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25 Common Presentation Mistakes and Tips
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Some people have a natural talent for public speaking. But of course, those without such innate abilities can improve their presentation skills as well.
Here's a list of frequently made presentation mistakes and pitfalls (most of them I made myself 😃). Hopefully this will help you to avoid the most common presentation pitfalls:

  1. Not considering the PURPOSE for this presentation (what is your aim, what are you trying to achieve, when is it successful)
  2. Insufficient PREPARATION (subject, content, invitation, travel directions)
  3. Insufficient REHEARSING (practice for some friends)
  4. Not considering your AUDIENCE beforehand (who are they, what are they interested in, what's in it for them. In small groups, you can also ask for their expectations at the beginning of your presentation)
  5. Not considering PRE-READING HAND OUT (allow your audience to prepare)
  6. Not checking the EQU...Sign up

25 Common Presentation Errors
Amarnath Krishnaswamy, Professor, India, Member
On D and G. It is indeed useful to come to the venue earlier and meet the audience members individually, also to get a possible fix on who could be "f...Sign up

Common Mistakes in Presenting
Ronald Ainsbury, Teacher, United Kingdom, Member
Nice list. Some amplifications:
REHEARSE, rehearse, rehearse - until your presentation doesn't sound like you rehearsed at all. (Editor: added)Sign up

Who Should Introduce the Presenter?
MJ Stombaugh, Student (MBA), United States, Member
Not considering your INTRODUCTION. Who introduces you and how? Editor: added.
By the way, what is the best way to introduce speakers anyhow?
...Sign up

Enjoy Presenting Yourself and Show It
carol, Business Consultant, United States, Member
On 13: Enjoy what you do and show it. Editor: added.
1. One should enjoy the subject in your mind before presenting it to others.
2. While p...Sign up

Layout and Font Size of your Presentation
MUNI DAVE, Business Consultant, India, Member
On 5 and 6.
- Restrict every slide to 4 to 5 lines only. Don't try to stuff much more in single slide.
- Don't make slide background too col...Sign up

Presentation Mistakes and Tips
Matthews Mwase, Student (MBA), Malawi, Member
On 2. Define any jargon that can not be avoided to ensure understanding.
On 10: Engage the audience with short case studies in their groups that ...Sign up

Presentation Mistakes and Tips
Locke, Teacher, New Zealand, Member
On 13: Touch peoples' hearts, if you do all 25 tips and fail to touch their hearts and souls by connecting them to the essential vision behind the det...Sign up

Do a Tryout for your Friends
Yuriy Duchev, CxO / Board, Ukraine, Member
Very importantly, before the date of the presentation PRACTICE your presentation for yours friends or family. Their feedback allows you to fix mistake...Sign up

Tips to Engage the Audience of your Presentation
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
On C. You need to engage the audience of your presentation. This requires you take the following into consideration:
1. Audience should be comfor...Sign up

Pre-reading Hand Outs and Templates
Jaime Arevalo, Manager, Colombia, Member
Companies normally provide templates for their staff to use. Because the usage implies a kind of mental restriction, it is better to prepare the prese...Sign up

Great Presentation Mistakes and Tips
Karibi George, Nigeria, Member
Thank you for this topic. It helped me to think about presenting / giving presentations in an organized and practical way. Most training programs for ...Sign up

Further Presentation Tips
Gavril, Management Consultant, Albania, Member
Make sure you fully understand what you present.
Combine text/voice with body language. Editor: added.
Be interactive.
Summarize the me...Sign up

No Awareness About the Purpose of your Presentation
Ray Uday Shankar Prasad, India, Member
The comments are indeed very useful.
I would like to stress that one should be fully aware of the PURPOSE behind any presentation. The material o...Sign up

How to Find Out what your Audience is Interested in?
Theo Villella, Business Consultant, United States, Member
ON D: In reality, you often do not know what your audience wants to know or needs to know. You know what you think they need, but they may not. But th...Sign up

More Tips and Pointers
Theo Villella, Business Consultant, United States, Member
On 4. @Editor: Yes, the number of slides is cultural. In Japan I saw very dense slides that required 10-15 minutes ...Sign up

Some More Presentation Errors en Tips
Isaiah Maisiba, Accountant, Kenya, Premium Member
Be alert for feedback from your audience, for example if there is a need for a break or in case of emergencies like power failure. You might ask someb...Sign up

How to Present
Mohammed, HR Consultant, Saudi Arabia, Member
Presenting and standing in front of others needs some level of bravery (Editor: added).
Bravery in presenting means:-
1. Excellent preparati...Sign up

Presentation Tips: More on Rehearsing
Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom, Premium Member
I particularly agree with C. Rehearsal. Because your brain believes what you tell it to do, rehearsal breeds familiarity so the brain thinks ‘been her...Sign up

Mistakes During Presentations
Helen Strong, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
Great topic. Avoiding all these presentation mistakes is so important, especially when providing the audience with outcomes of research, or taking the...Sign up

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