ABC of Good Communication

Communication and Skills


CEO, France

ABC of Good Communication

- Be yourself
- Remove communication noises and biases
- Create a communicative environment
- Learn to listen (and ask questions)
- Don't be single minded (no prejudices)
- Take risk (it makes the communication very good...)
- Be sober - and not being drunk, to lose the natural stress...
- Get empowered.


D P Deshpande
CxO / Board, India

Communication ABC

Very appropriate and on the ball. I feel that it can be of value to people who have made mistakes, learnt, acquired some proficiency, and are looking at fundamentals.

Roberta Rizzo
Project Manager, Ireland

Tips for Good Communication

Be yourself no matter what they say? This is an important point of view, but not absolutely true, because sometimes one has to be diplomatic and reactive.

Wong Hon Mun, Singapore

Good Communication

I agree with GS; don't be single-minded otherwise we hear only what we choose to hear.

Ibrahim Danyaya
Student (Other), Nigeria

Communication as a Necesity for Business Break Through

Absolutely right. Be yourself and learn to listen well and ask meaningful questions, by respecting other speakers' oppinions.

Johan Bergstroem
HR Consultant, Sweden

Comment to ABC of Good Communication

I especially like the "listen" part. Create a relaxed and forgiving environment where people can ope... Sign up

CEO, France

Listening is a Major Part of Communication

@Johan Bergstroem: - How do you communicate, if you are unable to give a good feed back. It would b... Sign up

Alexander Nebotov
Investor, Ukraine

Comment to ABC of Good Communication

@Roberta Rizzo: I think "Be yourself" here means: "do not pretend to be someone else for getting a s... Sign up

Roberta Rizzo
Project Manager, Ireland

Communication is Different

@Alexander Nebotov : I think that if the message is clear and direct strikes often the audience beca... Sign up

Brita Singh
Professor, India

Add a bit of Humour in Communication

I certainly agree with what GS Radjou has said. I would like to add that showing a sense of humour i... Sign up

Consultant, Mexico

Listen and Give Good Feed Back

Hello GS, it is impossible not to communicate because we are communicating in different ways, includ... Sign up


Tips for Good Communication: Listen to Understand

As a human being, communication is vital. In our work and in other places we communicate. But while... Sign up

Arif ur Rehman
Professor, Pakistan

Tips for Good Communication: Show Care, Concern and Commitment

Either there is good communication or no communication. Bad communication is no communication. When ... Sign up


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Communication and Skills

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