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Change Management: Theory versus Practice
Bouderlique, Student (Other), France, Member
I would like to make a comparison between theory and practice in change management. I am writing a paper in which I discuss the following sentence: "I smoke, I know it is bad for me, but I won't stop".
I would like to highlight the fact that theory is hard to put in practice, but I don't know how to.
I didn't find any website where I can find an answer.
Moreover, I need examples, one where a change theory has been successful in practice, and one were it was not succesfull.
I already have explained the way to change in a company, based on Lewin's process of change (unfreezing, change, refreezing), and Force Field Analysis.
Could someone help and reply a tip, idea or experience? Thanks in advance....Sign up

Change Management Process and Examples of Change
tasweer, Teacher, Pakistan, Member
You will not stop smoking because your behavior is yet to allow a defreeze/unfreeze state.
Once you are aware about the effects of nicotine in y...Sign up

The Immediacy of Non-conformance
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
One parallel aspect of smoking and organizational change is that the consequences of NOT changing are not immediately visible or noticeable. Take a pe...Sign up

Change Theory and Practice
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, Premium Member
Hi Bouderlique: I have just completed my master's thesis and I wrote that organizations and people need to be prepared for change before they can c...Sign up

Changing the Change Practice
Gary Wong, Consultant, Canada, Premium Member
Your smoking sentence is an example of BF Skinner's operant conditioning. Aubrey Dan...Sign up

I Smoke, I Know it is Bad for Me, But I Won't Stop
Rick Garlick, United States, Member
David Wilson has provided some good books. I would add it starts with one person (Black and Gregersen) and a sens...Sign up

Quitting Smoking and Change Management
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
@Rick Garlick: excellent reaction, Rick. You made me remember my own quitting smoking 10 years ago. Why was it succ...Sign up

I Smoke, I Know it is Bad for Me But I Won't Stop
Frank Hughes
The point is that theory is just that, and tends to be based in a Utopian environment where all the variables are known and understood.
Theory w...Sign up

I Smoke, I Know it is Bad for Me But I Won't Stop
Bouderlique, Student (Other), France, Member
Thank you all for your answers, I have handed my paper in, I'll see if the teachers think the same as me. Regards, Camille Bouderlique...Sign up

Keep Us Updated
JC de Jong, Director, Netherlands, Premium Member
Dear MS Bouderlique, please keep us informed on what your teachers think and provide as feedback. And maybe you are willing to consider to share your ...Sign up

Active Determination and Expectation of Organizational Change
Sokolova Tatiana, Analyst, Russian Federation, Member
@Tasweer: The case comparing with stopping smoking shows the difference between passive recognition of the f...Sign up

I Smoke, I Know it is Bad for Me But I Won't Stop
Andrew Morrell, Professor, Australia, Member
Aubrey Daniels writings on behavior modification techniques provide some useful models of why people do or do not want to change. The PIC/NIC's...Sign up

The Need for Immediate Consequences (Real Results): The Situation in the Middle East
mohamed hesham khattab, Management Consultant, Egypt, Member
@Jaap de Jonge (Editor): I agree that immediate and useful results which can be seen and touched by all members in ...Sign up

Immense Changes in the Middle East
Jaap de Jonge, Editor, Netherlands
@Mohamed hesham khattab: I understand and empathize with the frustrations you and probably many people in the Middl...Sign up

Change in Organizations is a Political Motivated Move
Toor, Libya, Member
Management Change or Change in Management is basically a political motivated move.
If leaders want to accept change they will change, but if they...Sign up

The Secret of Success for Any Suggested Change
mohamed hesham khattab, Management Consultant, Egypt, Member
Immediate and useful results which can be seen and touched by all staff members in any organization are representing the secret of success for any su...Sign up

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