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David Wilson
Manager, Canada

HR 2020 - a New Vision

Hi everyone, I encourage you to look ahead to the year 2020. What do you see as the challenges and priorities for your HR Organization? In the last 20 years, we have seen a multitude of challenges. In HR, "challenges will tax our collective abilities to deal with them" (Peter Senge, Dance of Change, 1999, p3).

What happens if we fail to rethink HR? What is the risk if we do not explore new ways to learn, manage, operate, and change? Does your company have a vision for 2020? How will your HR organization deal with the changes created by recent world events (e.g., 2017 US Presidential Election, refugees in Europe, 2008 economic meltdown and current recovery)?

I am looking forward to your insights and comments. Thanks.

  Gary Wong
Consultant, Canada

Leverage THICK Data

Any visioning exercise requires making sense of the real world and looking at all the available data. HR IT systems focus on BIG data, the quantitative stuff that reports about the past.

Rethinking HR means including THICK data in the mix. As per Tricia Wang, THICK data is data that is brought to light using qualitative, ethnographic research methods that uncover people's emotions, stories, and models of their world.
If a company doesn't have some sort of "Human Sensor Network" to capture stories, it's time to rethink HR. Otherwise its perspective of reality is insufficient.

Business Consultant, Qatar

Focus on Human and Intellectual Capital

It is very important for the organization to focus (...)

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Clarification of Facts - Data Analytics

@Gary Wong: Hi Gary: Could you please clarify the (...)

  Helen Strong
Business Consultant, South Africa

HR Problems in South Africa

Developing countries have different HR problems. I (...)

  Gary Wong
Consultant, Canada

Thick Data Gives Big Data Context and Meaning

@David Wilson: Hi, David. Yes, you are correct. Th (...)

  Bert Reit

Human Interest Instead of Human Resources

We need to change management into leadership. We n (...)

  Steven Cooke

HR Trend: More Integrated Employee Training

HR should always be focused on the needs of the or (...)

Lecturer, India

Transforming Human Beings

Instead of "Human Resources", we might use somethi (...)

  Steven Cooke

Further on Needs of the Industry

While I encourage education everywhere, my point w (...)

  Gretchen Richards
Professor, United States

HR Trends, Education, and Career Readiness

I enjoyed the comments and agree with many. Here i (...)

  Nick Shepherd

HR 2020 - a New Vision

Good discussion. Here are my thoughts. 1. HR mu (...)

  Francisco Vasquez
Entrepreneur, El Salvador

More Commitment to HR Strategic Planning

Yesterday, I was in a conference about HR Strategi (...)

  David Ocema
Student (University), Uganda

Evolution of the Modern Workforce

It is worth noting that many individuals in modern (...)

  Steven Cooke

External Sources of Training have to Focus on What is Actually Needed

Government and scholastic institutions are often c (...)

  Steven Cooke

Response to Relabelling HR

@Srinivas: Sometimes "rebranding" is useful - usu (...)

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Improving HR Management

@Steven Cooke: Hi Steven, based on your comments, (...)

Lecturer, India

Improvement of Quality of Experience Levels

@Steven Cooke: Currently the markets are ushering (...)

  Amir Murtaza

Organization and Employee Should Look After Each Other

Selection and training should be conducted to sati (...)

  Eduardo Montes
Consultant, Mexico

HR as Capital Investment

HR must be seen as real capital investment. The ca (...)

  Gandhi Heryanto
Management Consultant, Indonesia

Key Drivers for HR Change by 2020

To respond to the challenges and priorities of an (...)

  Steven Cooke

BEST Practices are not COMMON Practices!

@David Wilson: There may be excellent companies, a (...)

  Maysam salmasi
HR Consultant, Iran

Modern HR Thinking

In my opinion, for HR to become a modern disciplin (...)

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Changes to HR for the Next Generation

@Maysam salmasi: Thanks for your contribution. Cou (...)

  Steven Cooke

HR for the 'Next' Generation

@Maysam salmasi: I would agree and encourage all H (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

Management & Leadership

I agree with much of what you say. In reply to @E. (...)

  David Wilson
Manager, Canada

HR Vision. Challenges and Issues

It would appear some of the challenges for HR are (...)

  Maurice Hogarth
Consultant, United Kingdom

HR 2020 a New Vision

@srinivas: Consider: Why change the name of the HR (...)

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