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Gut Feeling / Intuition in Decision-making
Dale Kennedy
I don't believe in any rational decision-making methods for managers. The complexity of most management decisions is big, and the circumstances change quickly. So many executives prefer the 'Gut Feeling approach'. Even if we want to be rational, our rationality is influenced by multiple Cognitive Biases. And when we're working in teams the situations gets worse due to Groupthink etc. So forget about rational decision-making models....Sign up

I agree it's about gut feel and knowing your Values....Sign up

Gut feeling Approach
Brendan Dunphy
And how do you think Dale we develop our 'gut feeling approach'? It may seem that it is instinctive but in reality it has developed over time and as a...Sign up

Rational decision making!
Paul Ward
I hope I never work at a company that believes only in gut feeling approaches to decision making, and eschews rational decision-making models. One of ...Sign up

Rational Decision Making
Andrew Smith, Quality Management and Auditing, Philippines, Member
I think the Gut Feeling Approach is only applicable for a situation where you need "a right away decision" or an unexpected situations that needs an i...Sign up

Rational Decision Making
Ivan Lax
I think it is more about helping groups understand why they make the decisions they do or how they arrived at them. We deploy Multi Criteria Decision ...Sign up

Imagination and Intuition in Decision-making
NIGAH-E-NAZAR , Financial Consultant, Pakistan, Member
Albert Einstein acknowledged the importance of intuition when he said, " I believe in intuition and inspiration. At times I feel certain that I am rig...Sign up

Gut Feeling in Decision Making | Improving your Gut Feeling
pradeep deo, Strategy Consultant, India, Member
A situation which calls for decision making always creates stress. The duration of the stress is proportional to the time taken for taking a decision....Sign up

Gut Feeling in Decision Making
Gandhi Heryanto, Management Consultant, Indonesia, Member
Follow Your Gut, Your Instincts Are Seldom Wrong. That is a topic by Don Todrin, Yahoo! Contributor Network, Dec 27, 2009.
I read an article many...Sign up

Rational Decision Making or Gut Feeling
Bernd Born, Manager, Germany, Member
This is a different approach. I think an important aspect of your method is, that you do a step back. Then you will be able to consider aspects which ...Sign up

Gut Feeling is a Valuable Add-on to Decision Making Methods
Ivan Kohlinsky, Management Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
Gut feeling should not be a substitute for all the well-known decision-making and scientific / analytical methods BUT gut feel SHOULD be used as a kin...Sign up

Gut Feeling in Decision Makin
Bernd Born, Manager, Germany, Member
@Pradeep deo: I used your idea especially in cases there was no time to sort out all facts. For me it works!...Sign up

Intuitive Decision Making
Sridhar Gopal, Management Consultant, India, Member
When making everyday management decisions, most of the time we adhere to well laid-out standard procedures of our companies, yet we could go wrong in ...Sign up

Technocratic versus Intuitive Decision Making
Anneke Zwart, Student (University), Netherlands, Moderator
In managing a business efficiently, managers have the task to make the right decisions. The types of decision-making and its effectiveness can differ ...Sign up

The Rationality of Decision Making is Limited Anyhow
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Herbert Simon wrote that cognitive blinders prevent people from seeing, seeking, using, or sharing relevant, accessible, and perceivable information d...Sign up

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