The Role of Optimism in Decision-Making

Decision-making and Valuation

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Herman vd Berg, Netherlands

The Role of Optimism in Decision-Making

How does optimism influence decision-making?

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Optimism in Making Decisions

Interesting question Herman... I believe there are many ways:
- One is related to organizational pressure (only the best proposals make it, so we present our projects overoptimistic).
- Another thing is we know that quite often in (organizational) cultures optimists are being regarded and rewarded higher than pessimists (tough-guy macho culture).
- Thirdly, our brain may be fooling us. For example the bandwagon effect and being overconfident about our ability to control outcomes.
I suspect there many more ways? Who joins in the discussion?

  Joe Boyle
United States

Optimism and Decision Making

Herman - it does have an effect - and can skew results - people will see what they want to see. Also, how you see your f...

  Lilyana Dewie, Indonesia

How Does Optimism Influences Decision Making

To make a good decision, we really need optimism, focus and energy. With optimism we can gather facts and data, even whe...

  Daniel Latch
Management Consultant, United States

Optimism <= Perceptions of Challenge and Ability A/C=O

In response to Ms. Dewie, I wonder how you feel about this: "To make a decision good, we really need optimism, focus, a...

  Jean-Francois Landre, Canada

Optimism Influence on Decision-making

Optimism can negatively influence decision-making through biases in judgmental heuristics such as memory retrievability,...

Professor, India

It Depends on the Basis of Optimism

Decision making based purely on optimism may lead to disaster. Optimism as a result of confidence in your own abilities...

  Marcel Wiedenbrugge
Consultant, Netherlands

Optimism and Decision Making

Instead of optimism I would prefer to use the word realism. At the end of the day, in business optimism is important, bu...

  Henry Lozada
Professor, Puerto Rico

A Predetermined Optimistic Emotional Attitude

A predetermined optimistic attitude (emotional) makes the decisions more easy and fast to make. However, you can lose pe...

  ahmed mahmoud ahmed abdo
ex-lecturer at the faculty of commerce Banha University, Egypt

The Need for Optimism Depends on the Decision-making Discipline

It depends on the kind of decision. Data, knowledge, experience, pre-studies, etc. are very critical in deciding within...

Accountant, Malaysia

Optimism is Important but not Enough

Although optimism is important, decision makers can not rely on it alone. Optimism will encourage them to take a decisio...

  Jennings, Netherlands

Pessimism Can Also be Helpful in Decision-making

For me optimism is linked to a person; optimism is a skill. It is not linked to a subject or decision. Even though you n...

Manager, Iran

Optimism Yes But Over-confidence No!!

Decision making is an important task that influences many things in the future. Generally speaking, a decision maker sho...

  Salvatore DeCarlo
United States

Optimism and Common Sense

Optimism has to be based in reality. If we are optimistic while acknowledging the reality of the desired outcome, we wil...

  Rebecca Roe
United States

Optimism vs Wishful Thinking

I think optimism and wishful thinking should be explored here. Good managers will be chosen on the basis of being able t...

  Thupalli Ravindra Reddy
Manager, India

Optimism Gives a lot of Energy

Having optimism gives a lot of energy. By being optimistic, many negativity factors will vanish. Once employees accept t...

  R.C. Natarajan
Professor of Marketing, India

Optimism Makes One Lower the Guard

Optimism in the context of inter-personal relationship makes one lower the guard. My research shows that the principal's...

  Tony Gosling
United Kingdom

Avoiding Optimism in Decision Making by Top Guys

I work on major defence procurement and support decisions and getting these wrong can destroy your company or lose $bill...

Management Consultant, India

Optimism in Decision-making is Like Two Sides of a Sword

Optimism in decision making is like two sides of a sword where each side is sharp. Optimism in decision is full of assu...

  Jeff Wilson
Manager, United States

Optimism in Decision Making is a Matter of Mindset

Think of it this way - what is your mindset? A. Life is a test, therefore avoid looking foolish which breeds a fear of ...

  Hassaan Khalid, Pakistan

Optimism Avoids Stagnation

A pessimist will not take risks because he won't expect a return on them. So optimism is required, obviously along with ...

  vincenzo de vera
Manager, Italy

Optimism Useful for Making Decisions

Optimism normally leads to positivity, a very useful attitude for managing people and difficult situations and consequen...

  vincenzo de vera
Manager, Italy

The Role of Being Positive in Decision-Making

It is the basic state of mind which leads to success. Maybe better call it "Positiveness" which does not mean that one s...


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Decision-making and Valuation

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