Morals and Communication

Communication and Skills

Jacques Roussel
Student (Other), United States

Morals and Communication

Communication can be a great tool if used with good morals.
Excluding the details, we all have learned pretty much the same ideology of good morals. We are supposed to work together and build each other rather than let greed deceive and infiltrate our rational thinking. Because we do not see the problems does not mean that the problems are not happening. Because it is right for us does not mean it is right for the other party but with clear communication we can work together.
So communication can certainly be a great tool if it is used with good morals.
However communication can also be misleading intentionally to gain power over someone else. To make an organization better, ideas should be given in a simple way, and with the initial understanding of communicating, to help other people understand rather than to gain rank over using misunderstanding.
Going for a dream is great and achieving a temptation by hurting someone else is wrong.

  Ryuzo Kuraku
Executive, Japan

Good Morals and Communication

Dear Jacques, I agree to your communication style. Have you had an effective session and workshop to learn about such communication? I want to know how to give an effective and attractive program to ...

  deborah rodriguez, United States

Skills for Moral Communication

Mr. Jaques Roussel, I very much appreciate and agree wholeheartedly with your statements in regards to using and exemplifying good morals in all aspects of our lives, especially in the academic, profe...

  sonali sharma

Moral Communication

But let's be realistic. I don't know how many of us actually practice moral in in all communications. We use a combination of it. It varies with person to person condition to condition and even from o...

  Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

Morals are Relative

Morality and morals have no absolutes. But while communicating, your morality is reflected in the choice of words, threading them into sentences that are pleasing to the listener and gets the job don...


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Communication and Skills

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