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HR Strategy: Getting Everyone On-Board
C. Burcham, United States, Member
HR strategy and the business strategy must be totally integrated. (Kearns, 2008). Employees have to know and understand the vision of the business and believe they are somehow benefiting beyond just receiving a paycheck. The HR department must provide executive management with fundamental ideas that help gain market share, while enticing and retaining talent.
Once the business strategy is in place, it is managementís responsibility to ensure company goals are embraced. There are several ways to make employees embrace company goals:
- COMMUNICATION: the goals must be clearly defined. Ambiguity is a roadmap to disenchantment. Employees must understand how the company mission statement applies to their specific role within the organization.
- INPUT: management must seek input from employees about what tools and programs they do and do not need to perform their jobs; then, HR must eliminate wasteful and unproductive programs.
- FEEDBACK: management and employees ...Sign up

HR Business Presence
Gregory Johnson, Coach, United States, Premium Member
Wow! Many years ago I was a HR specialist and got away from the profession because it was disconnected from the organization. With this post, it seems...Sign up

Getting Everyone on Board
vincenzo de vera, Manager, Italy, Member
Yes, without forgetting empowerment. The goal is to ensure everybody is not only informed and conscious, but also feels responsible for what they are ...Sign up

HR Should Remove Obstacles in Getting Everyone On-board
TSK.Raman, Strategy Consultant, India, Member
Here is a partial list of obstacles to get everybody on-board from my perspective.
Fear: The downturn's, the anxiety of being laid off whe...Sign up

Getting Employees on Board
Ramalingam K S, Management Consultant, India, Member
What if companies gave one paid up share every year to each employee irrespective of their position or level? If companies reward employees, employ...Sign up

Alignment of HR and Corporate Strategy
Jacki McCartney, Student (University), Member
This article is 100% on target. However, in the UK, the challenge is the HR community. The challenge and need is to move away from a transactional ...Sign up

Your Next Actions Plan
HR and business objectives must always be achieved at the same time, or in a give and take RELATIONSHIP. Make your employees "fall in love" with th...Sign up

How to Get Everyone on Board?
D P BABU, Strategy Consultant, India, Member
Human relations in organized way helps us to get everyone on board. Let us do network management, personally and functionally, linking people with sug...Sign up

HR Must Be Integrated
Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand, Member
I broadly agree, and you can find a few HR departments that look like what has been described. Sadly many HR managers and their staff just don't get i...Sign up

Business Goals are Leading
ton voogt
An experience and a lesson: A business leader changes his organization from a 'production-to-sell' organization to a company that delivers solutions t...Sign up

Alignment of HR and Business Goals & Strategies
Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand, Member
@Jacki McCartney: Agree. For years I was the Regional OD Director For North & South-East Asia, in a very large and...Sign up

Adherence to 'Kaizen' at Work Places is Key to Enhanced HR Growth
C.L. Kappagomtula, Professor, Malaysia, Member
Gone are the days, when HR was seen as concerning only worker's welfare and integrating them to the organization they serve. With high-calibre brains ...Sign up

New HR Proposal
Gandhi Heryanto, Management Consultant, Indonesia, Member
There is an article from HBR magazine July Aug 2014 by Ram Charan, It is time to split HR due to disappointment with HR people. He splits HR into 2 st...Sign up

HRM & Business Practicesd Integrating
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
In my opinion HRM roles embrace: Recruitment, Selection & Introduction; Personnel Administration; Training & Development; Performance & Reward Managem...Sign up

Details to Integrate HR and Business Strategies are Important
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, SIG Leader
@K.Narayana Moorthy: I am very interested in how you would integrate HR and business strategies, plans and program...Sign up

Separation Requires the Elimination of Silos
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, SIG Leader
@Gandhi Heryanto: I believe Ram Charan's view may be useful to consider if the HR work is truly administrative (i....Sign up

HRM & Business Practices Integrating
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
Determinants of Horizontal Fit: The three HR function factors that influence horizontal fit are:
1. HR Policy;
2. Options of HR practices;Sign up

HR Strategy - Getting Everyone On-board
TSK.Raman, Strategy Consultant, India, Member
I remember the words of a war veteran, a retired General of our Armed forces who said, "We may have new technology of weapons, a brilliant strategy to...Sign up

HR Business Business Involvement
Gandhi Heryanto, Management Consultant, Indonesia, Member
@David Wilson: what is described by Ram Charan is a...Sign up

HR Complexity and a Family Approach
Dilip Khanal, CEO, Nepal, Member
HR people need to communicate the business strategy to other staff as business leaders do, show a caring approach for handling staff, align performanc...Sign up

How HR Should Make Employees Embrace Company Goals
Conny Morokweng, Student (MBA), Botswana, Member
It is critical for HR people to communicate the business strategy to all employees including those at ground floor. The organization has to motivate i...Sign up

Getting Everyone On Board Through the Immediate Manager
Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand, Member
@Conny Morokweng: Yes but never forget that HR is to some extent outside of daily, continuous on the job interactio...Sign up

Getting Everyone On Board
Conny Morokweng, Student (MBA), Botswana, Member
@Dr. Alan Williams: I agree with you Dr. However, I take HR to be the link between employees and management. Hence,...Sign up

The Primary Role of HR
Dr. Alan Williams, Professor, Thailand, Member
@Conny Morokweng: Empowered, yes. It should be a complete package and include: engagement, motivation, innovation, ...Sign up

Business Leads and HR Integrates
David Wilson, Manager, Canada, SIG Leader
@Dr. Alan Williams: I agree the organization's business leaders need to provide the direction and guidance to empl...Sign up

Totally Integrated Organization Not Yet Achievable
Ken Sylvester, Professor, United States, Member
I spent 42 years working with large global corporations. None of those organizations have been totally integrated.
It was not because of a lack o...Sign up

Shared Vision Among Employees
Tran le Phuong, Teacher, Mongolia, Member
Each employee must own the company's vision, and be given enough space in order to achieve it....Sign up

Employees Embracing Company Goals
K.Narayana Moorthy, HR Consultant, India, Member
Since 2000-2005, businesses have started to recognize variable pay plans, as incentive for performance. These variable plans also support new HR manag...Sign up

Getting Employee Buy-In
Briolett, Manager, Canada, Member
It is the responsibility of HR and Upper Management to get the buy-in of their employees. People need consistency of message - saying one thing and do...Sign up

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