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Decision Making Process not Only for Managers
Decision making processes are not only for managers, they work in all fields of the organization...

Decision Making not for Managers Only
sadia, Student (Other), Pakistan, Member
Yes its 100% true that decision making does not only effect managing organisations. For example consider the time when we decided to start with an education in some field. We made this decision in many ways. "If this happens then what to do etc". Decision-making helps students at that stage and by different analysis he/she decides what is the best way to achieve goals. Decision making actually provides us with many alternatives.

Everyone Makes Decisions!
Saad, Member
Sure not only for managers, decision making is for everyone...
Everybody has decision making processes, even children have. However the questions are: is it the right process or not and is it a constructive one.

Decision Making is Not Easy
Tan Lee Cheng, Manager, China, Member
Yes its 100% true, the decision making process is for everybody. But, that is not to say that decision-making is easy! We can make decisions in different ways via different analyses, but it may be not a constructive one. When we make a wrong decision, we should review the process and correct it as soon as possible.

Decision Making Process not Only for Managers
Jahanbakhsh Jahansouz, Project Manager, Iran, Member
Whoever makes a decision (including managers) should, to have a proper result/output, base his own evaluation and judgment on suitable, reliable and sufficient supporting information/inputs from reliable sources, facts, channels and evidences.

Decision Making Process not Only for Managers
J. D. Popham, Professor, China, Member
Right now I am teaching an introductory course in management, (obviously from a western perspective). Until recently I had no idea that our approach to DM is so much a part of our culture. Thinking "way, way back" to elementary school we were being taught to think on our own about how to solve problems. Such is not the case here. Memorizing history seems to be the standard approach.

Decision Making is More Important for Managers
fatim leigh, Student (University), Gambia, Member
Decision making is important to every one, but particularly to a manager's job to be accurate.

Decision Making is Necessary for Everyone
ramneek bawa, India, Member
Decision making is a necessary process to get results according to our liking, from deciding from what Veggi to buy to what school to choose for our child to what product should be promoted; it is all about decisions.
But the irony is that we are not perfect in it (Editor: Indeed we are not, not at all actually! See Cognitive Bias). The only thing we can do is to study the situation, evaluating and then implementing. It is important to study it. I don't say that it will teach us how to take decisions, but it may help our intuition power to be enhanced and our quality to perceive situations as managers, CEO, teachers, students.

Everybody Manages His Own Life
gaurav bhalla, Student (MBA), India, Member
Taking correct decisions is the key to success for managers, but also for all others who are not managers in any company. Basically in my point of view, every person is the manager of his/her own life.

Decision Making
Manishkumar Govindbhai Solanki
We should not term our regular work practice as decisions we made... It's our routine to decide on a day to day basis and 85-90% of it should go well...
But the real skill of making decisions is to be tested in tough times and during a crisis.

Decision Making Process not Only for Managers
Sonali Sukhramji Dahiwale, Manager, India, Member
Decision making process is for everyone. At every stage of life we have to take various decisions. To select one from several options is nothing but a decision making process.

Decision Making is For Everyone
MARY, Student (University), Tanzania, Member
Decision making is for everyone. We only differ in the subject matter in which our decisions have to be made!

Decision Making ends the Thinking Process
abu hamad, United Arab Emirates, Member
Decision-making, whether related to work or not, is not easy. When we make a decision, we stop our thinking process and stop considering other possibilities.

Decision Making
Tsatsu Kudiabor, Project Manager, Ghana, Member
Yes decision making is not privy for managers only but decision making comes with responsibility and its consequencies. Hence individuals or any person making decision must be prepared to stand by it and guides it to its logical conclusion, ie. The intended outcome being successful.

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