The Role of Conflicts in an Organisation

Organization and Change

Mholi Khumalo
Student (University), Zimbabwe

The Role of Conflicts in an Organisation

A conflict is not necessarily good or bad, but must be evaluated in terms of its individual and organisational functions and dysfunctions.

  Ashaki Dore
Lecturer, Trinidad and Tobago

Conflict as a Catalyst for Change

Conflict is a catalyst for change which brings issues to the fore and allows for the inclusion of multiple actors. Moreover, conflict allows us to go beyond resolution and management of conflict because not all conflict can be resolved; instead it leads us to conflict transformation, where the positive side of conflict is addressed.

  Leena Bissoonauth
Student (University), Mauritius

Advantages of Conflicts in Organisations

Conflict is essential in rising to a challenge because it is through conflict that our existing beliefs, habits, rituals and routines are questioned, tested and evaluated.
Conflict is necessary to stimulate passion: and passionate people drive success in every organisation.
The stimulation of conflict initiates the search for new means and goals and clears the way for innovation
The successful solution of a conflict leads to greater effectiveness, to more trust and openness, to greater attraction of members towards each other, and to depersonalization of future conflicts.

  Christina Veasey
Teacher, United Kingdom

Positive Effects of Organizational Conflicts

All this is really about not being a doormat or a victim! So to use some of the great words already provided... Conflict is a catalyst for change, and can be essential in rising to any challenge. Imp...

  Ranjeet Menon
Project Manager, India

Understanding Difference of Opinion and Conflict

When a difference of opinion is taken personally, the situation descends into what we call as a conflict. No two individuals are the same, so we are all entitled to have different opinions and taken i...

  Nassir Mozdic Jamal Dr.
Management Consultant, Kenya

The Role of Internal Politics in Maintaining Dynamism

@Ranjeet Menon: Why would a seasoned manager who has a flair in human psychology be keen to end in internal politics? One should cherish convergence in divergent ideas. Good for innovations......

Student (University), Cameroon

The Impact of Conflicts on the Image of an Organization

Conflicts within organizations can also lead to a bad reputation of this organization, specially for those dealing with external customers. It can be considered as an opportunity for the organization ...

  melvin cordez
Teacher, Philippines

Change = (Conflict + Consensus) * Coercion

Conflict is the initiator of change in an organization. It is just how the Organization handles it. Don't worry, consensus will follow but it will be anchored to the most coercive element of the organ...

  Ranjeet Menon
Project Manager, India

Conflicts not to Be Confused with Politics

@Nassir Mozdic Jamal Dr.: Conflicts are not to be confused with politics: CONFLICTS are a consequence of any/all human interactions in any form of relationship. Because we are all unique in the w...

  Francois Laenen
Manager, Syria

Move Forward with Conflicts

Conflicts act like a brake in development. If a team works with visions, they must avoid conflicts and if they occur, they must settle them with team spirit. It must be clear that it may not be a per...

  Mohammad Hamdan
Russian Federation

Pondy's Model of Organizational Conflict

Organizational conflict is the conflict that occurs between the goals of two different groups while working within the organization, so the behaviors of any group toward its goal obstructs and thwarts...


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Organization and Change

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