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HR 2020 - a New Vision
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, SIG Leader
Hi everyone, I encourage you to look ahead to the year 2020. What do you see as the challenges and priorities for your HR Organization? In the last 20 years, we have seen a multitude of challenges. In HR, "challenges will tax our collective abilities to deal with them" (Peter Senge, Dance of Change, 1999, p3).

What happens if we fail to rethink HR? What is the risk if we do not explore new ways to learn, manage, operate, and change? Does your company have a vision for 2020? How will your HR organization deal with the changes created by recent world events (e.g., 2017 US Presidential Election, refugees in Europe, 2008 economic meltdown and current recovery)?

I am looking forward to your insights and comments. Thanks....Sign up

Leverage THICK Data
Gary Wong, Consultant, Canada, Premium Member
Any visioning exercise requires making sense of the real world and looking at all the available data. HR IT systems focus on BIG data, the quantitativ...Sign up

Focus on Human and Intellectual Capital
abdulraheem, Business Consultant, Qatar, Member
It is very important for the organization to focus on their intellectual capital because future organizations will need to focus on the knowledge econ...Sign up

Clarification of Facts - Data Analytics
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, SIG Leader
@Gary Wong: Hi Gary: Could you please clarify the difference between BIG data and THICK data? Is it simply "quantit...Sign up

HR Problems in South Africa
Helen Strong, Business Consultant, South Africa, Member
Developing countries have different HR problems. In South Africa our education system is failing our young people. The basic standards are not there. ...Sign up

Thick Data Gives Big Data Context and Meaning
Gary Wong, Consultant, Canada, Premium Member
@David Wilson: Hi, David. Yes, you are correct. Thick Data consists of Narrative Fragments thatís difficult to quan...Sign up

Human Interest Instead of Human Resources
E. Reit, Netherlands, Member
We need to change management into leadership. We need people who lead colleagues during their work, not manage their procedures and the steps they sho...Sign up

HR Trend: More Integrated Employee Training
Steven Cooke
HR should always be focused on the needs of the organization. People don't really change that much - despite the popularity of generational labels. Bu...Sign up

Transforming Human Beings
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
Instead of "Human Resources", we might use something like "Transformation of Human Beings". That makes more sense. By stating so, we acknowledge the c...Sign up

Further on Needs of the Industry
Steven Cooke
While I encourage education everywhere, my point was that neither Government nor Schools REALLY meet the needs of modern skills and knowledge. ONLY th...Sign up

HR Trends, Education, and Career Readiness
Gretchen Richards, Professor, United States, Member
I enjoyed the comments and agree with many. Here is what I have experienced.
1. Quality education relies on educators' professional development t...Sign up

HR 2020 - a New Vision
Nick Shepherd
Good discussion. Here are my thoughts.

1. HR must be seen as a strategic resource as it creates most other "capitals" (capabilities) and al...Sign up

More Commitment to HR Strategic Planning
Francisco Vasquez, Entrepreneur, El Salvador, Member
Yesterday, I was in a conference about HR Strategic Planning and I understood that this activity in most companies is important, but not very importan...Sign up

Evolution of the Modern Workforce
David Ocema, Student (University), Uganda, Member
It is worth noting that many individuals in modern workforces are more educated, schooled and trained in more diverse fields than in the past. Today, ...Sign up

External Sources of Training have to Focus on What is Actually Needed
Steven Cooke
Government and scholastic institutions are often cited as trying to 'adapt' or "providing training needed by industry", but my experience is that they...Sign up

Response to Relabelling HR
Steven Cooke
@Srinivas: Sometimes "rebranding" is useful - usually it is not, UNLESS the practitioners really have a new vision...Sign up

Improving HR Management
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, SIG Leader
@Steven Cooke: Hi Steven, based on your comments, you may not have worked with the best HR professionals. I recentl...Sign up

Improvement of Quality of Experience Levels
srinivas, Lecturer, India, Member
@Steven Cooke: Currently the markets are ushering in the experience economy. The better the quality of the customer...Sign up

Organization and Employee Should Look After Each Other
Amir Murtaza, Pakistan, Member
Selection and training should be conducted to satisfy organizational needs, but at the same time the organization should also be well informed about e...Sign up

HR as Capital Investment
Eduardo Montes, Consultant, Mexico, Member
HR must be seen as real capital investment. The capacity programs and training in my country Mexico focus almost exclusively on middle management (sup...Sign up

Key Drivers for HR Change by 2020
Gandhi Heryanto, Management Consultant, Indonesia, Member
To respond to the challenges and priorities of an HR Organization in 2020, we must first identify the drivers for such change. A survey conducted by t...Sign up

BEST Practices are not COMMON Practices!
Steven Cooke
@David Wilson: There may be excellent companies, and certainly "Best Practices" out there. However, if those do not...Sign up

Modern HR Thinking
Maysam salmasi, HR Consultant, Iran, Member
In my opinion, for HR to become a modern discipline, all functions should be changed with attention being paid to the needs of next generation (i.e. t...Sign up

Changes to HR for the Next Generation
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, SIG Leader
@Maysam salmasi: Thanks for your contribution. Could you please add some more information on your point of view? Re...Sign up

HR for the 'Next' Generation
Steven Cooke
@Maysam salmasi: I would agree and encourage all HRM folks to continue to modify, change, remove, replace systems a...Sign up

Management & Leadership
Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom, Premium Member
I agree with much of what you say. In reply to @E. Reit, consider: It is not possible to be a (good) manager withou...Sign up

HR Vision. Challenges and Issues
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, SIG Leader
It would appear some of the challenges for HR are in HR itself. Human Resources (HR) needs to support both the business and the people in the organiza...Sign up

HR 2020 a New Vision
Maurice Hogarth, Consultant, United Kingdom, Premium Member
@srinivas: Consider: Why change the name of the HR function? Many organisations (i.e. people) seem to think that ch...Sign up

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David Wilson

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