Decision Making Process not Only for Managers

Decision-making and Valuation


Manish, India

Decision Making Process not Only for Managers

Decision making processes are not only for managers, they work in all fields of the organization...


Student (Other), Pakistan

Decision Making not for Managers Only

Yes its 100% true that decision making does not only effect managing organisations. For example consider the time when we decided to start with an education in some field. We made this decision in many ways. "If this happens then what to do etc". Decision-making helps students at that stage and by different analysis he/she decides what is the best way to achieve goals. Decision making actually provides us with many alternatives.


Everyone Makes Decisions!

Sure not only for managers, decision making is for everyone...
Everybody has decision making processes, even children have. However the questions are: is it the right process or not and is it a constructive one.

Tan Lee Cheng, China

Decision Making is Not Easy

Yes its 100% true, the decision making process is for everybody. But, that is not to say that decisi... Sign up

Jahanbakhsh Jahansouz
Project Manager, Iran

Decision Making Process not Only for Managers

Whoever makes a decision (including managers) should, to have a proper result/output, base his own e... Sign up

J. D. Popham, China

Decision Making Process not Only for Managers

Right now I am teaching an introductory course in management, (obviously from a western perspective)... Sign up

fatim leigh, Gambia

Decision Making is More Important for Managers

Decision making is important to every one, but particularly to a manager's job to be accurate.... Sign up

ramneek bawa

Decision Making is Necessary for Everyone

Decision making is a necessary process to get results according to our liking, from deciding from wh... Sign up

gaurav bhalla
Student (MBA), India

Everybody Manages His Own Life

Taking correct decisions is the key to success for managers, but also for all others who are not man... Sign up

Manishkumar Govindbhai Solanki, India

Decision Making

We should not term our regular work practice as decisions we made... It's our routine to decide on a... Sign up

Sonali Sukhramji Dahiwale
Manager, India

Decision Making Process not Only for Managers

Decision making process is for everyone. At every stage of life we have to take various decisions. T... Sign up

Student (University), Tanzania

Decision Making is For Everyone

Decision making is for everyone. We only differ in the subject matter in which our decisions have to... Sign up

abu hamad
United Arab Emirates

Decision Making ends the Thinking Process

Decision-making, whether related to work or not, is not easy. When we make a decision, we stop our t... Sign up

Tsatsu Kudiabor
Project Manager, Ghana

Decision Making

Yes decision making is not privy for managers only but decision making comes with responsibility and... Sign up


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Decision-making and Valuation

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