Relevance of Change Management Theories?

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Relevance of Change Management Theories?

My interpretation of change management theory in a practical sense is that change theories are never used, but are more sub-consciously instilled within managers. Although it could possibly be proved that some strategies which are implemented are based on some change management theories.

⇨ What relevance would you believe change management theory holds in a practical context? Do you as a manager ever even consider it?

  Adrian Labuschagne
CEO, South Africa

Relevance of Change Management Theories

I believe the theories are very sound - but only humans can induce change. Having participated in a number of large projects I am apt to agree that "bottom line" metrics override all other operational management considerations. In a country where we dismally failed at mass change management my view is that we must not "throw out the baby with the bathwater". But how do we make acceptance of change as a positive force practical?

  davide storni

Relevance of Change Management Theories?

In my opinion, there is no contrast between theory (...)

  Arunas Beksta
management consultant and trainer, Lithuania

Relevance of Change Management Theories According to Einstein

If I am not mistaken Einstein said that there is n (...)

  Denis Cavallucci
Professor, France

Relevance of Change Management Theories: First Step

Theories are (only) the first step of a change. Th (...)

  Brendan Dunphy
Business Consultant, France

Relevance of Change Management Theories: Foundation

I think the theories are essential but only the be (...)

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Relevance of Change Management Theories: Training

Most managers need to be trained to handle change. (...)

  Bomo Albert-Oguara
Manager, Nigeria

Theories Illuminate Practice

Theories depend on the empirical. They illuminate (...)

Manager, Netherlands

Relevance of Change Management Theories: Learn from Past Experience

Since the beginning of mankind, mankind have been (...)

  Gary Uptigrove
HR Consultant, United States

Relevance of Change Management Theories

- If you are in a very "top-down" managed organiza (...)

  Geoff Atkinson

Relevance of Change Management Theories for Individuals

I think we have to deal with everyone as we find t (...)

  Corbette Doyle
Professor, United States

My Reflections on the Relevance of Change Management Theories

I spent the last 15 of a 30 year corporate role re (...)

  Franz Barth

Change Management Theories: Feel Comfortable

The Greek philosopher Heraklit said. "Panta rhei". (...)

  James MacQueen
Consultant, United States

Change Management Theories Need Augmentation

After 20 years of practice in organizational chang (...)


Update to Change Management Theories

How many of you would say that you don't use theor (...)

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Change Management Theories: Involve Whole Organization

Change management is not well managed in most orga (...)

  Keith Brockbank
Lecturer, United Kingdom

Individual and Group Theories for Change Management

Change management involves people as both individu (...)

  David Bovis
Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Sub-conscious Change Management

All credit to Drazen for the question. There is a (...)

  Rafael Acosta
Coach, United States

Relevance of Change Management Theories: Have Options

The theories are great to understand the problem a (...)

  Milind Kotwal
Consultant, India

Theories Vanish When We Have Knowledge

Theories are empirical in nature and are based on (...)

  tan liong choon
Management Consultant, Singapore

Change Management Theory is an Essential Tool

My sense is that change management theory is just (...)

  Lisa Buchan
Manager, New Zealand

What Lies Beneath

I think David Bovis has hit the nail on the head h (...)

  David Bovis
Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Sub-conscious Change Management - Cont

Once belief-performance links are clearly understo (...)

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Change Management Frameworks

Based on David Bovis' comments regarding sustainab (...)

  David Bovis
Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Change Management

David, I've looked at mcKinsey's 7S etc. And as mu (...)


The Use of Models and Frameworks for When Looking at Change

Models and frameworks which I find to be most rele (...)

  Philip Oldfield
Project Manager, United Kingdom

Triangles of Fire and Change

Change must have a value, often this is placed in (...)

  Schon Beechler

What's Missing in many Change Management Theories

The best article I have ever read on this topic is (...)

  Roger Dugas

Change Management Theories Make Things to Complicated

Once we label something as a “change”, we immediat (...)

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Change Management Vision

I agree that organizations need to tell people wha (...)

Strategy Consultant, India

Change Management Insights

Shall we then simply say these are not theories, b (...)


Change Theories Have a Lot of Value but Need to be Molded

Based on the comments which have been received and (...)

  David Bovis
Business Consultant, United Kingdom

Relevance of Change Management Theories

Labelling something as 'change' when 'change' is i (...)


Consider Behaviour in Change Theories!

I find behaviour is linked to change, I also find (...)

  Schon Beechler

The Problem with Change Management Theories

Building on the comments above, I think that part (...)

  Rebecca Roe
United States

Change Theories are Tools You Can Use

I see relevance in change management theories beca (...)

  ravin albert
Manager, South Africa

Relevance of Change Management Theories

It is crucial to understand the theoretical fundam (...)

  Jon M. Huegli
Management Consultant, United States

Scientific Application of Change Management Theory

As one of the pioneers contributing in organizatio (...)

  Bomo Albert-Oguara
Manager, Nigeria

Change Models Must Put People in the Center

The only change theory or model that matters to me (...)

  David Bovis
Business Consultant, United Kingdom

The Detail of the People System

I agree with Bomo in many respects. To fully under (...)

  temitayo olutoye
Student (MBA), Nigeria

Relevance of Change Management Theory

I believe the theories give us a direction and can (...)

  ernest agbenohevi
Consultant, Ghana

Relevance of Change Management Theories: Do Managers even Consider it?

Change management theories can serve as a guide as (...)

  Jeff Washburn
Strategy Consultant, United States

Palomino Unicorns and Change Management

It is theory that there is such a KSA (Editor: ~kn (...)

  Marc Van de Velde
Management Consultant, Belgium

What Relevance Would You Believe Change Management Theory Holds in a Practical Context? do You as a Manager Ever Even Consider It?

In all the above there's already said very valuabl (...)

  David Hodgen
Management Consultant, Australia

Change Management Theory by Ambrose

The most useful change management theory I have wo (...)

  Love Lonnroth
Management Consultant, Sweden

Change Theories Fall Short of a more Messy Reality

@Drazen: I think one reason why theories and model (...)

Manager, Kenya

Change Theories Fall Short of a More Messy Reality

@Philip Oldfield: I like the triangle of fire anal (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Theory or Model?

Wow! For me we need to distinguish between theory (...)

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Organization and Change

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