Communication Channels: What is Grapevine Communication? Definition and Importance

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Communication Channels: What is Grapevine Communication? Definition and Importance
There are various channels of communication. Describe the importance of grapevine communication (Ed: ~informal, non-official, rumours). Please illustrate with an example. Thank you.

Communication Channels
Communication is the art of transmitting ideas from one to another. There are various channels of communication for example: upward communication, downward communication, lateral communication.

3 Ways of Communication
Basically there are 3 ways of communication: written, spoken and body language.

Communication Skills
P J Naidu, Management Consultant, India, Member
There is yet another form of communication which is used in operant conditioning. Thought, well regulated and consistent can bring out the result you need without verbal or visual cues.

What is Grapevine Communication?
Divya Abroal, Professor, India, Member
Grapevine is an informal mode of communication which can be used as an effective tool by sensible managers who like to test the waters before making any unlikely / strong decisions or in case of policy change in the company.

Importance of Grapevine Communication
sudhakaran, Professor, India, Member
Any organization will have several informal power centers not shown in organizational chart. Information emanated from these centers will not be known to all in the organization. Such information often misused for insider trading etc.
In old days telephone lines were not well organized and remained cluttered resembling grapevine. That is how the name derived.

4 Communication Channels of Taibi Kahler
Daniel Lemuet, Coach, France, Member
Taibi Kahler's Process Communication Model might interest you: a specific channel is chosen among four (4), according to the six (6) types of personality of whom we address; recognizing distress is part of the job...

How the Grapevine Works and Grows
S Luther
The grapevine grows and changes according to the perceptions of the receiver/s. Where they are, the tier at work, what they do, their past experience, and their values and beliefs.
According to neuro linguistic programming, we generalise, distort and delete information we receive.
It is important to ensure that messages sent out have clarity and a clear message to reduce the ability to be distorted too much. Before communicating important messages, they should be planned and checked carefully to make sure the language is clear.
It is also important for the sender/s to have an ear to the ground and act quickly if the message is responded to in a way they do not want.

Grapevine Communication
shahid imran, Student (University), Pakistan, Member
Grapevine communication can be attributed to dis-information or rumor whether intended or unintended which results either due to lack of information / lack of proper communication about a decision or policy or owing to some ulterior motives which may have potential or strategic advantages for some person, may it be the organization's decision maker or at the receiver end.
This is what Herman and Chomsky called PROPAGANDA, whether be white, black or gray... The grapevine communication results in panic among the employees which can either be used by decision makers or leaders in the echelons of workers.

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Communication and Skills


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