Problems with Communication in Other Language

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Problems with Communication in Other Language
Hans Havelaar, Switzerland, Member
Hi there, I'm in a team of 4 with one manager. 3 out of the 4 members plus the manager are French speaking guys. I am the only one non-French speaking, so I use only English. My team members always talk in French, which makes me feel isolated. We communicate in English in 2 situations: during meetings or when they interact with me (low verbal interaction). Also they send me emails in English.
The company official languages are English and French.
Now my questions: did anyone face a similar issue? Any tips on how I can deal with this?...Sign up

Language Problems in Communications
Johan Bergstroem, HR Consultant, Sweden, Member
It sounds far from an ideal situation. We recently had a Polish man here (in Sweden) that spoke slightly below average Swedish. It's far from same sit...Sign up

Problems in Communication: the Language Barrier
Herschtal Maurice, Consultant, France, Member
@Johan Bergstroem: I had a similar experience when I was working for a Swiss company. Most of my colleagues could s...Sign up

Language Barrier--within a Team
Hans Havelaar, Switzerland, Member
@Herschtal Maurice: Thanks for your answer. The bad thing is that even the boss is French. In the beginning, when w...Sign up

Language Barriers: my Experience and Opinion
marco alfieri, Italy, Member
During my 40 years of professional life, I always worked in teams composed of people of various nationalities. I am convinced that the imprint is give...Sign up

The Language Barrier - my Experiences
Bergen, Manager, Netherlands, Member
Hi All, I work in a Taiwanese company. We use English as our main language, which works. But my colleagues mostly speak Chinese, which make me feel is...Sign up

The Language Barrier - my Experiences
Adri Albertyn, Manager, South Africa, Member
I work in a multi-lingual environment and usually observe body language and tone in interactions if I don't understand the language used. In many gene...Sign up

Multi-cultural Language Barriers
Brita Singh, Professor, India, Member
I think that it is very important that you try to communicate with your colleagues in French!
They will certainly respect the fact that yo...Sign up

Language Barriers in Communication are High
Abbas Bilgrami, Management Consultant, Saudi Arabia, Member
@Brita Singh: I don't think that will work, because I have tried this already.. I am in KSA and though the official...Sign up

Barriers in Communication
shahid imran, Student (University), Pakistan, Member
@Hans Havelaar: it is a common barrier in an effective communication. The only solution is to learn French language. I will hardly take 6 months to be...Sign up

Language Barrier in a Team
Abraham Lagarde, Student (MBA), Philippines, Member
@ Hans.....I'm not sure what your situation is in your company when you said "... The newcomers were always French nationals, things got worse." But a...Sign up

Opportunity to Learn a Second Language
Tettevi, Student (University), Ghana, Member
You can also view this as an opportunity to learn another language for a future task or challenge. Who knows, one day you will be asked to head the sa...Sign up

Communication in Other Language: don't Forget Culture!
Herschtal Maurice, Consultant, France, Member
Hans, I need to add another point: language is important, but it is only a tool; cultural awareness is as important, if not more.
Knowing the cul...Sign up

Professional Recommendation :)
pinar Basaran, Turkey, Member
My recommendation is not so professionally but I guess it might work. Try to look like a cool guy who doesn't need them and watch them how they are tr...Sign up

Communication in Other Languages
ADEOYE BABATUNDE, Career Consultant, Nigeria, Member
Hmm this is so serious and also such a challenge.
I work with a telecommunication company as a front desk customer care representative. I remembe...Sign up

Communication with a Difference
Jozelle Steenkamp, Director, South Africa, Member
I have been in teaching and training for most of my adult life and being in a country with 11 official languages, I have learnt three phrases (in 6 si...Sign up

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