Communicating Effectively

Communication and Skills

shahid imran
Student (University), Pakistan

Communicating Effectively

How to communicate in an effective way?
1. Remember the definition of communication i.e. what the communication means
2. What's the purpose of your communication
3. Bring the process (elements) of communication into your mind
4. Work on following communication elements:
  1. SOURCE - Identify the exact source of communication... From whom the information flows
  2. UNDERSTANDING - Ensure the proper ideas for your purpose are present in your mind... For this read, read.. Read and read to "mature" your ideas
  3. MESSAGE - Bring your ideas, feelings or thinking into meaningful, clear to understand and easy words... Don't use cliche or jaw breaking of tongue twisting words... Personify your ideas in a simple way... In other words make your message according to the demographic and psychographic features of your audience... Keep in mind the education level, age, gender, financial status, culture, social values, norms, mores, their language, their religious believes, accessibility and other things while making a message
  4. CHANNEL - Choose the medium that is appropriate for the audience to accept the ideas... so they can buy it. Have time to watch/listen/read, easy access, etc
  5. DECODING - Convey your message into simple language this will help the audience to decode your ideas easily
  6. RECEIVER (audience) - While you are creating a message, always... first of all... Analyze who are your audience or to whom you are conveying your message... Bear in mind the socio-economic-relegious-financial level and demographic and psychographic factors
  7. FEEDBACK - Always always seek feedback from your audience. This will help your to re-make your message according to your requirements for the purpose
  8. NOISE - Always reduce noise/hurdles during the process of communication, noise can be either phyical or psychological:
    H1. Physical noise includes semantic noise... Wrong utterance of words, misspelling... Poor printing, problems in signals or transmissions... Or extreme volume difficult to understand etc.
    H2. Psychological noise includes frame of reference is not same, education level or field of experience is not same, communicator's bias, cultural factors and cognitive dissonance etc.

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Communication and Skills

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