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Understanding Perceptions of Other People and Yourself
I am looking for models or frameworks to help me understand and manage the perceptions other people and myself have but I am unable to find any?...Sign up

Models to Understand Perceptions
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
Assuming your question is about understanding perceptions by other people about you, then I recommend to start with the Sign up

Perceptual Process | Factors Involving Perception | Theories About Perception
K Balachandran
1. The perceptual process involves the following steps :
a. Attention
b. Form Perception
...Sign up

The Perception You have of Yourself
Assuming you want to understand about managing perceptions from other people, the Johari Window is definitely a good start. Objectively, more than any...Sign up

Finding out your Predominant Perception Style
Jon Pratlett, Educator, Australia, Member
Agree with previous comments regarding the Johari Window and 360 degree feedback. A great start is to complete a DISC Personal Profile which wi...Sign up

Finding out your Interpersonal Relationship Orientation
Patricia Pitsel, Consultant, Canada, Member
I agree with Jon (from Australia). DISC, or any other instrument that identifies personal preferences in style, are very useful. Another useful instru...Sign up

Neuro Linguistic Programming
S Luther
I support all the suggested models. When I learned Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) I learned more about perceptions my own included, and ...Sign up

The Perceptions People Have are Their Own Personal Reality
Bill Boynton, Teacher, United States, Member
I am trying to sponsor organizational development from what I call the inside out approach, which starts with the people in the organization, team or ...Sign up

Understanding Perceptions by Other People
Read Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It will help you in every area of your life. One thing I found very helpful in the book ...Sign up

Perception Management Toolkit
Robin Lahiri
You could try the Life Orientations methodology. A very powerful toolkit ...Sign up

Assistance Requested
Ruthann Flowers, Director, United States, Member
Thank you for raising this subject. I have an internal client that would like his team to look at illustrations that can be seen differently: old hag/...Sign up

Illusions: Interesting as a Past-time, as an Energizer for Team Meetings, for Developing Self..
Sujatha Suresh, Consultant, India, Member
@Ruthann Flowers: Contributors for ones' perceptions are:
1. Ones' Senses
2. Ones' Way of perceiving, he...Sign up

Understanding Perceptions by Other People
Carlier, Consultant, France, Member
@Smith: that could be interesting to discover the 7 habits of SC and to practise them....Sign up

Understanding Perceptions of Other People
Sushma Sharma, CEO, India, Member
Many good suggestions like Johari window or @FIRO B...Sign up

Domains of Frameworks and Models of Perception
Bernadette Njoku
Models and frameworks of the perceptual process are available in the areas of consumer behavior, sociology, management and psychology....Sign up

Understanding Human Behaviour
ANUJ KUMAR SHRIVASTAVA, Manager, India, Premium Member
- 1st I will suggest to understand the behaviour, i.e. how perceptions are formed. Understand the cognitive and affirmative part of the human behaviou...Sign up

Understand and Manage Perception Other People Have
Balkrishna Pattil, HR Consultant, India, Member
I suggest to start from your own home. At an appropriate moment, ask your wife about her perception of you and other people. I think you will a...Sign up

Measurement of Perceived Quality
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
Another area is perceived quality.
Though quality as such cannot be measured, perceived quality can be measured. Maybe one approach for a percept...Sign up

Adopt the Following 3 Models
Mohammed, Teacher, Jordan, Member
Adopt: 8 Habits of Highly Effective People
Habit 1: Be Proactive (initiate)
Ha...Sign up

Understanding Perceptions with Symbolic Interactionism
WImm, Teacher, Austria, Member
Symbolic Interactionism is a theory which describes inter- and intra-personal perceptual relationships.
Here you can find a short Sign up

Perception Management
Feraidoon Bakhtiari, CxO / Board, Iran, Member
I agree with all suggested solutions mentioned above. What I can add to those referred to depends on your position and where you are standing at:
...Sign up

Understanding Perceptions by Other People
Paul Steele, Consultant, Australia, Member
Empathy is the area you need to research. That and Social Intelligence by Karl Albreckt
We base our perception of reality and other people on our...Sign up

Different Drivers Cause Different Perceptions
Bill Yetman, United States, Member
There are certainly some wonderful sources and resources offered in the previous posts, and I might add a starting point that may help you simplify yo...Sign up

You Cannot 'Read' Perceptions; Only Behavior!
Ken Sylvester, Professor, United States, Member
Sarah, I would begin with a different question - "Is it reasonable to assume that we can read the perceptions and/or mindsets of other people? I have ...Sign up

Perceptions in Strategy Formulation
Karl Christensen, Strategy Consultant, Mexico, Member
From a strategic point of view, people have perceptions about economic, political, social, technological, ecological and other trends that might affec...Sign up

Understanding Perceptions through Dialogue and Inquiry Techniques
Conroy Fourie, Coach, South Africa, Member
Try dialogue techniques, see also the ladder of inference model that gives a nice way to understand how each of us build our own stories about what is...Sign up

Perceptions of Other People About You
Pat Bennett, Manager, Ireland, Member
I think using the 360 model is a valuable process for managing internal perceptions - within the organisation. I found it very useful but you must be ...Sign up

Understanding Perception
David Webster Smith, Management Consultant, United Kingdom, Member
A good place to start for information in the UK is The Centre for Personal Constructs Psychology. There are some good software packages available to e...Sign up

Perception of People
shadpour, Business School Marketer, Iran, Member
If you want to find something about other people, such as how they think, their perception, and their act, I think you better look at the new field of...Sign up

Understanding Perceptions by Other People According to Senge
lindy, Student (University), Australia, Member
Peter Senge provides excellent models for understanding and dealing with perception. He articulates clearly that perception is based on beliefs that r...Sign up

Understanding Perceptions by Other People: Empathy, Emotional intelligence and Behavior
Paul Steele, Consultant, Australia, Member
@Lindy: Hi Lindy, Senge discusses Personal Mastery as part of his Systems Theory, he does not necessarily discuss t...Sign up

Understanding Perceptions With Regard to Delight
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
Perception of delight by yourself and by others depends on the belief system of the people and how strongly it is believed. Also it depends on how wel...Sign up

A Method to Research the Perception of Other People
mamadou doumbia, Student (University), Cote Divoire (Ivory Coast), Member
I think this is possible if and only if you have seen lived a long time with these people.
But for a good understanding one shoould do experience...Sign up

Understanding Perceptions by Other People
Dominique SCHWARZ, HR Consultant, Switzerland, Member
It depends on what kind of perception you need.
If you want perception about your products or services you have many many tools.
But if yo...Sign up

Perceptions, Emotional and Cognitive Aspects
Bernadette Njoku
In reference to your question about perceptions I suggest that if you choose to direct your attention to emotional aspects, you also shouldn't over...Sign up

Perception around the Work Place
David Matwa Nyabwari
Step one to understand is how you perceive yourself and correct it if wrong so that it does not wrongly influence how you perceive others. Fac...Sign up

Jung Personality Types Approach to Perception
Hendriks John, Management Consultant, Belgium, Member
Perception is influenced, among other aspects, by your psychological type; you "see" things through your own processing of "data"; and vice versa.
...Sign up

Perception Approaches
Ken Sylvester, Professor, United States, Member
@Jaap de Jonge (Editor): Thank you for your concise overview of perception approaches. It is obvious that you have a ...Sign up

Understanding Perceptions is Both Extremely Important and Difficult
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
@Ken Sylvester: Thanks, I share you fascination and frustration with perceptions while realizing that understanding...Sign up

Understanding Perception by Other People
Delfor Ibarra, HR Consultant, Argentina, Member
I agree with several ideas mentionated but I advice to read the book of Daniel Kahneman: Sign up

Understanding Perceptions
lindy, Student (University), Australia, Member
Dear Jaap, when I follow through on the members contributions in this discussion (on perception only), a paper or perhaps even a book or a series of s...Sign up

Others Perceptions Difficult to Gauge
KATHRYN STEINER, MBA, Entrepreneur, United States, Member
This is an extremely interesting discussion. There is much to say on this subject...
I have concluded that is virtually impossible to gauge ot...Sign up

Perceptions, Open Dialogue and Communication
lindy, Student (University), Australia, Member
@KATHRYN PAWLEY STEINER: You are right on a number of levels. Understanding other peoples perceptions is extremely ...Sign up

The Complexity of Understanding Perceptions
Ken Sylvester, Professor, United States, Member
@Lindy: Having retired from 42 years of business to teach at a university, most of the educational professionals wi...Sign up

Problems with Perception, Complexity, Models and Understanding other People
Ken Sylvester, Professor, United States, Member
When those with whom we communicate are within eye-to-eye contact, I think that perception is at its best.
However, almost all the corpora...Sign up

Perceptions and Theories
lindy, Student (University), Australia, Member
Hi Ken, first of all, it is a pity that we invest so much in educating ourselves and then find out that
1. We knew much about what we learnt and ...Sign up

Perceptions of You by Others
Barney Wade Howard, Manager, United States, Member
Sometimes it only takes personal observation and instinct.
Do your personal reports perform for you because they respect you, fear you or just be...Sign up

Perception is an Internalized Concept
C.L. Kappagomtula, Professor, Malaysia, Member
Every individual has a unique personality, structure and dynamics and these aspects cannot be generalised. As rightfully brought out by Jaap, the post...Sign up

Parent Effectiveness Training
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Premium Member
The STRUCTURED FEEDBACK model in Parent Effectiveness Training is a baseline method for an on-going emotional inventory. Experiential awareness provid...Sign up

Tendencies and Perception of Self and Others
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
(The quality of) Tendencies in the different layers of human personality (inner being) have an effect on one’s perceptions. If the inner being is cl...Sign up

Understanding the Perception of People
Theo Faruna, Student (University), Nigeria, Member
You may also wish to deplore the Theory of Planned Behaviour to study your s...Sign up

When You are Walking Point, Paranoia is Just Another Level of Awareness
Tom Wilson, HR Consultant, United States, Premium Member
@Srinivas: If you have the leisure to quantify your emotions into moral catagories in real time, you may not be in...Sign up

Perceptions of Self and Others
Hesston Johnson, DBA, Manager, United States, Member
Have you considered Attribution Theory perspectives? Though there are lots of gre...Sign up

Behavioral Profile-DISC
Bill Kalahar, CxO / Board, United States, Member
Take a look at the DISC. The purpose of the DISC is to help you understand yourself and others better. The DISC profile provides a framework for looki...Sign up

Understanding and Managing Perceptions
Neilson Asiedu, Strategy Consultant, United States, Member
Perception is a mental impression of becoming aware of something or a way of understanding, interpreting something ominous or pleasant.
To unders...Sign up

Perception is a Long-term Asset or a WIP?
JC Quek, Director, Singapore, Member
Perception is the product of believes x mental stage x 6 senses. If this is the case, emotion comes after perception. By noticing some information by ...Sign up

Perceiving Relationship Perceptions with Relationship Awareness Theory
Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom, Premium Member
As indicated by Jaap, Perceptions of what?
I would add to the many instruments suggested that of Relationship Awareness Theory: A tool to analyse...Sign up

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