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ABC of Good Communication
GS RADJOU, CEO, France, Member
- Be yourself
- Remove communication noises and biases
- Create a communicative environment
- Learn to listen (and ask questions)
- Don't be single minded (no prejudices)
- Take risk (it makes the communication very good...)
- Be sober - and not being drunk, to lose the natural stress...
- Get empowered.

Communication ABC
D P Deshpande, CxO / Board, India, Member
Very appropriate and on the ball. I feel that it can be of value to people who have made mistakes, learnt, acquired some proficiency, and are looking at fundamentals.

Tips for Good Communication
Roberta Rizzo, Project Manager, Ireland, Member
Be yourself no matter what they say? This is an important point of view, but not absolutely true, because sometimes one has to be diplomatic and reactive.

Good Communication
Wong Hon Mun, Deputy Director, Singapore, Member
I agree with GS; don't be single-minded otherwise we hear only what we choose to hear.

Communication as a Necesity for Business Break Through
Ibrahim Danyaya, Student (Other), Nigeria, Member
Absolutely right. Be yourself and learn to listen well and ask meaningful questions, by respecting other speakers' oppinions.

Comment to ABC of Good Communication
Johan Bergstroem, HR Consultant, Sweden, Member
I especially like the "listen" part. Create a relaxed and forgiving environment where people can open up their creativity.
I would like to add to "not be yourself, but be your best self" for me its quite the difference.

Listening is a Major Part of Communication
GS RADJOU, CEO, France, Member
@Johan Bergstroem:
- How do you communicate, if you are unable to give a good feed back. It would be a one way communication.
- Different ideas can have different meanings in people minds, which are forged in their values. How do we understand each other if biases are not lifted?
- I would rather suggest to make the message clearer through questions and answers. Finetune the communication and be on the same channel.

Comment to ABC of Good Communication
Alexander Nebotov, Investor, Ukraine, Member
@Roberta Rizzo: I think "Be yourself" here means: "do not pretend to be someone else for getting a situation better". It does not pay in the end.

Communication is Different
Roberta Rizzo, Project Manager, Ireland, Member
@Alexander Nebotov : I think that if the message is clear and direct strikes often the audience because the boring and artificial sermons nobody like, in general.
@Johan Bergstroem : I agree with your point of view, but sometimes the questions can disorient the audience.

Add a bit of Humour in Communication
Brita Singh, Professor, India, Member
I certainly agree with what GS Radjou has said. I would like to add that showing a sense of humour is also essential. I don't mean telling cracking jokes, but the ability to lighten the atmosphere and look at things differently and more positively.
Taking oneself too seriously can often defeat the purpose of communication. Hence the need for humour.

Listen and Give Good Feed Back
miguel, Consultant, Mexico, Member
Hello GS, it is impossible not to communicate because we are communicating in different ways, including body language.
The recipient must have the ability to listen and empathize with what the other is communicating, to give good feedback.

Tips for Good Communication: Listen to Understand
Mahider, Ethiopia, Member
As a human being, communication is vital. In our work and in other places we communicate.
But while expressing our ideas we must listen to understand, listen to the other's thought, and see things from many perspectives. Such active listening will help us in smooth communication.

Tips for Good Communication: Show Care, Concern and Commitment
Arif ur Rehman, Professor, Pakistan, Member
Either there is good communication or no communication. Bad communication is no communication. When you proceed with the will to understand, you take on to active listening and you really get the message in its absolute meaning. Your response must show a deep sense of care, concern and commitment. When such is your equation, then the body language, the intonation, the para-language, the pitch, the pauses all work in tandem and effective communication will have taken place. You would have been perfectly understood.

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