How to Disagree with a Superior: Recommendations

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Anneke Zwart
Student (University), Netherlands

How to Disagree with a Superior: Recommendations

Disagreeing with someone who is more powerful than you (e.g., your manager) can put you in a difficult situation. You have to carefully think about WHAT to say and more importantly the WAY you express your disagreements.
Gallo (2016) puts forward 9 tips with regard to disagreeing with your manager:
  1. BE REALISTIC ABOUT THE RISKS: Because people tend to think in worst-case scenarios, they overestimate the risks involved in openly disagreeing with their superiors. You should also think carefully about the risks of NOT 'speaking up'. After that, you can more realistically weigh the possible positive and negative outcomes.
  2. TIMING: Once the above risk assessment concludes that speaking up is the better option, then it is important to carefully think about the timing of speaking up. You might need more time to rethink the issue. You may benefit from getting more insights or views from colleagues, and develop your 'army' in case there are lots of opposing views. The setting is also important in timing: try to discuss the issue privately rather than publicly.
  3. SHARED GOALS: If you are able to connect your thoughts on the issue to a shared goal of you and your superior, your chances of being heard and able to convince the other party are higher. By contextualizing your statements, people will see in what way your thoughts contribute to the shared goals.
  4. ASK PERMISSION: Announce that you are disagreeing and ask your superior for permission to set out your arguments. It will provide your superior with some psychological safety and control.
  5. BE CALM: Although the idea of openly disagreeing with your superior may make you nervous, that will only undercut the message. So try to find ways to remain calm: taking deep breaths, slowing pace etc. can help.
  6. VALIDATION: Start by articulating the views of the other(s) first. This will create a strong basis for the discussion.
  7. DON'T JUDGE: Carefully choose the words you want to use to share your thoughts. It is particularly important to focus on the facts, stay neutral and avoid 'judgement words'.
  8. POLITENESS: Slightly understating your confidence in your thoughts will leave some space for dialogue. Show others that you are aware of the fact that your view is just another opinion and openly invite them to present other views.
  9. ACKNOWLEDGE THE POWER OF YOUR SUPERIOR: One should not backtrack on one's views, but at the same time the final decision will be made by your superior and it is important to acknowledge that.
⇒ Do you have a further tip on how to handle the situation of having a different opinion than your boss? Please share your experiences...

Source: Gallo, A. "How to Disagree with Someone More Powerful than You" HBR March 2016.


Career Consultant, India

How to Disagree with the Superior

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David Lee
Business Consultant, United Kingdom

How to Disagree with a Superior

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Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

Healthy Debate May Resolve

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Disagreeing with Superior

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Juan Perez Eras, Mexico

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Afshan Ali
HR Consultant, Pakistan

Disagreement with your Supervisor

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Student (University), Trinidad and Tobago

Disagreeing with a Superior

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Emmanuel Mwirichia
Manager, Kenya

Always Agree with your Superior (in Public)... Before Disagreeing (In Private)

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Benjamin Motlhabane
Consultant, South Africa

Diplomacy is Key

I see a lot of disagreements in my current place of employment. It is not healthy at all. Some peopl... Sign up

Kabesha PhD MBA HEALTHCARE Management

Agree to Disagree

First state the point of view of your superior and reengineer it by presenting new solutions. Confid... Sign up

Paramathmuni srinivas Kumar

A State of Equanimity by the Boss is Key

There is a saying that to maintain a good relation one has to follow the following principle "Satyam... Sign up

Coach, Netherlands

Superiority Itself is Debatable

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Dil Prasad Shrestha, PhD
Management Consultant, Nepal

Disagreeing with the Boss/Superior

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Mumtaz Uddin Ahmed
Management Consultant, Pakistan

Disagree versus Experience

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Sascha A. Carlin, Germany

Polite / Friendly

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Chander Shenoy
Business Consultant, India

Analyze the Situation and its Impact Objectively

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Jacques-Alain TIAKO
Manager, France

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William Stadler
Manager, United States

How to Disagree with a Superior

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Manager, Mexico

Disagreement with a Superior: Assertivity and Empathy

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Dr Hyacinth C. Abara
Student (Other), Norway

Only Present your Strongest Points

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Manager, Singapore

Superior is Probably more Experienced

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Ashutosh Narayan
Student (MBA)

Theoretical Aspects and Practical Solutions of Disagreeing with your Manager

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Teacher, India

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Project Manager, Germany

Quote from Steve Jobs on Smart People

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Manager, South Africa

Disagreeing with your Superior

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Student (University), Zimbabwe

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Abu Bakarr Dumbuya
Student (MBA), Sierra Leone

First Agree to Disagree with your Superior

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Amar Deep Seetohul
Manager, Mauritius

Disagreeing with your Superior Benefits from Trust and Relationship

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Juan Perez Eras, Mexico

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S. Lago
Business Consultant, Canada

Create a Document (Handout)

I agree with the above comments that have been made regarding how to effectively disagree with a sup... Sign up

Andre-Ambrosio ABRAMCZUK
Teacher, Brazil

Disagreeing with the Superior in Writing

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Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Cultural Aspects of Disagreeing with Someone Else

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Chander Shenoy
Business Consultant, India

Put Yourself in your Boss's Shoes

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Musiyandaka Donna
Student (University), Zimbabwe

Disagree with the Organisation in Mind

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Management Consultant, Albania

No Best Way to Disagree with any Superior

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Delfor Ibarra
Director, Argentina

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Borje Vickberg, Sweden

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Manager, Thailand

No One is Always Right and that Includes Yourself!

Disagreement happens everyday but always remember no one is always correct, yourself included. And t... Sign up

Delfor Ibarra
Director, Argentina

Gracias Francis!

@Francis: It is possible that my point of view in Spanish does not reach to express my total agreeme... Sign up

Chander Shenoy
Business Consultant, India

Motivate your Disagreement with Org Goals

@Musiyandaka Donna: I agree that if you link disagreements to organizational goals this is likely to... Sign up

Leslie Leckie
Student (University), Jamaica

How to Disagree with a Superior

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Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

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