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kimberly mae bayrola
Student (University), Philippines

Recruitment - Attracting Best Applicants

What is the most effective way in attracting highly-qualified applicants? There are lots of ways to attract applicants, but what do you think is the best one?


David Wilson
Manager, Canada

Attracting Highly Qualified Candidates

Hi Kimberly: You have to show the applicants that your organization is creative and innovative.
You also need to use a variety of recruitment processes, including social media, ads in professional magazines, internet connections to job sites, and if needed headhunters. Reaching out to applicants will work, but they have to see the opportunity and feel like there is good value. I would also reach out to a diverse group of applicants.

kimberly mae bayrola
Student (University), Philippines

Attracting Highly-qualified Applicants

Hello David, this information can help me learn more about recruitment.. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas...

Jaap de Jonge
Editor, Netherlands

Attracting Top Applicants

@David Wilson: I agree with you. Nowadays, job applicants are much better informed (due to new information technology, etc.). Merely having a very nice recruitment campaign will no longer work.
You have to actually BE a very nice, creative, innovative, and fun company to work for in order to attract 'smart creatives" and of course spread the word about it.
Google, an excellent example of a company that is very good at attracting top talent, is doing both of these things as their chairman Eric Schmidt explains in his recent book 'How Google works.'.

David Wilson
Manager, Canada

STAR Methodology for Job Interviews

Hi Kimberly, you should also learn about the STAR interview methodology, as learn to use competencie... Sign up

Ger de Waard
Management Consultant, Netherlands

Attracting Highly-qualified Applicants

The best candidates often target their searches to reliable sources where they can have direct acces... Sign up

Ger de Waard
Management Consultant, Netherlands

Role of Culture in Attracting Highly-qualified Applicants

And ultimately yes there it is : Develop an Attractive Culture Great companies are built by great e... Sign up

kimberly mae bayrola
Student (University), Philippines

Ideas for Attracting the Best Applicants

Thank you so much for those who are willing to share their ideas.... Sign up

Edward DiDonna
Manager, United States

Attracting the Best Applicants in the Judiciary

I work in the judiciary and we need young, well-rounded candidates able to take on multiple responsi... Sign up

Deric Crosby
Manager, United States

WHAT High Qualified Applicants you Want?

The one primary thing a company needs to know is exactly what kind of highly qualified applicants th... Sign up

salisu zubairu
Student (Other), Nigeria

Attracting the Best Applicants?

Yes, the following are some further ideas to consider in order to attract good job applicants: 1) D... Sign up


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David Wilson

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