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Recruitment - Attracting Best Applicants
kimberly mae bayrola, Member
What is the most effective way in attracting highly-qualified applicants? There are lots of ways to attract applicants, but what do you think is the best one?

Attracting Highly Qualified Candidates
David Wilson, SIG Leader
Hi Kimberly: You have to show the applicants that your organization is creative and innovative.
You also need to use a variety of recruitment processes, including social media, ads in professional magazines, internet connections to job sites, and if needed headhunters. Reaching out to applicants will work, but they have to see the opportunity and feel like there is good value. I would also reach out to a diverse group of applicants.

Attracting Highly-qualified Applicants
kimberly mae bayrola, Member
Hello David, this information can help me learn more about recruitment.. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas...

Attracting Top Applicants
Jaap de Jonge, Editor
@David Wilson: I agree with you. Nowadays, job applicants are much better informed (due to new information technology, etc.). Merely having a very nice recruitment campaign will no longer work.
You have to actually BE a very nice, creative, innovative, and fun company to work for in order to attract 'smart creatives" and of course spread the word about it.
Google, an excellent example of a company that is very good at attracting top talent, is doing both of these things as their chairman Eric Schmidt explains in his recent book 'How Google works.'.

STAR Methodology for Job Interviews
David Wilson, SIG Leader
Hi Kimberly, you should also learn about the STAR interview methodology, as learn to use competencies and behavioral questions. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result.
It is helpful to consider the following the STAR method:
*Situation - What was the situation? What was the background and context?
*Task - What specific task did you need to accomplish?
*Action - What specifically did you say and do? What were the actions you took?
*Result - What were the results of your actions? What was the impact? What did you learn?
The target level of the "ideal‟ candidate is noted within each competency. As a candidate, you will need to know the story that you want to tell to illustrate the competency. It does take practice. I hope this helps.

Attracting Highly-qualified Applicants
Ger de Waard, Premium Member
The best candidates often target their searches to reliable sources where they can have direct access to the jobs they want and don’t always look for openings in common places. Well-read applicants keep up with the news and current state of affairs. They are savvy about their industry and the changes occurring both nationally and globally that affect their careers. By incorporating mobile-enhanced recruitment tools, such as an applicant tracking system or enhanced company website mobile career app, you can reach those attractive candidates where they are looking.
Highly educated workers, for example, place value on a firm’s mission to match their previous experience and training. They look for innovative companies where they can be challenged.
Management-level employees look for employers with strong leadership that supports their efforts.
Create job descriptions in ads and recruitment materials that target those values, vision, mission and goals to attract the best candidates.
Interview your top employees to find out what they like best about the company and use their ideas to craft effective recruitment campaigns.
Many top-notch employees are working for your competition. In many cases, those workers are frustrated in their jobs because they are not given the flexibility, support, and means to succeed and grow in their current positions. Studies identify that 20 percent of people who are already employed are frustrated at work. Those individuals very often are the exemplary workers who strive for excellence and could prove to be your very best applicants. Use marketing messages targeted to “frustrated” workers, with ads that focus on the opportunities available with your company.

Role of Culture in Attracting Highly-qualified Applicants
Ger de Waard, Premium Member
And ultimately yes there it is : Develop an Attractive Culture
Great companies are built by great employees, which is why you need to develop a culture that is attractive to the best applicants. In my world, that is a Lean Six Sigma culture that strives for continuous improvement at all levels. Also, look at Google. It traditionally makes it into top-10 lists, because of the free food it gives employees and the break room games it provides, in addition to a host of other benefits. Great perks and benefits attract great employees and positively influence your retention rates.

Ideas for Attracting the Best Applicants
kimberly mae bayrola, Member
Thank you so much for those who are willing to share their ideas.

Attracting the Best Applicants in the Judiciary
Edward DiDonna, Member
I work in the judiciary and we need young, well-rounded candidates able to take on multiple responsibilities. Fortunately, we have a variety of schools: A top law school, a nationally recognized school of public policy and administration, and top schools in paralegal certification. To attract top graduates to consider public service, we are in the early stages of developing an in depth internship program.
Our program will be a full semester with students expected to participate about twelve hours per week. The goal is to cultivate relationships with schools and students, provide work experience, and be first among the postgraduate career choices they consider.
We won't be leaving this to chance - we will maintain a professional relationship with our interns so we can contact them directly about career opportunities in the judiciary.

WHAT High Qualified Applicants you Want?
Deric Crosby, Member
The one primary thing a company needs to know is exactly what kind of highly qualified applicants they want. In other words, they need to know what knowledge, skills and abilities to look for in the applicants they want.
Once the company knows what they want in their candidates they can target specific schools and degree programs that typically provide the better pool of graduates. They will know what types of questions to ask during the interviewing process, and, as mentioned by one of the other individuals that have responded to this topic, you typically get better results from a behavioral-based interview that utilizes the STAR (Situation-Task-Action-Result) or some other similar process of questioning.
It certainly helps if the company is known to have an innovative and creative culture to attract applicants. However, that does not mean those applicants will be high-qualified. However, the company's culture certainly needs to be inviting to the candidates they want to hire.

Attracting the Best Applicants?
salisu zubairu, Member
Yes, the following are some further ideas to consider in order to attract good job applicants:
1) Develop and implement an easy application process;
2) Develop an attractive organisational image;
3) Use advanced technology;
4) Create a flexible working environment; and
5) Ensure the organisation is committed to success.


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