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Remco Gerrits

Checklist of Organizational Problem Areas

I discovered the following useful checklist of typical organizational problem areas:
1) Dysfunctional organizational structure.
2) Poor financial control.
3) Interpersonal conflict.
4) Lack of quality checks.
5) Lack of management and leadership skills.
6) Safety risks.
7) Marketing inefficency.
8) Poor communication.
9) Tactical mistakes.
10) Poor vision.
11) Lack of competitiveness.
12) Slow response to customer demands.
13) Failure to adapt to new technology.
14) Insularity.
15) Resistance to change.
Source: Carol Harris - The NLP Guide to Being a Management Consultant, 2001
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  Barbara Kozlowska

Checklist of Organisational Problem Areas

16) A blame culture which stifles creativity and innovation.

  Phil Zaczek

Sounds like every organization

Sorry, there's no utopia unless you work for yours (...)

  Karl SUN

Typical Organisational Problem Areas

17) Poor alignment of business and IT (...)

  Vivek Joshi

Frequent Organizational Problems

18) Internal capabilities out of sync with busines (...)

  KC Lim

Checklist of Org. Problems

Well, this checklist will be what the textbooks sa (...)

  Erwin Gijzen

Look for positive shared needs first

A great checklist in itself. In using it though, b (...)

  Thornton Joubert

Interesting Era for Managing Change

There is definetly a era ushering in that will req (...)

  Jaebez Poudiougou

Additional Organizational Problems

20) Lack of adequate resources to meet the project (...)

  R Hallagan
Management Consultant, United States

Checklist of Organizational Problem Areas

Depending on the business you're in, I suppose man (...)

  Ron Banerjee
Financial Consultant, United States

Foundation and Alignment of Organizational Values

23. Lack of alignment of organization's mission an (...)

  Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Rokeach Values Theory

@Ron Banerjee: Thank you for adding to the list. I (...)

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Organization and Change

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