process

Bureaucratic mindsets must be removed from our minds. In an establishment, decision making must be c... Sign up

Bonginkosi Dlamini
Student (University), South Africa

Decision Making by Peter Drucker

I agree the decision making is a reaction to an event and can be more effective if it is more collab... Sign up

Mohd Norfaizin Bin Hj. Md Salleh AFA (UK)
Director, Malaysia

A Foolproof Art of Decision Making...

Decisions are basically the essence of our daily life: - Those who strongly believe in fate will sa... Sign up

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Rational Decision Making?

Beware of "rationalists" approaches. There is plenty of literature on how muddy and non-linear decis... Sign up

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Decision Making: The Power-issue

I agree that the "power-issue" cannot be ignored. The person weilding power and making decisions nee... Sign up

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Additional Factor Influencing Decision Making

@V SHRIDHAR : I agree with your submission. I believe that the availability of resources (such as ti... Sign up

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Management Consultant, United Kingdom

Decision Making Has Several Human Elements

I agree that emotions, culture and, rightly or wrongly, sometimes acceptability overlay any rational... Sign up

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Decision Making Requires Data of Good Quality

Decisions are made at every moment and every situation demands a decision of one sort or the other. ... Sign up

Bornface Chinyuku
Student (University)

Decision Making Involvement and Participation

@A. Flippo: I agree that situational analysis is key before embarking in the decision making process... Sign up

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Lecturer, Guinea

Problem Definition Before Decision-making

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Decision-making and Valuation

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