Change: the Only Constant for Leaders

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Change: the Only Constant for Leaders
Bomo Albert-Oguara, Member
The constancy of change forces itself into our consciousness because of the dynamism of the human condition. Change is the only constant in the change-management process. The key to my mind is in having leadership that is sensitive to the dynamism of the market place and scaling to meet its many challenges. Jeannie Daniel Duck, in her article "Managing Change: The Art of Balancing", opines that '...the real contribution of leadership in a time of change, lies in managing the dynamics... The fundamental job of leadership is to deal with dynamics of change, the confluence and congruence of the forces that change unleashes, so that the company is better prepared to compete.'
That is the crux of leadership in change management. It does not lie in change theories, illuminating as they may be on the path to change and our behavior towards it, leaders and followers alike.... Register

AgreeSign up
Ericka Alonzo, Member
It is true! Change is the key for success. If we a...

Limited Way of ThinkingSign up
Christian Buelna, Member
In my experience, we are used and like to see a li...

Change: is it the Flavour of the MonthSign up
David Wilson, Premium Member
Sometimes simplicity is required to lead and ma...

Change is Competitive Edge and ThreatSign up
RUSLAN, Member
Change - it's the only tool in modern capitalism t...

A Lot of Insight HereSign up
Shadow Executive
I just want to say that I really appreciate the re...

Change: the Only Constant for LeadersSign up
Enrique Benjamin Franklin F., Member
In today´s turbulent business environment, chan...

Leader Must Direct Change Towards Ultimate GoalSign up
Bung-Orn, Member
The leader should set the instant objectives and c...

Distinguish 2 Forms of ChangeSign up
Billy Futter, Member
I find it more useful to view the concept of ch...

Change Requires LeadersSign up
hamid mohamed ahmed, Member
Change is a fact of life, nothing is constant exce...

Change as a ConstantSign up
Sanyambe Obert, Member
In my view leadership plays a pivotal role in the ...

Ability to Visualize the Horizon Very EarlySign up
There is no doubt that change is inevitable but pr...

Is Adaptation Adequate? Can it Lead to Lack of ChangeSign up
The right leadership with grassroots collaboration...

Helping Others to Change: The 3 A's of Change ManagementSign up
Prabhakar Karve, Member
In my opinion, the three “A”s of change managem...

Change or be Changed!Sign up
Balaji Keshav Mahashabde, Member
It's better we agree that change is constant, ever...

Understanding and Dealing with ChangeSign up
Wilf Marshall, Member
Whatever words we use, we are all agreed that chan...

Change and LeadershipSign up
Gerald Tetreault, Member
I can certainly agree that change is constant

Change Management PerceptionSign up
Margaret Looney, Member
I agree that change is constant. I believe ...

Change is Part of Personal and Business LifeSign up
Jake, Member
Change is a part of our lives. Both in the private...

Fighting ChangeSign up
Kamiludin Atori, Member
Everyone says that change is a fact of life. Howev...

Change Should be Well ManagedSign up
Ahtesham ulhaque, Member
I fully agree about change being the constant. Cha...

Change and ImprovementSign up
Samuell Yew, Member
All improvements are the results of change. But no...

Is it Change or Adaptation?Sign up
Osama Ali Ali, Member
As Heraclitus declared “Nothing endures but cha...

Changing Organizations and GreinerSign up
knap, Member
The world is changing. So it is normal that organi...

Change: the Only Constant for LeadersSign up
Gina Botta, Member
I agree totally with Shadow Executive; thank you a...

Appreciate Dynamism and Prepare your OrganizationSign up
Purity N. Simiyu, Member
It's important for management to appreciate the fa...

How to Transfer Change Into Action?Sign up
Franky He
Fully agree change is constant, but how to tran...

Revert to Small is Beautiful?Sign up
Van Bosch, Member
All companies keep implementing controls (ie

Identifying Change FactorsSign up
Trevor Akpomughe, Member
It is not managing change as such but rather id...

People, Firms, Industries and Countries Must Embrace ChangeSign up
Mrs. Josephine Idele, Member
I do absolutely agree that change is very fundamen...

Change and LeadershipSign up
temitayo olutoye, Member
No change can be successful without leadership<...

Leaders and ChangeSign up
Mitchell M Mubuyaeta, Member
To leaders change is a passport which drive...

The Leaders That People NeedSign up
Renato Molina, Member
I'm in agreement with Enrique Benjamin, who said t...

Change Management - Oxymoronic and Controversial?Sign up
To prepare for change not only sounds oxymoronic b...

Change: the Only Constant for LeadersSign up
Simeon Paraschakis, Member
Yes I agree! I believe that the economic problems ...

Masters in Change and AdaptabilitySign up
Allemeersch Johan
Another word for change is adapt. The situation or...

Adopting, Controlling and Effecting ChangeSign up
Mitchell M Mubuyaeta, Member
Change management contains at least three heteroge...

Change is an Unavoidable ConditionSign up
Rossy Supardi, Member
I agree that change is an unavoidable condition. W...

Avoid Radical ChangeSign up
Romano Ritossa, Member
Change is the tool that every entrepreneur or exec...

Not Everything and Everybody Should ChangeSign up
Satyanarayana.S.V., Member
When something is going right we should not try to...

Change is RenewingSign up
Raymundo Soria, Member
There is a phrase in Mexico and also a story ab...

To Change or to Be Changed, That is the QuestionSign up
Samuell Yew, Member
I like the eagle illustration. It is a decision ma...

Change or to Be ChangedSign up
Enrique Benjamin Franklin F., Member
I think that change or be changed is a matter of a...

Change or Be ChangedSign up
Billy Futter, Member
Choice is a key dimension of change. Related to th...

Change and Flexibility to AdoptSign up
mohammed Ibrahim, Member
Yes no doubt that change is the only constant in l...

Italians Fear ChangeSign up
Romano Ritossa, Member
I think change is not the spirit of Italian people...

Change Leaders must Ignore Laggards for some TImeSign up
Hawa Aganas, Member
In any organization there are people referred to a...

Leaders don't SweatSign up
Marc Tremblay, Member
Leaders provide vision, focus, direction and, yes,...

Give Vitality to the OrganizationSign up
Derek Dorzie
The role of the manager is to both create and s...

Beautiful ChangeSign up
Ericka Alonzo, Member
I, myself, have seen the effect caused by change i...

Through Their Vision, Leaders Embrace ChangeSign up
Marc Tremblay, Member
Leaders are role models on how to tackle ch...

Good Leaders - Charismatic or TransformationalSign up
David Wilson, Premium Member
Charismatic leaders like Trudeau may not be viewed...

Beautiful ChangeSign up
Enrique Benjamin Franklin F., Member
Ericka Alozno states that change is painful, but i...

Leaderhip is Like the TheatreSign up
Marc Tremblay, Member
Mr. Raymond W. Smith, chairman and CEO of Atlantic...

Leadership and ChangeSign up
Sanyambe Obert, Member
I do agree with your first statement mr. Marc Trem...

Change: the Only Constant for LeadersSign up
Enrique Benjamin Franklin F., Member
Change, not stability, is what sets the standard t...


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